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  1. Cool. J-No showed up for Tolbert's charity event

    i had him on ignore for like a year but i'm like a moth to a flame i also happen to think he's serious
  2. It never happens

    all kinds of tampering, fugery in the registration system, mail-in ballot fraud, and shady garbage from poll workers happens all the time. who denies that? and making someone flash an ID at the polls won't do a damn thing to stop that. does the article get specific about how these ballots were cast? how many of them were actually situations where someone showed up at a polling station, said they were a dead guy, and then voted as them? i ask that because mail-in ballot fraud is way more common and it seems like people care way less about that. it's interesting that the one state that's non-compliant with help america vote and doesn't participate in a system like this: has that kind of problem though. in-person voter ID is already conceptually useless because the rolls get nuked by overlapping systems that are tied into the DMV and other systems that store a ton of information about registered voters. if anything they're too harsh; they flag millions of voters as possibly having voted twice every year. even if a fraction of these were valid there'd be tens of thousands of prosecutions per year at the bare minimum.
  3. Cool. J-No showed up for Tolbert's charity event

    how does a fanbase (or section of it) having a particular opinion about the front office actually affect the team other than if it gets to the extent that they start boycotting games or refusing to buy merchandise? does it really matter if you support josh norman vocally on the internet? does it matter if panthers fans in general are behind him? i think there might be a few more factors at play that are important than that. you and a few others on this site take what amounts to pretty basic fan banter and just another aspect of human emotions way too damn seriously. i would actually put your religious fervor for discrediting dave gettleman on the same level as people who blindly defend everything he does, actually. you and a couple others in your weird little cult who act like you're too good for a 15-1 football team and that a guy who got fired three years ago and wasn't hired by any other team in the league could have done a better job. i look at you and see someone who values sentimentality over actual on the field performance. and that's bizarre to me. to me everything about you down to your brad hoover avatar indicates obsession with things and times that are gone.
  4. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    after giving it a lot of thought, i believe the man who best encapsulates my world view is the one that got up on stage at the republican national convention and had a conversation with an empty chair
  5. tarheelfan23's list of free agents we should bring in

    here's everyone we should trade for:
  6. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    wahh someone disagreed with me on the internet time to act like an unhinged psycho
  7. maybe this one won't be a conservative activist trying to prove a point
  8. they just cut bait and move on to the next bulletpoint whenever they're wrong about something. being wrong usually means something went well so nobody cares by that point. gettleman has real decision making power and actually has to live with his mistakes though so he doesn't enjoy that luxury.
  9. everybody should go ahead and prepare themselves for round two when he inevitably signs with atlanta today
  10. Trump vs. Hillary the dem establishment made a massive mistake not getting behind sanders
  11. I just realized something. Cam Newton has been huge for a while

    luke kuechly's high school film is similar. they both look like college football players going up against a pop warner team:
  12. Probably Good

    mom's getting trayvon'd
  13. Arian Foster?

    come on it'd be lame if every thread was like: op: "let's get arian foster" some guy: "nah, he's old and injury prone" op: "ok" -end-
  14. for what it's worth he did say he wanted to play outside when he was with the eagles the rub seemed to be that chip kelly told him that he would be able to compete for an outside spot again though we have to defer to cpantherking as he was probably in the room with rivera, gettleman, and boykin when it was all going down