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  1. Kony is turned loose.

    Our DEs had elite DT play all last year.....and for the overwhelming majority of the year the DEs didn't look great. We need more than hoping Ealy can be close to what he was in 1 game
  2. draft is super deep at DL talent....maybe Dave will grab another DT in round 2. Could be BPA.
  3. I think most get that. But our lines don't look very strong at OT or DE at the moment. But yeah, have great DT depth and that has advantages. Still doesn't mean DE isn't an issue
  4. I think the team played well. Denver was a good team and therefore we were going to meet resistance. Super Bowl was really as a simplistic as the Von/Remmers mismatch being the difference. NFL is about match ups and they had one that won them that game. D played dang good. We needed the OL to hold up slightly better.
  5. No, they simply had legit talent at DB. Are you really suggesting the Denver DBs are on par with our current squad?
  6. BPA is a complex thing. Varies team to team and GM to GM. Our GM has a preference and that influences what he deems BPA. Another GM could lean toward offense and then BPA is nothing like Gettlemen's view. Shaq was viewed as someone that would have little impact overall on the season because of a stacked LB corp. Which overall was true. But you could argue the one game he really had a key role (AZ) was totally worth it. But we also knew he wasn't drafted for 2015 and would be groomed for TDs job
  7. Den had the best DBs in the NFL....and best DL pressure. We have the best DTs and LBs.
  8. People seem to be overplaying that card. Wasn't it a bigger issue that we were almost overly dependent on DTs to generate the disruption. We got very little from our DEs the entire 2nd half of the season.
  9. Eh, LB would be nice but Joe Webb looks a little too comfortable. Might need to grab a QB to put him on notice
  10. No more gassed looking DTs would be accurate. But I didn't see that much last year. Was more the DEs. We made a strength stronger. Could be worse. Could of picked a bad player. Butler isn't.
  11. Well I was prepared for it...not mad as Dave does what Dave does. Predictable. and I am sticking with my prediction Dave moves up in the 2nd. Hopefully that will be something more exciting
  12. rock said it best...fine player but he will have a Shaq type impact on our team. There isn't room for him to do that much unless someone gets hurt. He will make our DL better but I wouldn't say that would be that noticeable in the short term that isn't a knock on him. We just have young studs that will be better in 2016 that will deserve plenty of time on the field
  13. Like the player. if your level of play at a position of a 9/10 as can add more talent and it still be 9/10. Never been a fan of guys watching football. If dude is legit....we have a stud watching from the sideline every snap. Basic reason of why I hated Double Trouble. Liked them both individually...the great depth was largely overrated since both couldn't play at same time. Can't get the max out of guys when you overload at a spot
  14. That isn't how it works. They have been great. You put guys on notice that need to step it up. They don't need to. Dave seems to be overly fixated on it IMO