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  1. Post a pic, any pic.

    Yep! Jimmy Buffet blew out his flip flop and cut his heel on one, he had to cruise on back home.
  2. Post a pic, any pic.

    I found this yesterday! Remember what this is?
  3. Check out this awesome/creepy interview of a Jacksonville fan concerning the draft.
  4. Huddlers on YouTube

    Nothing earth shattering.
  5. Star's 5th year option picked up

    Well, you should have looked here first.
  6. That's Not a Catfish!

    I probably would have flipped the boat!
  7. I think you have Bruton Smith confused with Brian France.
  8. Post a pic, any pic.

  9. How many night games this year ?

    I would be happy with none! 1:00 Sunday, every Sunday.
  10. Metal Music favorites

    If you listen to any type of rock radio, you should've heard of them a long time ago.
  11. Post a pic, any pic.

  12. Overdraft fees

    If you don't have it, don't spend it!