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  1. Trump releasing JFK files

    all about timing bruh. JFK info in a vaccum is fine.
  2. Trump releasing JFK files

    lib logic lol....you know the last 3 Republicans that ran for POTUS have all spoken out about the idiot in office Trumpers pretending to be conservatives lol. military depleted? lol only if you plan to be at war with the entire world.
  3. Trump releasing JFK files

    I know in his late Friday news dump was a EO for him to essentially draft 1000 retired pilots back into service. Trump is going to take us to war. Because he views that as what is best for him. But yeah, MAGA. Never trust someone who eats burnt steak by choice bruh. Life 101.
  4. lol...Trump obviously wants people talking about lots of stuff. I mean other than his hijinks... if there was ever a moment in history not to do it....it is now. Currently a tremendous amount of the narrative in the US is influenced and controlled by foreign powers. This is a gift to them. They can actually do a lot with it in terms of stroking different beliefs. There will be a lot of US gov/ US Intel narratives that come from this release. Wonder who that helps. Just a reminder, Russia/KGB has always had ties to this particular story of US history.
  5. Trump unhinged

    People are saying big things about heels words. In the history of the world, no one has ever been more excited about someone’s words. Unbelievable, his words. Believe me. I have a friend named Jim. Jim wouldn’t even go to Paris anymore. He said Paris isn’t Paris anymore. Jim heard heel. Jim is going to Paris now. No one is better than heel.
  6. Trump unhinged

    Good one. You are just like Trump. You have the best words. No one has one liners as good as you. The best.
  7. Trump unhinged

    Different road appears Trumpers already are in a zombie like state though
  8. Trump was forced to bring out the biggest legit gun he has and had Kelly come try to straighten out the big mess. Kelly said a lot of truth. Kelly still managed to get caught up in Trumpism or whatever but I can't be too hard on him. We need him there. But less than 24 hrs later Laura Trump (wife of the vampire looking Trump son) goes on Fox News and talks about how she read the transcripts of the call between the wife and Trump. Banana Republic 101. Trump WH is insane. Fox News of course doesn't bat an eye. Of course, Laura Trump is reading the transcripts....I mean, Fox News treats the Trump family (not just the know nothing idiots given jobs) as part of the US Government.
  9. Trump unhinged

    The King of Fake News is on twitter... spreading a false takeaway from a UK crime report....and literally made up and quoted a fake quote that isn’t in the report. He contines to lie every day. It is a strategy. Every American should be worried about the destination of that road
  10. football speed. easy to spot. Hill has crazy football speed.
  11. Nothing to evaluate in terms of football speed. Hill blows the doors off basically the entire NFL
  12. Bush/Gore election had issues/concerns/problems....and you are referring to something completely different than my comment. Trump threatens to undo what America stands for and represents. Flawed as it may be some time we have never had a POTUS directly threaten it like this before. (Note 2 past Presidents of both parties speaking out yesterday in harmony on it)
  13. I’ve made the Austin comparsion too. But Austin still more dynamic.
  14. No. Samuel doesn’t have Hill’s physical tools.