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  1. There is only one Fiz. And you haven't lived until he's started a thread directly calling you out. Ah the good ol days......
  2. 'Cause it's never too early for wishes

    Frisco is nice, only problem is it's filled with NoCals.  
  3. Saints week Part Deaux

    We got Mike Smith fired now it's time for this arrogant prick to go.
  4. My new favorite NBA player

    ....And he loves Kobe too.           More
  5. Being All-Pro

    Why are all my Ads for butt plugs?
  6. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    Then there's the pension that comes with the job in Cali. Not to mention you have every conceivable holiday, in service days, fall and spring breaks and summers off. When you look at that salary, consider how many days a year you're actually on the job. ;-) My next door neighbor is a Cali teacher, I see how many days a year he loads up the surfboards in the AM.
  7. Cards RB Chris Johnson out with broken tibia

    Obviously until we secure Home Field throughout the starters play but if we are fortunate enough to do so early just playing the starters a quarter or two in the remaining regular season games would seem prudent.
  8. Do we win the south..

  9. Cards RB Chris Johnson out with broken tibia

    That's a shame. Isn't this the first decent season he's had since inking a massive contract years ago?
  10. Being All-Pro

    Should make it visible then cause I aint that curious!
  11. Being All-Pro

    OK, I'll play. So I've missed additional photos and locker room insights but nothing else? Edit: Oh and some Pie.  
  12. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Just fit in and no personal fouls in key situations.
  13. Lifelong Cowboy fan at my work.

    I collect a 12 pack today from one of our resident Cowboy fans. Nothing tastes better than Romo beers.
  14. Will the Nation view us as #1?

    We're not #1 until we raise the Lombardi.