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  1. Trump getting giddy it sounds. Had his lawyer officially call for the end of Mueller. They then walked it back some and the lawyer claiming he wasn’t speaking in his official capacity after verifying he was...
  2. well if you read the thread I initially was reposnding to someone who spoke about knowing or not knowing the full context of the situation. That then went on to essentially another topic. I don’t have any use for anyone using that word. Black, white or purple.
  3. But Sessions had to fire McCabe... if he didn’t Trump would have fired Sessions over McCabe. Wrong as it is, Sessions during McCabe keeps Sessions as AG. Sessions knows Trump needs a non-Russia excuse to fire him. And as much of a poo head as Sessions is....keeping him as AG is good right now. Even though firing helps Trump’s campaign to discredit everyone that will be a witness and testifying against him. He gets to do his they are just mad corrupt haters routine
  4. trying to discuss it and the logic applied.
  5. Slavery always existed. Not unique to Europe either. I disagree that it would be a piece of cake to distinguish who is a decendant of slavery today. What about if you are the decendant of a black slave owner? You get reparations for that? and it still really comes back to who pays for it. As I said there was point in our history I would have supported it....when you could easily determine who the slaves were and who profited. But are Hispanics suppose to pay reparations? What about families who immigrated after slavery? How much do the uber white wealthy folks inflate the “average” wealth of whites. That is worth a look. I mean because there are comically rich white folks. Like mind boggling rich. A big reason Trump is POTUS is there are a poo ton of poor white folks around today constantly being told how great they have it. Opposite of the ghetto is the trailer park.
  6. Another reason... McCabe just spelled it out. Firing him is also a means to discredit him because McCabe knows he will be a witness when Mueller drops his charges.
  7. Why would you fire Comey and intentionally try to do it so he couldn’t fly back home? And send your personal bodyguard to do it?
  8. Point is to go after his pension for Trump I don’t technically mind him being fired. FBI reviewed and if he deserves a blimish on his resume so be it. A blimish for shitting on Clinton....not Trump but the dude served this country long enough and his resume is strong enough he deserves his retirement IMO. Especially when guys who have done worse kept theirs
  9. Trump personal lawyer now seeking 20 mill in damages. Trump himself joins in. Trump also adds the lawyer who took down Gawker. Big play to get this to arbitration and make it disappear.
  10. Was he fired? Or are you talking about the Fox News draft that leaked claiming he was fired... if he was fired he should keep his pension. Government should be consistent. If dudes like Patraeous got to keep theres...so should McCabe.
  11. Well I disagree, that globally the issue we see today didn’t began with the US slave trade. Again globally speaking, the US slave trade didn’t invent the wheel. I will acknowledge it plays a role in how some accumulated wealth and played into the problem. It is consistent issue around the globe and has manifested itself in almost every culture. I don’t agree that problem is a manifestation from America. More of mankind IMO. But the issue of a few accumulating most of the wealth is pretty consistent across the globe and the problems it greats. But on to reparations... 1. How do you prove who was and who wasn’t a descendant of a slave? 2. So basically the tax payer would pay for it? Majority of whites don’t trace their ancestory to slave ownership. This is the land immigrants. Many of the “white” families arrived here post slave trade. Near 40% of Americans are minorities. Seems that solution instantly creates many problems. So do Latino/Hispanic Americans pay the reparations? What about Native Americans? Asian Americans? What about every other ethnic group? 3. I still fail to see how reparations solve the issue of the haves vs have nots. That still exists with reparations given IMO. Call it naive but I am a firm believer everyone controls their own destiny. Sure there are more white trust fund kids than other ethnic groups in America. That means there are more whites that don’t have to do poo to manage pretty well. But this is the greatest country on Earth for a reason....black, white or purple. People that put forth the effort to succeed generally find success in America. Now granted, everyone’s road to success isn’t the same. Some are much harder
  12. well, there is a problem with that. I mean you can't get a free pass for literally anything all in the name of exposing a racist. People tend to fall into versions of that trap all the time.
  13. right or wrong, it is a fact that many non-African Americans use that word among their peers that happen to be black and it somehow is given "the okay". Especially other young minorities seem to get "the okay". Not saying that it did happen here. personally, I ,as a non-black person I have never understood this movement of African Americans taking ownership of the word and somehow using it in a good way yet it still means the same bad thing when everyone else does. I don't get why EVERYBODY doesn't try to kill the word. I mean part of the reason the word never goes away is because you can't even sing along to a dang good rap song with accidentally getting caught up and saying it. To a large degree, the word is being purposefully kept around in the most mindboggling way ever.
  14. Put Cam in that goalline shotgun package we run so much with Poe beside him. Let Poe lead block it and Cam to follow him. Guarenteed TD 101% of the time.