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  1. Skeptical of that, after what Rivera has said and how Shula apparently got an extension when Rivera did...
  2. a lot of this comes down to relative value of facts vs feelings, I think. anyway, I actually think it would make a bit of a difference at the national level (where Moore isn't as well known), but I think the loyalty the state party shows to him would remain.
  3. wow sick burn gay sex, didn't see that one coming
  4. Saints have a good defense this year, but can't compare the games like that. The MIA vs NO game was within two scores into the fourth...
  5. will really be telling in the next few days what influence the GOP has over its candidates... if Moore refuses to back down, he seems poised to win the election, much to the chagrin of virtually everyone outside his state lol
  6. Marty Speaks...

    Not this year it didn't. Perhaps the offense will be better in the future, but there is no way this was addition by subtraction. KB may not be great, but he's not a distraction, either.
  7. pushing too hard to get the big chunk plays?
  8. alright Cam put it behind you
  9. Hard to judge what is going on this season, but overall, I think Gettleman's biggest problem was that he was too callous for JR in how he handled contracts for existing players. JR has always seemed to value drafting and developing talent and overpaying the poo out of it over anything else.
  10. if Ron's contract isn't up, he isn't going anywhere imo. He has had enough winning seasons and had us in the Superbowl so I think JR gives him a pass... Look how long it took to get rid of Fox after the Superbowl year... :(
  11. nobody respects any of our running backs right now, because our line is atrocious.
  12. lol 14 points is just way too many that's like two whole touchdowns how can we expect to get offensive production like that all in one half are you crazy
  13. Glad Ginn is having a good year in NO, even if it is for NO. Sad we let him walk. We miss him, but he's far from the top reason we are struggling.
  14. yes, he is admitting that the team gave up at the half.