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  1. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    a lot of the criticism he gets and the ridiculous disdain some people have for him goes about a light year beyond the "i don't like him because he doesn't play on my team" factor i wouldn't take it there if he played for another team.
  2. "Show me a good loser... "

    oh but he looked so bad walking out of a press conference never mind the fact that his teammates, coaching staff, and the front office have his back.  there are neckbeards on twitter dishing out cam newton hot takes and if we don't win back the michael proctons of the world what do we have?
  3. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    yeah it's called being a fan. steve smith's behavior and antics weren't nearly as cute when he was doing it to the panthers wearing another team's uniform
  4. "Show me a good loser... "

    this is a welcome change.  it wasn't that long ago that the acceptance of losing was seemingly a pillar of our team culture.
  5. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    so the conspiracy is obvious enough for fans to be able to figure it out yet some flunky or disgruntled former employee has yet to rake in millions writing a tell-all book
  6. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    you registered on a forum well after the game was over to try and call people out for "talking smack".  do you really need how lame that is spoon fed to you? you wouldn't even be here if denver lost which means that your ability to even say anything like this is contingent on the contest being long over and the result being in your favor.  even if some idiot posted about how the panthers are going to win 100-0 at least they did it before the game and didn't hide until it was safe to say something. you had nothing to lose in this scenario.  you didn't expose yourself to possible ridicule by making predictions that could conceivably be wrong like everyone in this thread did no matter how crazy or unrealistic they were.  you just wouldn't have shown up if the broncos had lost and nobody relevant to this thread would know or care about your existence.  you'd be crying in your beer on whatever broncos site you post on cheering on your mods as they banned panthers fans showing up trying to do what you're doing right now. i mean if you don't get that then i'm not sure what else i can do to explain it.
  7. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    is there any other NFL team that has such a bizarrely antagonistic relationship with the local media
  8. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    remmers' days seem to be numbered.  i'm sure daryl williams is going to be giving him everything he can handle in training camp.  any left tackle prospect we draft will likely sit behind oher for the year barring something unexpected though.
  9. Making a banner for training camp. "Remember Denver"

    also starting a petition to get a panther at midfield instead of my username
  10. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Joined 10 hours ago
  11. Making a banner for training camp. "Remember Denver"

    that happened seven years ago yikes
  12. Making a banner for training camp. "Remember Denver"

    i prefer "remember arizona" want to keep things upbeat and remind them of an awesome victory
  13. Why You're Wrong About The Cam Newton Press Conference

    aw man looks like i missed an unbelievably hot take
  14. To Denver Fans pointing at Cam Newton for his behavior...

    wahhhhh act like you've been there
  15. To Denver Fans pointing at Cam Newton for his behavior...

    what did that trash can ever do to that guy