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  1. How dare Cam take over 'our' QB position!

    It must suck to go through life offened and pissed off all the time.
  2. This is crazy

    It is a grass field.
  3. "Show me a good loser... "

    Huh? I'm not saying anything, just letting everyone know where the quote came from.
  4. "Show me a good loser... "

    This is actually a Vince Lombardi quote.
  5. I saw that pic with an HGH theme to it, I probably couldn't find it now.
  6. Help with perception

    "Control What You Can Control. Don't Lose Sleep Worrying About Things That You Don't Have Control Over Because, At The End Of The Day, You Still Won't Have Any Control Over Them."   Here's a whole list, and this is just off the fist link in a Google search of Cam Newton quotes. Google is your friend!
  7. If you think the bad press we are getting now is bad, that would be pretty much suicide!
  8. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Here's one of the better  videos I've seen. Cam walks by waving, makes me feel better.    
  9. The Panthers Coming Home LIVE

    Still going on
  10. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Damn Cam! Come on dude!!
  11. Anyone greeting the team back home

    GOOD cameras! Almost like night vision.   Edit: If you're looking at WCCB it's not live
  12. Anyone greeting the team back home

    WCNC still working
  13. The Panthers Coming Home LIVE

    WCNC and WCCB back on