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  1. False. Sanctions aren’t a “democrat” thing. They are an American thing with all of congress virtually in universal agreement. Hence why he was forced to sign them by the Republican controlled Congress who all agrees on what occurred.....but Trump still denies. Only odd duck is Trump. Trump isn’t pitted against the Dems on it.....he is pitted against everyone. Right, left....and of course our RIGHT leaning IC community that team Trump wants to pretend is liberal. Bottom line....Trump is uniquely worriesome when it comes to the 2 countries that bailed him out over the last couple decades. His actions in regards to both....which again comes from ignoring his own cabinet and team speak for themselves. He has a Trump policy. Meaning the US policy caters around his past actions and again, the sanctions have never been implemented. Trump has zero plans to ever do it. He was forced to sign them. He noted to Putin he disagreed with America. He won’t implement them. Someone else will have to force it. He can’t do anything to Putin but praise him....
  2. Yeah, then why has his own party asked.....wtf Trump, why haven’t they been implemented
  3. So you have moved on from Russia, right? Facts remain, there are two countries where Trump has universally gone rogue on.....ignoring all his cabinet, intelligence etc. Russia and Saudi Arabia. And again, those two just happen to be the 2 that bailed him out when he went under before in office.
  4. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    No it isn’t. Republican platform hasn’t been an anti-immigration one. Trump has an anti-immigration platform. I’ll give another. National security. Name a Republican coming off this election.....that goes out of there way to praise Putin, downplay what both the RIGHT, left, his entire cabinet and all his intelligence community universally agree on....and still hasn’t implemented the sanctions he was forced to sign and implement just because he barks loud about NK doesn’t change stuff. Then we can obviously get into the ethical and rule of law principles all Republicans have made their soapbox. Trump is not “just your standard dude” as proclaimed
  5. Uh, Trump was forced to sign them....but did do a seperate signing statement just to make known it is those guys, not me. has he implemented them? Nope. Has tough talk Trump ever talked tough on Russia/Putin? Nope. and his initially Syria bombing was theater. Now he pretty much just does whatever Putin says there. Also note how he did the one thing he claimed he would never do....called up Putin and said when and where he was bombing. Putin said ok and then had plans flying right where he bombed in 24 hours
  6. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    yeah..... like I said, Republican voters (that is the PEOPLE, the actual conservatives in America) have been FOR it both pre and post Trump. I just explained their position in DC has never jived of late with the actual voice of the people in their party. They are bought and owned in DC on that issue. So while in Washington they vote that way and anyone new on that side of the aisle that hasn't been bought yet...has to follow in line with the team game. go check the old and current polling by conservatives on the topic. It jives with democrats. Everyone favors it for the most part. Only thing that doesn't jive is the position the Republicans in Congress take.
  7. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    i'll bite. Immigration. That was easy. Trump has his own playbook. Part of it does involve pretending he is a conservative. I mean he has to stay in power. So he adopts certain parts of the old playbook and writes it in with a pencil as part of the Trump playbook.
  8. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    fun fact. Majority of Republican voters in America are FOR net neutrality. Post Trump....and Pre Trump. The votes against it have nothing to do with a conservative agenda/platform. Just politicians that have already been bought belong on one side. Then it just turns into a DC political team/game in DC. I wouldn't call that conservative/Republican. I'd call it a bunch of shitheads voting AGAINST what their actual party believes in.....and doing corrupt Washington business. As for why it pertains to Trump? Trump is only down with stuff that he sees useful or that throws a bone to dumb conservatives. This doesn't fit that.
  9. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    what party is mine? it was a good policy that went down under Obama. Simple as that. and yeah, when Trump is in power....everything that goes down pertains to him and what can potentially be done with him running the show. Because Trump has proven he thinks unlike anyone else that has held the seat.
  10. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    Trump dreams of a world where he can manipulate everything. Think of what a corrupt government can do if they can get people in power at some of these major ISPs on their side or can corrupt them.
  11. Right now Haley is out doing Trump things..... laying ground work for a US-Iran war on behalf of Saudi Arabia. Again, Saudi Arabia will continue to pop up again and again and again. Remember when Trump randomly poo all over Qatar? That was for Saudi Arabia. Trump 100% went rogue and Trump on that......shocking everyone in his cabinet and government. But he had his reason. So the question is why? Well, just ask yourself what 2 countries bailed out Trump over the years. Russia and Saudi Arabia. He shows everyday how compromised he is. No matter how big a Trumper you are.....no Trumper can reasonably explain why Trump is a total stooge to Russia and Saudi Arabia.
  12. Those dudes I commented on pretty much ha e confirmed IC knows which media folks are literally working hand in hand with Trump. They say there is legit coordination right now to help pull it off
  13. I have recommended @guardianrover on Twitter before. His buddy @L0stSandal (with zero) is another good follow. These dude always have the goods in advance. Both ex-special ops dudes. Have lots of guys that feed them accurate stuff. Good follows regardless of your politics. They just called a move on Mueller or his team within 2 weeks. Good chance Team Trump focuses on going hard at Mueller's team to take him down.
  14. Lindsay Graham is on the Judiciary Committee. Can he effectively be on that committee? I mean he has had lots of personal opinions. Is he too biased? EXTREME BIAS. What about Supreme Court Justices? Do they vote? Have opinion on God, Presidents, etc? Team Trump and Fox News are so desperate.