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    WTF have we become

    Trump was probably just making up poo on twitter to suit whatever narrative he wants painted. Like this crime one....Trump was PROBABLY doing the same thing he has been caught doing over and over and over about this topic and others. Trump is a repeated routine. Same schtick over and over. MSM and Trumpers still baffled and amazed by it.
  2. Clinton won re-election because he was a dirtbag that happened to be a pretty good POTUS. and I have said from the jump, collusion ain't it. Not what really brings the house down. But it is there, hell both sides already know that. We already know there was collusion. That doesn't matter to folks. Being compromised and corrupt is what has always mattered...and why there was "collusion" in the first place.
  3. per great wisdom...we will combine all future Mueller investigation posts here. There will be many...
  4. I mean that is true to a degree but Trump is successfully moving the bar on how a POTUS should be judged. He simply has lowered it. He basically has a new scandal every week. So the public becomes numb to it. Trump wears a tan suit? Not even a fashion mag would cover that now. Every week him or his team has corruption come up? Meh, people get use to it and no one really get scrutinized. Trump is savy in some aspects. They aren't the things you should post about an American POTUS being good at though.
  5. is what it is. Not a surprise. It is why he floods the market with poo. You get numb to the poo. Horrible becomes the norm. Bar readjusts. Seeing that. what Mueller will get will be what it will be. So the real question doesn't real change. Will people be okay with what Trump has done? You either will side with America....or you will be willing to recreate what America will be going forward. I've always said, there will be people who will be fine with Trump being corrupt, colluding, and essentially wanting to be an American Putin. I won't be down for that when the time comes to make a choice.
  6. Wray knows... GOPers are almost to the point now where there is no saving themselves. There is too much out there for their defense of Trump, complacency, etc...to try to pull of the “wow, we had no idea” attempt. GOP will soon be the party of the unAmerican.
  7. CRA

    Space Force

    just imagine what Defense spending will be.....with the Space Force added in. Pretty soon we will be spending more on Defense than the entire world added together.
  8. so all we need is a vivid and illustrative summary
  9. You say that if Trumpers are conservatives. They aren't. This thread is a prime example.
  10. Trump be like, someone find that card creator!!! We need to flood the market with more!!!!
  11. what does size have to do with it? Not bringing politics in it, but in the world of Trump people seem to have forgotten how to deal with bullies. You know who bullies often go hard at? Dudes they know ain't gonna do something about it. You know who isn't gonna go hard at the old vet a-hole leader? A rookie coming into the NFL with more on his shoulders than probably any rookie to date at that time. 89 was a real bully. Real bullies know who they can give it too and often has literally nothing to do with how person A vs person B matchup in a boxing match.
  12. Is this breaking news? 89 use to flat out assault people. A minimum of 3 and old beat writers use to always allude to potentially more. 89 bulled tons of folks. He had two personalities. That has always been very clear. It would be breaking news 89 hadn't bulled people.
  13. CRA

    Space Force

    Trump needs to get on the ground floor of space army. NASA been around too long. If Trump can open up something new just think of all the corrupt money he can generate for himself and family. There is real money to be made in a military branch. I mean part of the reason our existing military budget is so high is all the corruption in it. Tons of companies out there just literally raking in cash.
  14. CRA

    "We'll stop it"

    Strzok will gladly testify in front of anyone....without pleading the 5th or immunity. You know who would do THAT in times like this? People who know the truth. Now, he obviously can't share all that. But he can share enough of to let people know exactly what the fug is going on. If Republicans get him in front of a Committee that means Dems can ask questions to let him set that straight. Bet no committiee takes him up on that. Don't think they were ready for that response.
  15. CRA

    "We'll stop it"

    I don't believe either party has a moral high ground to stand for. I do think there is ground for those who want to live in reality to stand for. Donald Trump is unfit to be POTUS and always has been. Simple as that. He is bad for the country in a way that Hillary, Obama, Bush, whoever don't represent. I never felt the Bern. As i said, I voted for Rubio. Decent percentage of Trumpers felt the Bern though.
  16. CRA

    "We'll stop it"

