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  1. Trump is so predictable in his be unpredictable ways. He has Mulvaney come out when the bill was was about to be introduced to say the POTUS had guaranteed he would sign it. Classic Trump to always set up his folks to prove nothing anyone says on his behalf is real. This is Republican spending bill. So of course the Dems didn’t get to write it how they wanted it. Trump ended DACA. Now he does his standard thing of trying to claim it was others that did it. But the bill is poo. But that isn’t Trump’s point. Hard to figure out yet if this is just to add a mountain of chaos going into the Stormy weekend interview....or if he knows other info is dropping soon. Because Trump for the most part always has some form of a heads on all MSM bombshells because they contact people for comment/verification before dropping them. Could be the Stone/Guccifer stories coming or more Trump Org or who knows. But he seems intent on needing more than normal chaos in the atmosphere.
  2. Trump hasn’t had an actual press conference in 400+ days. Fake POTUS. He is just doing reality TV. He just watches TV and then acts and then sees what the magic TV box says about it.
  3. per great wisdom...we will combine all future Mueller investigation posts here. There will be many...
  4. Oh Lord , what is on this CD?

    Wonder what type chaos Trump has planned to announce Sat or Sunday. Maybe then he fires all the folks he was suppose lump fire with McMaster?
  5. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    Trump could say he is pro abortion and Trumper “Relublicans” suddenly would be too. Republicans were for free trade pre Trump. They just are along for the ride right now in general.
  6. maybe Trump should stop thinking Fox News is the place to go for literally every decision he makes. He also hired that dudes wife. Both Fox News folks. So is Bolton. FBI needs to send a super secret agent in and have him infiltrate Fox News and randomly tell Trump he should resign and flee overseas.
  7. THE Da’Norris Searcy? Let me go look him up...as I know I nothing of this benched former Titan. I’m sure I’ll come back with some post similar to CHAMPIONSHIP!
  8. He only had 2 points. Dems abandoned DACA and he needs more wall money.
  9. Oddly Deputy AG has a 10am presser...that Trump probably doesn’t fully know what it is about. Sounds like major announcements on cyber related stuff. So Russia news always in play. So Trump probably just wanted to poo in the middle of the living room. Then late today be like BUT I’ll sign it. But those mean ol Democrats hate DACA. So sad.
  10. hard for things to get the attention they deserve these days... but Russia has gotten into more than just our nuclear power grid. They have gotten into all sorts of infrastructure successfully. Granted they haven’t done anything. But it is done so if they were to “need” to fug us up.
  11. https://www.thedailybeast.com/exclusive-lone-dnc-hacker-guccifer-20-slipped-up-and-revealed-he-was-a-russian-intelligence-officer Only a matter of time. Word on the interwebs is some Roger Stone stories should be dropping soon...hey, he knows Guccifer... and people should realize why Trump is forming a lunatic lawyer squad. He knows Mueller has and is gonna put the Russia story together. He also knows it is a matter of time before he Manafort’s him too. Takes time unfortunately.
  12. Mattis Haley and...those are about the only sane non-Trumpers left. Anyone I am missing? Maybe Jesse Watters could replace Haley. Maybe the mysterious John Barron could replace Mattis? Crazy world when a gentle named Mad Dog whose job is war is one of your last hopes of....not going to war.
  13. Folks means people in general not parents. Check a dictionary. I’m really getting off now. Wifey giving me the eye starting to think I’m pulling a Trump on her and texting my secret lovers.
  14. You seem very selective with your logic then. Trump says he is a Christian....just like he said he is a Repulican. Despite the fact he doesn’t go to church, has admittedly never asked for forgiveness, doesn’t live the lifestyle of a Christian (all though few do), has been a Democrat most of his life, raised of family of corrupt Democrats, donated more money to Crooked Hillary than anyone he bitches about doing so, and on and on and on. Trump is just a corrupt con man. One who ran as a Republican because the window was there and as Jared said the core base is so dumb they believe all his bullshit. Easy marks for him. Easy decision.
  15. Talking about his family... lol at your arguing Trump is really a Christian conservative and not just doing the Art of the Con. Night night.
  16. He isn’t. He is an opportunist. All you have to do is listen to Trump and his folks...they already told you this. You just for some reason don’t want to listen. Jared has always explained why he ran as a Republican and it wasn’t political belief. You sound like some who claims Trump is a Christian simply because he gives them some of what they want. Not out of shared belief....just a bribe for support him.
  17. and Trump, his family, those who helped him win, the House Intel Republicans, opportunist Republcians in the House making up conspiracy theories to discredit the probes and make the whole thing go away...
  18. Um, plenty of people don’t want that truth known.... are you paying attention to what is going on of late?
  19. I mean the news is never ending, too lazy to start a new thread about how Trump cheated with the playmate (who he told was beautiful like Ivanka) and then cheated on her with Stormy. I guess evangelicals consider cheating on someone you are cheating with a cancellation of all cheating or something. But it does suck to Melania. Nah, what am I saying. She is where she is out of her own choices.
  20. At this point. They are the best we got.
  21. Biden vs. Trump

  22. Title says sane or semi sane. In a Trump WH they both easily get semi-sane status. Neither think like Trump. Actually even in a non- Trump WH I would give them that.
  23. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/379867-trump-considered-ousting-kelly-and-serving-as-his-own-chief-of-staff I guess he will call it fake news. Wait about a week or so. Then do it.
  24. He isn’t. Hence why he just registered as a “Republican” when he wanted to manipulate dumbass Republicans that got giddy over lies about Obama. His family couldn’t even vote for him because they all were freaking registered liberals. He donated more to the Clinton Foundation that anyone he bitches about. Trump just cares ultimately about different things first. Mainly Trump. That transcends politics for him. Trump called the Iraq War the dumbest thing in US history. But Bolton wants war with Iran. Hey, who else does? Bolton has a use to him. Everything about Trump and his moves are and have been obvious as fug. Trump could give 2 shits about what either political party is ultimately about. He is worried about Trump. But he has to use Republicans. He’d probaly rather use Dems.