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  1. Impossible. Dave only does BPA.
  2. Maybe the GM is just a little desperate to prove his handling of Norman wasn't wrong. I mean, he could of let Norman walk and spent a draft trying to cover the error....that might not cover it.
  3. The actual reason Bradberry was drafted.

    So...a GMs ego could of easily of made him make a reach to try to prove letting an All Pro walk was smart
  4. False. I would not say our team came to the conclusion Norman was nothing special. They came to the conclusion they didn't want to pay him as the highest paid CB and moved on now vs putting up with the nonsense of dancing around with his agent.
  5. So Tampa did comically reach for a kicker then...because they got scouts and inside info too
  6. We should of drafted another DT j/k. Like the kid. Just don't like him in the 2nd. If reports are correct and no one worked him out but us I don't see how anyone can claim with confidence he wouldn't of lasted longer
  7. People thought Hurney was a freaking badass and great GM for years...
  8. LOL. No team even worked this kid out....and we take him in the 2nd. Dave must be believing his own hype just thinking he can do anything. That is just a poor use of a pick. Got to assume you can get him later and do that.
  9. I do not believe he is a press corner
  10. Meh, Dave could of drafted a second kicker in round 2 with our pick .... and people would be saying "oh yeah! BPA! Dave has balls and trusted his board that this the kicker from San Antonio Tech Community College is the guy! Love it.
  11. Every time someone says it I want to pull my hair out there isn't a team in the NFL that doesn't draft for need/preference
  12. Please football gods, have someone draft Derrick Henry right now before he falls to us!!
  13. Their base is a cover 3 like us
  14. Norman will help that front get production. Works both ways. Not worrying though. Simply is what it is. Don't feel the need to lie to myself and think we can lose All Pros and insert "just a guys" and there won't be a difference
  15. Norman is now the highest paid CB in the NFL because of an All Pro performance....there is going to be drop off this year and plays made on us we didn't have last year. Just will be.