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  1. Lmfao Rodney Harrison

    Rodney Harrison, where are your Boston boys now?   How does the crow taste?  
  2. You deserve delicious pie my friend>    I think of a 1982 Pontiac Bonneville with a handmade cardboard “Tag Applied For” license plate taped to the back window and 7 inbred hill jacks, arms out the windows, hanging onto a mattress they just picked out of a construction dumpster in the parking lot of a remodeled Super 8 motel.  I think of strip bars where the girls are pregnant and work for menthols.
  3. Pink Pom Poms

    Sins of the flesh.  Lord help me, I have lust in my heart....   I love football too.    
  4. What is hindering the running game?

    We use the read option too much.  Sure, Cam is great at running the option, but these plays take too much time for the O-line to keep engaged in their run blocks. 
  5. Huddle Kitten Extravaganza....

    No. 3 fo-sho
  6. Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

    Does anybody know how Stewart's rehab is progressing?  Is he able to run full speed with cutting yet?