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  1. Alexander doesn't have the size we like.... but he is going to be a beast
  2. Beason was a broken vet. Luke made sense.
  3. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    Dave probably will go DT LB QB RB LB
  4. Who is Star's quality replacement? The new kid doesn't pose Star a threat. Annoyed one would be KK IMO. Leverage to not pay him potentially HUGE money if he continues where he left off
  5. This pick doesn't relate to Beason/Luke. KK's body isn't a mess trying to see if he can get back. On top of that Beason's best was extremely good. KK's best appears to be approaching Sapp like dominance. you want KK Short on the field and their are no doubts about him
  6. The DE Position

    We had elite DT play last year. This doesn't change that. Even with elite DT play our DE struggled. Still need DE talent....last year showed that m like I said, Dave has time to fix that and everything will be good
  7. The DE Position

    I remember the 2nd half of the season it was almost like we played with no DEs on the field. They didn't literally nothing most games down the stretch. DT play wasn't what was wrong down the stretch. It was the fact the DTs were the only ones stepping up
  8. The DE Position

    So if he gets significant playing time...KK Short gets significant time on the bench?
  9. The DE Position

    Cam still masks issues on O. They are still issues and we will be better when we address them and we aren't the same team as last year. We had All Pro play in the secondary. We don't now. That influenced more than people want to admit. So we need to get better on D to be where we were at. A KK sub doesn't make up that ground IMO.
  10. Outlandish? You better put some respek on Joe Webb's name
  11. The DE Position

    Everyone drafts with their own basis of bias, preference and need. Gentlemen does too. His entire hogmolly pledge from day one shows he has a bias/slant that influences who he picks again, I don't dislike Dave or his pick. Dave still has time to make everything right....but given he has gone overboard at DT he has some extra work IMO left before he gets the thumbs up on the pick
  12. Joe Webb could start all I know is the past 2 drafts we have drafted guys we have spent our picks on guys who are behind Thomas Davis and KK Short on the depth chart. doesnt mean they aren't good players and we can't work them in. Short term they simply should be limited in ability to impact one should take issue with people merely pointing out and discussing DE.
  13. Unless someone gets hurt he is depth like Shaq was... start? You plan on them benching KK Short?
  14. Couple DEs were there. I would have taken one of the two. Ogbah or Dodd.
  15. Kony is turned loose.

    Our DEs had elite DT play all last year.....and for the overwhelming majority of the year the DEs didn't look great. We need more than hoping Ealy can be close to what he was in 1 game