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  1. Anyone greeting the team back home

    I got right here.    
  2. The Panthers Coming Home LIVE

    They said they are on the ground
  3. This is where they were showing the team getting on the buses leaving the stadium, they are showing them come back! Right now they are just showing airplanes taking off and landing at the airport.   (it's a live stream)        
  4. I knew that one was coming! 
  5. Oh I understand, mine was a gift from my mom, I would never do anything to it either!
  6. I thought it was going to be about something you did to it last night. I damn for sure wanted to throw mine several times!! Lol!!!
  7. The story of the game in GIF format

    I was looking at the same thing! At first I thought it was some kind of video glitch, but damn if he ain't just sliding backwards!!
  8. It's fake and set-up man. I know it tough to do right now, but try to laugh a little, it really helps!
  9. This isn't a meme but I thought it was funny. Remember angry gradpa from a few years back?  Well, here he is last night.    
  10. Racist peice of poo

    This forum is in full melt down!! LOL!!! It's awesome, and at the same time, sad to watch!
  11. So much for KEEP POUNDING huh? Bunch of bandwagon fans!! Don't come back!!!