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  1. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    Corn holed start to finish.
  2. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    You're right. The epic trade day thread:     I believe I recalled an ESPN story linked deep in this thread where it was speculated he could be a problem. .
  3. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    Wasn't he a problem in the locker room we had to ship out of town in the end? In his last 2 years in NY he had 17 total tackles. His last two full years with the Panthers he totaled 20 tackles. We made the right move.
  4. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    It would be fun to do some shopping this year but. Stewart: 8/11/2012: Signed a six-year, $37.811 million contract. The deal contains $22.5 million guaranteed, including a $9 million signing bonus. Another $6 million is available through incentives based on 1,200-yard rushing seasons and 1,600 all-purpose yard seasons. 2016: $5 million (+ $750,000 workout bonus), 2017: $5.5 million (+ $750,000 workout bonus), 2018: $1 million, 2019: Free Agent About a 7.25 million cap hit next year? Johnson: 7/29/2011: Signed a six-year, $76 million contract. The deal contains $32 million guaranteed, including a $30 million signing bonus. Johnson is eligible for an annual $250,000 workout bonus in years two through six. 2016: $10.75 million, 2017: Free Agent About a 16 million dollar hit? What can we do to lower or especially in Johnson's case eliminate it?  
  5. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    With the FT I would be very concerned of Norman pulling a Julius Peppers and refusing to sign it. Who blinks first, could be a huge problem with our offseason moves in limbo.
  6. So what about Antonio Gates

    Gates' feet are done, can't stay on the field. Don't go there.
  7. Fug you to even bring up Pete Rose in your delirium whether to bet against the Panthers big. Rose only bet for the Reds when he managed them. This is a teaching opportunity for you. Support your team.
  8. Aqib Talib Further Proves Why He Is A POS Human Being

    I really don't think most Panther fans realize what a long tradition of being a dirty POS the Bronco organization is. Getting so many games over the years here on the West coast I can tell you what a dirty, crack back blocking, maim your opponent is good thing type of culture this team has had for decades.  
  9. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    God I hate being classy. Get well.
  10. So now we know the refs are against us

    Pre ordained
  11. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    I got no problem with that play, initially I thought maybe he thought it was an incomplete pass but either way I can't wait until Cam is back in the saddle nest year. Look it was a boring Super Bowl, the talking heads need something.
  12. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    I'm about ready to go medieval on your ass.