    They don’t want to hear from him. GOPers just want to take one thing from him and use it to defend Trump. The only bias we have seen that legitimately spilled over into an agents work....were the agents that feed the Trump Admin out of NY. Which brings us back to the madman Rudy who is slinging chaos and distraction on the daily. Stzok could of stopped Trump. He didn’t. He left it up to America and did his job is all we know. Only witch hunt is the one thr POTUS creates on twitter
  17. CRA

    "We'll stop it"

    Honestly can’t think of a single Hillary fanboy/girl on the huddle. Most people know Hillary is garbage. But there are a lot of people who acknowledge electing Donald Trump was much worse move. Which makes them sane. These folks living in reality you like to frame it as the opposite end of the spectrum to justify Trumper stupidity. Sadly, it doesn’t.
  18. CRA

    Panther Fans

    SC is deep red. NC not as much. That explains the election results more than anything. SC would vote for Chelsea Clinton if she was the Republican nominee. It isn’t that complicated. 2020 has potential to put stress on some long standing party voters in many cases. Not saying SC will go blue next election but we are seeing a rise in fewer conservatives and more disgusting lunatics going on tickets (see Alabama, VA, etc). That will move some long time Republicans away from their old voting habits. So purple states are the ones to watch and I think most of those will lean left next election. Most Trump voters didn’t vote for Trump becuase they liked him dawg. Most thought he was a joke and hated he got the nomination. Perfect storm. There will be a correction to the madness in due time. If not, you basically would be routing for the destruction of America as we have known it.
  19. CRA

    Rudy talking BIG

    Talk about making some epic reaches.... somehow claims the Rod and Sessions have until tommorrow to make things right. And only until tommorrow. Somehow he thinks the IG report shows that Muller should be ended and that the FBI agents should be thrown in jail by next week. Sounds like these guys might of learned something from Kim Jong Un the other day
  20. CRA

    OIG Report

    Seems like the type that would have bought into the Hale-Bopp Comet stuff
  21. Muller is a patriot. Love Comey or dislike him, he served this country and loves it. Comey had an emergency plan. Best believe Mueller has a plan for America. Reality is, firing Mueller won’t even ended it for Trump. Trump would have to shutdown the FBI and find a way to silence everyone. Which is impossible. The info would flooded to the news
  22. CRA

    OIG Report

    and if the FBI agents wanted to “stop” Trump....they could of. They could of been like the pro Trump agents. Devin Nunes just admitted FBI agents came to him with the Weiner email goods....which the Trump campaign alluded to knowing about before Comey reopened the case right before the election. Everything continues to be the polar opposite of what Trump and Trumpers say. Wish an FBI agent did to Trump what was done to Hillary. Leaked his campaign was under investigation. Easy Trump loss
  23. CRA

    Trump Jong Un

    Trump on Kim Jong Un just now on Fox: "He speaks and his people stand up in attention. I want my people to do the same. " dumbass Trumpers talking about how they want 8 years Trump has literally told you over and over what he wants. He wants to be a nice combo of Putin, Erdogan, Duertes, Xi and Kim Jong. These are the leaders he constantly praises and wants to be like. He wants to kill free press, have DOJ/Intel that function like Russia’s and are personal tool for him, etc but he sticks it to libs so fug it, right?
  24. nah, Trump won't command the military. What is keeping the "Republicans" in check is Trump's cult followers the Trumpers. They still need the Trumpers post Trump to stick it to the libs. They need voters. The Trumpers are Trumps weapon. Which is why he really just only plays to them and says fug everyone else. I keep saying it, Trump in the end will ask a LOT of the Trumpers. And yes, Trump will incite them when the time comes. He will ask them to stand against the country. Trump will ask them to make America look like what we often see on TV overseas. Upper levels of the military would tell Trump to kick fuggin rocks. They have been on to what Trump is for a long time now.
  25. Big coordinated push going on right now. More so than we have seen. POTUS attorney Guiliani - claims it must end today. House Majority leader - says today Mueller investigation should end Senate Majority leader - says today Mueller should "wrap it up". McConnell not willing to completely obey the orders it appears for today.