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  1. Allow me to make a contribution

  2. Before we get all happy

    Cowboys passed for 199 yards, mostly in garbage time. I think the Panthers had more INT return yards than Romo passed for.
  3. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    Guess what, Tony Romo is IRRELEVANT.
  4. Post a pic, any pic.

  5. Norman on Dez Bryant

    Shyt no, let him suffer all the way to February in Santa Clara.
  6. You're Welcome

    This from the guy who predicted the Panthers lose today 21-17.
  7. SQUAD

    We need guys like Cotch to let these guys know what they are doing demands their attention 24/7.
  8. Kurt Coleman

    Wasn't it Coleman that just laid out Witten. Beautiful.
  9. I liked our blue uniforms

    We kicked Cowboy ass in them. They were and always will be the bomb.
  10. OK so this thread worked out even without the poll. It's definitely a 10 Thanksgiving!
  11. 11-0 Pie

    Pumpkin pie!
  12. wtf, the poll didn't work EDIT, n/mind. I ain't redoing that 10 question poll.  
  13. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    But they were going to finish the season undefeated, like Tony.