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  1. She wasn't a 'random chick.' She was someone in his employ. He had all the power. Any attempt to shift the blame to her is pure speculation, and ultimately, *he* was the employer. That this relates to the workplace is incredibly important here due to the power dynamics at play.
  2. Still time but the defense needs a big stop here... So painful to watch this.
  3. Offense not only failing to take advantage of opportunities, it's created them for Denver... One score game tho, feel like it shod be more...
  4. Cam gets hit in the head in the pocket, cotch gets hit early... looks like its gonna be thst kind of game
  5. hahaha it's a feast, everybody gets a pick! you get a pick! you get a pick! you dropped a pick! now you get a pick! you get a pick! you get a pick!
  6. man dunno how I missed that but fug him. eat poo and die, haters
  7. wait he said that on live TV? how the fug did I miss that
  8. can someone link me to arians comment about us being worst team in the nfl in 2nd half
  9. hahaha idiot, way to piss off a team
  10. lol, what the fug was the point of that 2 pt conversion
  11. haha damn JR crack a smile
  13. come on D, show you aren't fuging soft in the 2nd half and put them down.
  14. Move the ball, eat clock, score points. This game is over if the offense responds.