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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    It definitely was a no from GRRM for his story. But the show execs literally just said in there story we just met "Coldhands Benjen". From what I know, the show has no issues fiddling and altering GRRM's design. I haven't read the books, from what I have read didn't Benjen always make sense to be Coldhands? Which is why GRRM had to address it?
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    On Inside the episode, Weiss called him Coldhands. So...Benjen is the Coldhands in the HBO story despite GRRM telling guessers he wasn't and might not be in his story.
  3. I think Cam's ceiling is higher than Luck's and we are seeing that now. However, I think Luck can play at his ceiling for longer than Cam can play at his.
  4. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Yeah, I don't think he will for lots of reasons... one is the pace he writes makes it impossible. That IMO ends the talk the other is I think in the back of his mind he would prefer to critique the shows finish and tease about how he would do it. Never having to actually confront which finish was better. I mean if the TV goes rogue of what he states he wants to do....and a lot of it works better than that sucks for the "mastermind"
  5. Sexting

    I wouldn't be worried about serial killers....but ugly chicks and dudes wasting valuable time because in the end they can never commit past flirty talk (which is how they get there kicks) but I am just guessing. Maybe that isn't common. I was in the game before all this nonsense. Getting chicks required you to leave your home.
  6. Sexting

    There aren't fake profiles anymore?
  7. Definitely do the Duck Tour in Boston. Good way to see the sights and kids should enjoy when it there ride suddenly transforms into a boat.
  8. Sexting

    Online is just too sketchy.... you could spent weeks going back and forth with some "hot chick" when in reality it is some 45 yr old dude posting lifted pics.
  9. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    It wasn't bad, GOT has just been killing it lately. I get the feeling this episode was basically a brief calm before it gets nuts in the next 3. The Snow/Ramsay battle should be an epic episode
  10. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    what I a most looking forward to in the next couple episodes. Arya. We know the many faced god crew are coming to kill her....and you know she going to tell them now that she has Needle back... "There is only one god, and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: 'Not today".
  11. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I personally don't think Martin will ever finish his story
  12. Combined Steve Smith and Mushin Muhammad played 24 years in Carolina. Combine they accounted for 130 TDs in Carolina. Cam Newton in 5 seasons has accounted for 160 TDs. No contest. Cam Newton is our best draft pick no matter how it is defined. His production is just unrivaled and his production trumps guys who already logged in more years. Thanks to Newton our franchise has also recieved its first and only league MVP, only consecutive division titles and only consecutive playoff appearances.
  13. Steve Smith scored more than 8 TDs once in his NFL career. He was awesome but part of what made him so awesome was his style of play and the entertainment value of it. Cam is a human cheat code the NFL has never experienced. That is why he is the best pick. No one in NFL history has comparable duel threat production to Cam....plenty compete with 89.
  14. Cam today, is the best player in franchise history. Over 89. Is what it is.
  15. Otah was a Pro Bowl caliber talent when in the field...a beast. Probably one of the most dominating Ts we have ever had. he couldn't stay on the field. People also questioned his heart but you really can't hate on a guy because who wouldn't be overly foolish with his body. He was a monster of a man with knee issues who wouldn't play hurt. He wasn't bad in regards to talent.