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  1. Insert 7th Rounder here

    Really hope it is a CB
  2. Insert 7th Rounder here

    Said it before, in a couple weeks I expect Gettlemen to do Kalil like Gross. Restructure his deal and basically force retirement /end of his career here in 2 years
  3. Think Peanut is coming back now?

    Nah, actually didn't run that well when on the field last year. He needs to go ahead and start his coaching career
  4. Gentlemen could of drafted a P in round 1 and and a K in round 2 and people would defend it as genius with a similar reply
  5. Everyone take a deep breath.....

    I'm sure they watched the tape...maybe the tape doesn't look that bad but lots of people have never found themselves in that situation to begin with. Why is that? Lots of decisions go into it. I mean YOU can put yourself in lots of situations where you could justify violence or aggressive actions. You can still make poor choices that lead up to do something that can be "justified". Some people find nonsense. not going to debate it all much more because you don't know it all. Don't like going this route after all our poo...people should be okay with that stance too
  6. 75% of the board thought Clausen was the greatest steal in our franchise history when it happened....
  7. No GM in the history of football has admitted to reaching after a draft
  8. I still think the whole Dave Gettlemenshould never be doubted argument is silly. Lots of NFL GMs have runs of great success....and most of them always prove to be human. say what you want but his handling of Norman CAN be questioned....and by picking a guy like Worley and his issues following our experience with Hardy CAN be questioned too. Have to see how it plays out, there is a possibility Dave really reached to "fix" an error. Don't like going this route after Hardy.
  9. Maybe the GM is just a little desperate to prove his handling of Norman wasn't wrong. I mean, he could of let Norman walk and spent a draft trying to cover the error....that might not cover it.
  10. False. I would not say our team came to the conclusion Norman was nothing special. They came to the conclusion they didn't want to pay him as the highest paid CB and moved on now vs putting up with the nonsense of dancing around with his agent.
  11. So Tampa did comically reach for a kicker then...because they got scouts and inside info too
  12. We should of drafted another DT j/k. Like the kid. Just don't like him in the 2nd. If reports are correct and no one worked him out but us I don't see how anyone can claim with confidence he wouldn't of lasted longer
  13. People thought Hurney was a freaking badass and great GM for years...
  14. LOL. No team even worked this kid out....and we take him in the 2nd. Dave must be believing his own hype just thinking he can do anything. That is just a poor use of a pick. Got to assume you can get him later and do that.