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  1. Hillary Full Of Meaningless Platitudes

    Only thing that will make 4 more years of the same tolerable is Panther Lombardis.
  2. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    Serious competition at the WR spot. Good job Getts.
  3. Damn, I literally havent been to in years but this intrigued me. And you are correct. Just another reason the only time I visit espn TV is nfl football or the rare occasion these douche bags are showing MLB that is something other than Yankees and Red Sox and feature the Dodgers.
  4. Trump vs. Hillary

    More memes
  5. Good read, I enjoyed. Josh, you're a better football player than business man, that's all.
  6. Cowherd and Dilfer is addition by subtraction.
  7. Update on the toddler body count

    And should be prosecuted.
  8. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    No one tell Zod to tune back in. .
  9. Why Vernon Butler Makes Sense + Highlights

    No potential, Butler is a monster.
  10. Your biggest concern going into the season?

    Concerned the Panthers show up every Sunday and play a full 60 minutes. From the 1st minute of Quarter 1 and the same for the 2nd half. Coaching Staff must be great 7 days a week and call a great game day and adjust on the fly. Play to their potential, great effort every play and show up for the Big game. Everything else will take care of itself as we continue to "build a roster".
  11. A Funchess Reminder

    And we will see CBs grow the same way this season.
  12. Time for some real classic rock

    Surprised you'd post this, that's not Hayden reclining on the couch.
  13. Trump vs. Hillary

    Latest FB meme.
  14. About those corners...

    Just what I want is to overpay for some swill slapped together by some pretentious asshat who thinks he's a Sommelier at a 5 Star French restaurant.
  15. About those corners...

    All you gotta do is watch Gettleman's post draft presser and you'll be ready to run through a wall with every one of these rookies. Bring on mini camp!