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  1. Post a pic, any pic.

  2. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Cowboys

    Too funny:  
  3. Most people don't realize, but the last few years have been very tough on Tim.  
  4. Clearly you don't understand how Catholics role. He nailed it hard, but there was no birth control because that is a mortal sin.
  5. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

    Seriously you think that posters on the Carolina Huddle are at least partially responsible for the fact this guys mental health issues were never treated? Holy crap your angst is misguided.
  6. Dab Like No One’s Watching Posted already? Burn me at the stake.
  7. User Actions   Follow Lane KiffinVerified account‏@Lane_Kiffin Was awesome having Knox in Cam's house. #Dab   You wouldn't be doing that shiz if Cam had a helmut on.
  8. And he hasn't remembered that Christians aren't perfect, but they are forgiven amiright? Hit it!!!!!1!1!
  9. Hey maybe he banged that stuff sideways 6 times a day and when they broke up paid her cash to go public and help his brand.  
  10. Norman's Trash Talking

    Good, he was inside Bryant's head like Smitty used to do to opponents. Bad, I would rather he did all the trash talking inside the lines, and inside the 60 minutes.
  11. I think he's struggling with his gayness.
  12. Tim is just saving it up cause he's going to have 22 kids like jimbob  or whoever the hell that guy is who's wife is in a permanent knocked up state.
  13. Apparently "Tim" ran out of batteries.
  14. Ref Dabbing At Auburn Game

    Don't make me...