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  1. and yeah, I am a Clemson fan if you had any doubt. Which you probably didn’t
  2. People coming up with ways to downplay Watson for since he blew up at Clemson. You think people would learn. He got that thing you can’t put your finger on.....and it always shows
  3. Tons of garbage time? He is 3-2 as a starter. One of those losses was NE in which NE took the lead with seconds left. The only other loss...which I guess is the tons of garbage time...KC wasn’t even up by a TD in early stages of the 4th q. Yeah they pulled away some in the 4th but that is some questionable garbage time seems like some of that Lamar Jackson deserves the Heisman logic
  4. Trump unhinged

    John McCain straight up roasting mofos tonight "To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain 'the last best hope of earth' for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history," McCain said in the speech. you want the truth? Listen to Republicans that aren’t worried about keeping seat/job and their personal job security.
  5. LOL. Good one OP. Missed it at first
  6. LOL. I can only imagine what Bears fans are saying
  7. Not the NFL one. Rookie has won the AP MVP though. Rookie has won DPOY
  8. I entered into google translate: Oh wee mayne
  9. OROY- Watson....fair or unfair....easy path for a QB. I think he jumped Hunt. Watson quietly leads the entire NFL in TD passes right now...and didn’t even start the season. 6th in QB rating. Watson is on pace for 45 total TDs at his current pace
  10. I think it will happen. Panthers are #2 in the NFL in sacks. TO will come....especially when we hit this stretch of the next 5 games with some QBs that will be much more turnover prone.
  11. Trump unhinged

    Trump today lied and claimed Obama and other past Presidents didn't call the families of deceased soldiers. He was eventually called out on his lie....and like he has done before claimed the "oh, well that is what I was told" defense. He came up with this lie during a mentally ill ramble about if he called the families of the deceased soldiers. A ton of nonsensical BS about how letters were mailed to them but then that he was going to write them and have them mailed, but that he traditionally calls and his standard ramble of BS/lies. ng.
  12. well it all relates. Lack of vertical threat impacts what imposing Ds do....which creates problems for other players in different aspects.
  13. doesn't do anything excellent? Then why are opponents overplaying and schemeing the heck out of their D to focus on him. No RB in the NFL runs routes as well as a rookie verison of McCaffrey. He does that excellent and that is HUGE in the NFL. You ever notice how some WRs are WIDEOPEN all the time and some super fast dudes always seem blanketed? McCaffrey's vision and route running are crazy good. Some people expected an All Pro production out of the gat.e
  14. has McCaffrey even legitimately had a chance to show his top gear? He normally is bottled up in traffic juking and jiving. I mean he isn't Tyreek Hill. He doesn't have that gear nor was that sold to people.
  15. McCaffrey doesn't lead all rookies in receptions and yards.....because he is just a check down option. Dudes simply can't cover McCaffrey. He is special and because he isn't producing in the manner people envisioned out of the gate (largely to teams gameplanning the heck out of him to limit him).....they act like he is some JAG.
  16. As “Retreat” is played, the Army website explains, “Once the bugle sounds, all personnel driving on the installation should stop. Service members and government civilian personnel are encouraged to turn off their vehicles, and, if safe to do so, exit to render the appropriate honors.” Trump is by virtue of his position, the highest-ranking official in the U.S. military and is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces. In 2014, a soldier hid in her car to avoid saluting the flag during the ceremony, and after posting a photo of her actions on social media, was disciplined by the military. The late comedian Robin Williams, while performing for soldiers in Kuwait, stopped in the middle of his comedy routine to stand at attention and honor the flag during the “Retreat” ceremony. Trump’s actions showed once again, that when it comes to truly honoring the flag and doing his duty as commander in chief, it’s all a big joke.
  17. He isn’t a choir boy... but Martavis Bryant has requested a trade from the Steelers. Unhappy with his role. we have a good relationship with the Steelers, he has local ties (Clemson) and dude can defiantly take the top off a defense. Issue of course....is the weed problem. I’d say if the cost isn’t too high....he would be worth the gamble. Dude is a freak. But we all know it ain’t happening
  18. Rushing attack. No clue how to fix it.
  19. I think Cam is at his best w/o a true #1. Our issue (and we keep repeating it) is it we continue to allow our offense to miss key ingredients. What we are witnessing is a repeat of when Ginn went to SF. Offense was missing a key component and not having the vertical threat impacts all sorts of things. We acknowledged and fixed. Then we immediately repeat the same mistake again.
  20. Trump hasn't even acknowledged them. So he definately wasn't going to show up when there bodies arrived. This is the dude preaching to NFL players about respecting our troops.
  21. Given the defensive gameplans and defensive calls....teams certainly seem to be overly concenred w/ CMC. CMC isn't a bust and he doesn't suck. He is the 2nd person game planned for in your offense outside our QB. CMC isn't going to shine until our pass attack is respected.....and it was comically disrespected Thursday night.
  22. Well if Cam throws 50 times a game you are guaranteed bad Cam comes out.....but as we saw Thurs we still have shots to win. Heck maybe you are right....with out all those wasted Stew downs we could of had more success. Pass or scramble
  23. Everyone complains about the read option.... but that has been our most consistent method to actually produce on the ground. Our traditional rush attack has been pathetic for years now....Cam at least can make plays and guys can off him (even if it isn’t consistent....it is more so than the traditional run)
  24. We don’t have anyone to run vertical routes.....so he wouldn’t be stealing them
  25. His biggest inconsistency is behavior Samuel wasn’t even a real deep threat in college. He really needs McCaffrey’s routes. He has better hands than Ginn but neither have great hands. He has much better size than Ginn. At Clemson he had the best physical skill set out of Hopkins and Watkins. Was just super raw. His speed and size combo is what people envy.