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  1. Still time but the defense needs a big stop here...   So painful to watch this.
  2. Plenty of time left.
  3. Offense not only failing to take advantage of opportunities, it's created them for Denver...   One score game tho, feel like it shod be more...
  4. Cam gets hit in the head in the pocket, cotch gets hit early... looks like its gonna be thst kind of game
  5. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I see no problem with being disappointed in not getting a photo with one of your favorite players of all time, but I also don't think it is worth being upset over, nor making a post like this. Explain to your kids that Cam is probably just trying to live his life and gets a lot of attention and sometimes just needs a break. Easy.
  6. Ryan Clark has a different POV on why Cam is hated.

    So, he had some good points, but in an attempt to avoid calling people racist, it sounds like he just tried to claim that race and culture are not inexorably linked.  Meh.
  7. Trumpless Debate

    The only reason there are this many candidates still debating is that the establishment doesn't want Trump, but can't coalesce around anyone else.  I actually like Kasich in a lot of ways, but he sounds far too reasonable on a stage full of people that sound like bullies.   edit: should note that observation was from earlier debates.  didn't watch this one.
  8. Adam Schein's knees buckle...

    Holy poo this article. It is so right on.  Who the fug is this guy and what did he do with Schein? Look at this section:  
  9. poo they've figured out our weakness
  10. Title is misleading 
  11. worst 17-1 team I've ever seen
  12. When Cam is on, he is unstoppable. Period.  He can fit the ball into openings that don't even exist, out-run half your defense on a scramble, or fuging leap over 400 lb linemen at the goal line. I'm confident, but Denver's defense is going to make this a tougher game. Then again, I thought that about Arizona...
  13. Ted Ginn Jr

    Ginn's stats in the regular season: 1084 all purpose yards, 10 TDs, 16.8 YPC.   What a season!
  14. Ted Ginn Jr

    I fuging love Ginn. Once you accept him for what he is, you realize all the great things he will do for you.  He has been indispensable this season. 'nuff said. what a great, redemptive game for Ginn.  Very happy for him