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  1. All this other blathering Miami poo aside I heard the saints will be wearing their throw back unis vs panthers as should the fans.....
  2. Heard they were talking pretty extensively about it. Is it confirmed now? I also heard that it would only deal with existing material..... this prequel stuff would be more interesting if done well ....but ya know the Hobbit was the prequel to the Fellowship
  3. The Wheel of Time (#8)as of June 2016 had higher all time sales than GoT(#10 suprised me after the success of the show) and the only "epic" fantasies higher on the list are the classics LoTR, Hobbit, Narnia and lol Harry potter #1 ......so as far as modern epic fantasy not for kids goes Jordan is top of sales and I think your doing your self disservice to not read it because some people have bad opinions on it. Their are many like myself who feel that WoT > GoT> anything else modern https://thoughtsonfantasy.com/2016/06/15/what-are-the-best-selling-fantasy-books-and-series-of-all-time/
  4. The difference between my statement and yours is the size of hyperbole. WoT can be tiresome and honestly it should be books 1-6 and 10-14 with one book containing the plot(s) of 7,8, and 9. KKC is 30% I'm the best at the university, 30% stalking Dena, 30% music and 10 % old Kvothe his bud and Chronicler
  5. WoT would have a red headed main as well :D
  6. I think a tv series could correct that plus I'm sure WoT would have a lot more content cut than GoT. The amount of plots going makes GoT look like paint by numbers. Which is why I also mentioned the Stormlight Archives by Sanderson. SA's are a very rich world and unique to boot. The King Killer chronicles are a good read so far but honestly compared to WoT there's not a whole lot of action. Half the book is Kvothe stalking Dena or playing a lute.
  7. Wish they would have picked up the Wheel of Time instead of Dena Stalker X If Not Wheel of Time then maybe The Stormlight Archives......as you know they are actually being worked on. Do not get me wrong I like KKC's but Rothuss hasn't pushed the 3rd book since 2011...... Hes making GRR Martin look fast..
  8. wow..amazing Benjamin stat

    Panthers have .........benjamin without him
  9. I figured it out.

    why do I only count 10 players in that picture?
  10. Time for someone to shine............... *begins to weep
  11. some one show Shula the diagram for a slant
  12. dat draft pick #gettlemagick
  13. Used car price haggling question

    You gotta walk in there willing to not buy it. Don't act like your in love with it..if you are do not show it. I got my used truck marked at 15,500 down to 11,000 like a boss over 2 days. I went in at lunch one day and told'em I was just looking. I took a test drive but told him I'd need to talk with my wife first and that 15K was a little large for me at that time. He knocked some off then. Then the next day I went back and talked about a trade in on my old busted and told him to run the numbers (truck KBB value was 3k in great condition...it was not in great condition but I got 2k from it.) Then he thought I was done but no I was like let me come back with my wife after work so she can see / approve it. So I came back after work that day w/ wife in tow right at closing time. I told her not to fall in love with it and let me do the talking. ( first time we shopped for her car was a disaster she was in love with it before...ugh got hammered. I still hesitated when he offered. Then when I got him down as far as I thought possible I pretended to back off saying I'd like to wait a week for my taxes to return so I could make bigger down payment so I'd have lower monthly payments. He talked to his boss / finance manager again and I got a final price drop. So basically 2 k off the tag with a 2k trade in on a old truck that was probably worth 1.5k It also helped that this was the 28th of the month so yeah you can work a dealership pretty well...do not let them work you!
  14. I'm in a PPR and this trade ( am i crazy)

    Mariota is not playing? I missed that
  15. So I"m pretty loaded @ RB atm my team is the highest scoring and I'm about to be #1 over all after this week tallies up. I see a team that has crap RB's hes in 5th place with Adbullah as his bellcow at the moment and that's not much of a cow He's other RB options are so bad I forget who they are. So I offer him D. Walker TE and D. Martin RB for Z Ertz and he rejects it..... Its the most lobsided trade out of my favor I've ever offered it had him garnering 14 more points give/take per week. I'm I crazy I would have jumped all over that deal. Sure Ertz is the leading TE but he's not doing leaps and bounds better than Walker. D Martin since suspension has scored 16 and 16 the last two weeks. The Evaluation had me gaining 3 per while he'd gain 14.....