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  1. CRA

    Build the Wall

    Most illegals in this country didn’t cross the border in the middle of the night....wall does jack poop. Plus, illegals can defeat the wall with a visit to Lowe’s. Not how I want MY tax dollars spent.
  2. at some point....isn’t US Intel gonna have to have a “talk” with Nunes. I mean, I know it feels like a lifetime ago...but this is the info Nunes had for his “memo”. Dude was 100% lying to make the US Intel look corrupt. I suspect FBI has had agents for some time looking into why Nunes feels forced into his current situation
  3. CRA

    Did Obama Just Admit He's From Kenya???

    Ok. I listened. Try to wrap your head around this. Obama’s family tree and ancestry is.....Kenyan.
  4. CRA

    Did Obama Just Admit He's From Kenya???

    Fascinating. Did he confirm he actually was a sleeper cell Muslim that was going to try to convert all the white people too? My grandma warned me about that. Maybe she wasn’t a delusional crazy old lady after all
  5. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    I don’t like people dying. I said he shouldn’t of pushed the guy because overall when confronting a situation descualting from the jump often works better then esculating it. That’s it. He could of died either way. Anyone that would do what the old white man did obviously isn’t reasonable to begin with. But you never know....and I’ll always preach words instead of physical acts or violence because they impact situations often very different. I don’t think he should of ran. And I have also said despite it being against the law....some people just need to be punched in the mouth. Maybe everyone would have body checked the old man. I don’t know what he was saying. Do as I say not as I do. I don’t know man. Again, the guy shot isn’t to blame whether he handled how I would prefer calm and safe behind a computer screen or not. Since I am not in a threatening environment, I commented on the most ideal scenario I can think of for anyone to of potentially increase their odds of not dying.
  6. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    He escalated it by shoving him to the ground. He made himself not a threat after the man then pulled his gun. Which was smart move at that point....hopefully that causes the courts to correct the ruling I agree with his message. I thought his method posed some problems and since it did he needed to be able to evolve his method more. Now? Well, Trump giddly awaits football season because he saw the problems in the method and hijacked the fug out of it. lastly, there are tons of racial issues in this country. Trump is going to continue to throw gas on them too. We also have systematic problems that predate Trump. They all matter. It is good you are passionate. If you apply your board approach in real life, my stance remains....you prevent a lot of people from being with you on issues because the slightest thing said you don’t like makes you insist they are your enemy on a topic. I just think there is a flaw there you don’t see. I got no beef with your posts overall man
  7. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    I have already stated the murderer is 100% at fault. Calling him crazy isnt me declaring he has a mental issue. There are simply tons of dumbass people who do crazy poo because they are idiots. Hence why everyone has to be careful in life now. Especially now that we have a dumbass POTUS winking and empowering clowns/shitheads
  8. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    I don’t expect anyone to be a robot. I said I will teach my kids to always look to deescalate. It matters. They are human. Like me. I haven’t always been able to take my own advice. Again, like the Kapernick talks you get overly fixated on a thought and pretend like that is all that someone says on a topic and ignore the rest. again, you seem to be looking to find racism in posts. You know what? If you want to find it, I’m sure you will. Not agreeing with you entirely isn’t racism. This post and even Kapernick....you ignore the fact I mostly agree with you. Don’t see the point in your insistence of trying to make it Jim Bob vs
  9. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    I didn’t. I specifically said he could of used words and still ended up dead. Because people are crazy. The dude who killed him is a text book example of why being smart matters in today’s world. Crazy is just looking for a reason.
  10. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    LMAO. Good luck making your CRA is actually a closet Trump fan....he just doesn’t like the presentation. I pretty much poo on every policy decision he makes.... literally the only thing I haven’t destroyed him on is Gorsuch. Not sure why you even want to try to go down that road with my non-stop poo on Trump posting. Every decision he makes is a bribe, corruption, enriching himself and serving Putin. I’ve called them all out. Even Gorsuch was a bribe for GOPers to be complicit as I have mentioned in probably 58 threads. Dude is destroying America. LMFAO at I just hate his presentation. I get it now, it is Sat night...posting and drinking. Makes sense.
  11. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    Look bro. I’m not shitting on the victim and the only reason he is now getting the most of the talk is your insistence that merely bringing up the fact people should be smart in a world full of crazy people is somehow racist and victim blaming. The dude was not justified in pulling his gun out The dude should be in jail for murder It will be an outrage if the courts don’t right this and I will tell my son not to go around doing what the victim did in hopes it might, MIGHT, help him avoid something tragic. Nothing racist about that. Again, that logic I will instill on my son and daughter. I would think you should to if you have people you care about.
  12. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    Have a good night. Guess I need to go buy a MAGA hat and give in to my inner racist Google JBC just exposed.
  13. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    Cool story bro. Everyone is racist then. Sad game to play.
  14. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    You don’t even know what side people are on issues because you can’t get past the fact people aren’t 100% in agreement with you. Once you hear something not in line you want to cast them as your enemy and that they argue against everything you say in its entirety. Already seen this movie bro
  15. CRA

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    It was. If was right after talked about my sister in college as well. It isn’t the fault of the women. Doesn’t mean women can’t and shouldn’t be aware and make smart choices to help mitigate opportunity for dumbasses to try something. and yeah, I’ll teach my son it is best not to assault an idiot running his mouth out of the gate. And if he doesn’t? He would be a victim just like this dude was. Still doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be taught to be smart. Because again, there are too many idiots in this world to think people won’t be dumb and evil...smart move is to do your part of help yourself. Doesn’t matter the topic. That thought process is consistent with me. But I’m racist.