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  1. I have no idea where the sense that not trading back was bad. Pick up more assets for the franchise I understand. Making a deal when what we are selling has no value? Doesn't make sense. Does everyone remember when we drafted Cam they thought we might "trade back"? You have to have a willing buyer. No one as interested in trading up for Cam. Just as no one was interested in the 25th pick when we took Shaq. What is Gettleman supposed to do? Call every team in his 10 minute window and ask what they be willing to give up? "Hey I have the pick that even we don't want. Would you be willing to give up a future first rounder and this years second so my franchises fan board feels better about this guy?" "I'll remember this next time you want to trade." "Pretty please?" Come on guys. If it ain't a sellers market you can generate interest. This is a Mel kiper fallacy.