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  1. CRA added a post in a topic FanDuel/DraftKings Scandal?   

    FanDuel said DraftKing employees have won 6 million dollars.  I doubt Draft Kings employees that many people which makes that amount won BIG. 
    Also, let's say those people suddenly aren't allowed to play.  Heck, if that was me and I had the inside info which had proven to help me win....I'd just get a friend of mine to play it for a cut.  
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  2. CRA added a post in a topic Hardy doing Hardy things   

    A guy who has been suspended for domestic abuse....first day back replying about a question about speaking out against domestic violence? His reply includes the  hotness of opposing players wives?  sister in laws? Context matters.  Joking about how hot certain wives are as a response to THAT question?
    Reporters noted the absurdity and followed it up with asking Hardy if he was aware of how attractive other players wives are? Specifically Bortles'.  Hardy said "that kind of information was important.  That's how he selects he Pro Bowls".
    is it offensive? Maybe not.  Completely weird and probably out of bounds given the circumstances and question? Yes.   
    Will Tom Brady do like he has done in the past and go off over it? I think so.  Brady also talks a lot....on the field.  Should be something to watch for IMO.  Brady always says things aren't s big deal and then jaws with the best of them. 
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  3. CRA added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Hardy doing Hardy things
    first day back from basically over a year off....immediately starts talking about Tom Brady's wife, his wife's sister.  
    Nice.  Cowboys gonna pay for that on Sunday
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  4. CRA added a post in a topic Luke still has not passed the concussion protocol, Cotch in full pads and helmet   

    Ross Tucker asked a question on Twitter about a week many weeks being held out of football with a concussion would make you consider retirement?
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  5. CRA added a post in a topic do you think the eagles game will be flexed   

    I think week 6 and week 10 will be the ones flexed....that keeps our night games as is
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  6. CRA added a post in a topic do you think the eagles game will be flexed   

    From weeks 5-10 they can only flex 2 of those 5 weeks.  I would think they would want to hang on to using those for something really good.  Plus the Eagles free falling still makes for good talk if they continue to lose
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  7. CRA added a post in a topic If Cotch is back for Seattle who gets cut, if anyone?   

    Need Brown.  If Ginn goes down you need at least one person who can pretend to play WR that can actually run fast.   That is why Brown is active IMO each week.  Play a game without Ginn or Brown and it alters opposing defenses.  We have zero over the top threat.  Philly at least presents the threat even if he can't catch 
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  8. CRA added a post in a topic If Cotch is back for Seattle who gets cut, if anyone?   

    Cotchery comes back and you deactivate either Bersin or Norwood. 
    Next game is Seattle.  Norwood may actually have some purpose there as he knows the Seattle DBs better than anyone on our roster.
    Going forward the last spot probably comes down to practice and matchups. 
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  9. CRA added a post in a topic 2013 49ers game all over again?   

    not gonna win many games when the refs do to you what the refs did in the first half of the 49er game....we outplayed them in the first half and were losing b/c of bogus officiating.   That was the ballgame after that. 
    This Seahawk matchup is a coin flip IMO.  There rush game has taken a step back.....and that impacts everything b/c the last two years that has carried their O and allowed the D to be elite 
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  10. CRA added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Bucs   

    People bash Shula but there are reasons why Cam has developed and Kapernick, RG, etc fizzled out.  
    Cam was never allowed armbands.  They put an emphasis on him having to learn this game
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  11. CRA added a post in a topic Best and Worst players at every position week 4   

    I wouldn't call Martin a big back though...
    Carolina was one of the few rain games as well so weather alone was going to impact tackling Sunday.  I won't put too much into them trying to hammer guys vs the run in that type weather.   Both RBs require you to wrap up that played (including Stew).  Can't just thump them. Both RBs shed guys all game at first contact. 
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  12. CRA added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    I think most people realize overall Dave is a defensive minded guy...
    which his tenure overall would show a slant to IMO.
    I think a lot of WR lacking teams are kicking themselves for not bringing in James Jones.  I realize Rodgers is throwing him the ball but it is clear he can play... 13th in yards and 1st in TDs.  
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  13. CRA added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    2nd round rookie WRs aren't suppose to be doing much
    and first rounders aren't suppose to do what occurred last year 
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  14. CRA added a post in a topic Who is this Ryan Delaire?   

    If he is what we saw today? He is the missing puzzle piece to our D
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  15. CRA added a post in a topic Next Four-Who do we beat?   

    Ron has never had a team ready after a bye even vs an easy opponent.  I don't think Seattle is that good but based on Ron's history I wouldn't wager even someone else's money he will win @ Seattle after a bye (a tough road game even when Seattle stinks).
    then we play 3 teams in 15 days.  That is a lot of football and means we aren't gonna have time to be as prepared for all I think schedule makes the GB ugly for us.  would have been tough under better circumstances. I think they dismantle us.  Rodgers is a beast and we will be physically tired and not as prepped as needed 
    Eagles and Colts? Us healthy on D? I think we got those.  
    So I think we go 2-2 the next 4.  I think everyone would take 6-2 if you were told that the day we found out KB tore his ACL. 
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