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  1. Will the Nation view us as #1?

    We're not #1 until we raise the Lombardi.
  2. Deagelo Williams says Panthers "ignored" mothers death

    I can get this thread locked up: Hey guys did you see DWill had a great game for the Steelers today?  Over a hundred yards in combined offense!1!!11!!1!!1 DWill FTW
  3. Last man standing pie!!!!

    get er done
  4. And then there was 1

  5. And then there was 1

    Oh yeah.................
  6. Sunday night game thread

    This kind of shiz happens game after game in Denver.
  7. Sunday night game thread

    A BS defensive PI call and then wind the clock after a Time Out. These officials are a fugging joke
  8. Sunday night game thread

    Belichick just called TO.
  9. Sunday night game thread

    Unknown, won't be any snow in Santa Clara in February anyway.
  10. Sunday night game thread

    Fug Denver, Manning would just choke going to New England in the Playoffs as normal.
  11. Jimmy Graham torn patellar tendon

    But you celebrated Smitty's injury. OK.