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  1. Tugboat Tolbert.... Does he return?

    A decent chance we can get him for a little less than that. Demand for his position will be weak plus his age doesn't help.
  2. New Punter

    Plus, Nortman's stats are rather unimpressive this season. He is in the bottom half of the league in a majority of them. I think he will only be offered something just slightly above the vet min. or perhaps Gettles is already planning to move on from him.
  3. The flames from the dumpster fire in Cleveland just got a bit hotter after reading that article
  4. I'm actually putting aside money just in case everything falls into place that I can snag a ticket and go. A LOT has to fall into place including finding more than twice the money I have already put aside. Chances are slim but not impossible.
  5. Creedbombing?

    Creambombing 16: It rubs it on the skin or it gets the hose again
  6. Coach Carousel 2016

    There may be one more HC opening. Word is once Detroit's new GM settles in he will consider replacing Caldwell in the next week or two.
  7. So if I won them and then offered them to you...??...
  8. todays practice tweets: Kelvin Back!

  9. 2016 Opponents Set

  10. Certainly RR knows this. Shouldn't he be limited in his snaps? It looks like he is out there about as much as he was at the start of the season.
  11. Fozzy ruled out for TB

    I bet Coleman is out for a while also. Its a good thing our playoff game is 3 weeks away.
  12. Sounds like Tillman would have to sit the rest of the season to make that work. Considering he was practicing last week I doubt there was much of a plan to keep him out until the playoffs.
  13. todays pressers

    Maybe from weight lifting? It happens
  14. I think Fox & Erin Andrews heavily exaggerated and inflated that situation. With Cam being in the news lately for the GB banner and the Tenn. dancing with the angry mom, they (Fox/Erin) were fishing for a story and got enough on video, mostly taken out of context, plus a comment by a Saints player to turn it into something it really wasn't. Shouldn't surprise anyone anymore. This is what most of our media has come to.