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  1. I wanted to start something called “cart talk” but only the kickers signed up!
  2. There is a ghost messing with Barkleys towel.
  3. Shocker

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    I read that figure in some article, was surprised myself. You would know better than I.
  4. Not pilling on Arsenal and City flat out handled Chelsea last weekend too, they are IMO the best team in the world right now. City are completely awesome.
  5. Hmmm...Arsenal did not look good today. Man City is in another league right now. Liverpool will probably push them but MC is fuggin amazing. Bernardo Silva was very impressive. They are just completely loaded.
  6. Chelsea look really dangerous, especially with Hazard on the pitch. I think Morata has turned the ball over on every touch today. Dammit he looks completely terrible. Sarri will have to try other options. Arrizabagala looked composed, he'll be a good one.
  7. Shocker

    Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder

    Didn't want a new thread so posting here. If you have prime (free) check out Bad Ben The Mandala Effect. It's bizarre and silly but strangely entertaining. Loved it
  8. Shocker

    Guice is done!

    CAP could maybe get us a six pack of Milwaukee's best. Bout it.
  9. Shocker

    Guice is done!

    I hate to hear this...what a horrible way to start a career.
  10. Shocker

    CJ Anderson

    Sanjay, I know you are a huge CAP fan but Hood looked good last night. At least, the gap between them is close.
  11. LOL...Kelvin a woman trapped in a man's body
  12. Kyle Allen has no shot here Fred Ross boss gets the toss Evan Baylis who dat?