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  1. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    According to the Observer, we also worked out CBs (former Panther draft pick) Robert McClain and Bradley Fletcher. So, either one of these guys or a practice squad guy will be moved up (Lou Young or Ras-I Dowling).
  2. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    I don't know why people here are talking about the locker room keeping Finnigan in line. I might be wrong, but I don't ever recall him ever being an issue in the locker rooms he has been apart of. I always heard that he was always pretty well liked among his teammates. Edit: Hell, he was voted Titans Community Man of the Year for starting a non-profit for kids with special needs and disabilities in 2010. Perfect fit.
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    He returned a TD on Russell Wilson in 2012.
  4. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Oh Lord, we're playing for field goals now.
  5. American military stationed in Australia

  6. J Cole go hard!

  7. Nah, nothing...last I heard he may be ready by combine.

  8. Have you heard about anything about Bruce Carter being ready for the Combine? I haven't found any updates.

  9. You get rep for that son. Me and my wife tried to go to one of their shows here in LA before he died and it sold out right as I got there. I think we would'a been the only white people there. :) Wouldn't bother us though. ;P Check out the Strange Fruit Project. Good sh!t.

  10. Dilla as in J. Dilla from Slum Village?