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  1. Favorite songs about relationships

    Based on a true story I'm sure everyone knows:
  2. Metal Music favorites

    I'm not knocking anyone's tastes I already said it was subjective. Most the bands I like start 2000's and mid 90sbut that lost covers 1980-today. But I'm not one of those people who always needs to be listening to something new to feel hip/cool. Also, I'm a drummer and have been for years I don't listen to poo drumming except my ruin. Also nothing I listed would ever be considered Pop. Groove, progressive and nu metal, yes. I always give credit to female metal My Ruin, Otep and Kittie are the best IMO.
  3. Metal Music favorites

    Man you guys have awful metal tastes lol. Big hair metal, pop metal and bands like System of a down and disturbs are more rock slightly nu metal. Not knocking nu metal, I love nu metal. It's all subjective though. Slayer Lamb of God Pantera Chimaira Gojira Otep (sevas tras mainly) A day to remember (little punkish but has some great songs) Korn (mainstream but everything Issues and before is good stuff, I'll take them over Metallica going mainstream) Skinlab (disembody mainly) Slipknot(Iowa and before, newer stuff isn't very metal) Kittie My Ruin Hacride My favorite metal bands. Some bands I love are close but aren't exactly metal, like Godsmack or Disturbed.
  4. Been getting sick a lot lately

    Your diet is eventually going to destroy your body. Why do smokers ask why they don't feel well? Why do people who eat poo? Why do people ask why they're tired all the time but have never set foot in a gym? People who never get check ups wondering about reoccurring issues.... As you age these things are going to hit you and hit you hard. Not only that but perfecting working out and diet takes trial and error and needs to get started ASAP. Now for the first few months you're going to feel worse and this is why people quit. You will start to feel better. Eat right, excersise, drink water. These are the things we can control. Why fight them? You're already fighting time, genetics and diseases. A little bit of tough love but get your poo together!
  5. GTA Vice City

    1. Vice city 2. San Andreas 3. IV 4. III 5. V I didn't like 5 all that much. Vice city to me is the ultimate albeit the map is a little small.
  6. My son is going for Eagle Scout

    Weird I can relate and I'm 30. I am an Eagle Scout and I got made fun of big time in school for it. That was in the 90s/00s though I guess kids haven't gotten any better. I don't really bring it up much and it doesn't give me any special privileges but it was fun to do and it gives you know-how and work ethic like no other program at that age.
  7. Yankees say don't be like Cam Newton

    I agree with them. Can comes off as an arrogant douchebag, doesn't matter his intentions. Cam am as a player is great and wins so as a fan I don't give a fug what he does. Some fans can seem to separate the two for some odd reason as if it matters. but the fact is there in the way he comes off, have to be an idiot not to see it but who cares?
  8. I see, I did not read that.70 miles? Good lord... I don't know too much about endurance sports but I'd imagine the only difference in that and weights is the carb intake. Protein is essential, just keep the complex carbs in your system to be able to handle the race. Eat fish, chicken, occasional red meat and beans/brown rice with those meals and as always just water. The foods stay the same no matter what training you're doing but without knowing how many calories you're burning for training it's hard to recommend a meal plan.You're clearly trying to lose weight so a deficit is what you're doing, another good thing to know is your body fat % because 202 for 6'1 isn't really heavy so you're probably going to lose muscle along with fat. Also, don't be afraid of resistance training even for endurance, building the muscles around your joints will help relieve the pressure of your body relying on joints for stability.
  9. A healthy diet is simple. 50/30/20, protein/carbs/fats + veggies. I would go 40/40 if you're lifting/bulking. Adjust calorie intake accordingly. You're 6'1 and 202? Why are you trying to lose weight? You should be turning the fat or being out of shape into muscle. 202 for 6'1 is pretty damn good if it's muscle. I'm 5'11 and 190, mainly muscle, my goal is 210. In any case - in a perfect world 5 meals a day, all of them slightly bigger than your fist containing the ratios above. Eating the same exact meals will most likely end up in failure or just making it harder than it needs to be. Just eat the right foods. Protein: Eggs, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, Whey Powder, Milk, Fish, Red meat, Chicken, Tofu Carbs: Brown Rice, Beans, Oats, Sweet Potato, Whole grain pasta, Fruits Fats: Fish, Nuts, Peanut butter, Avacado, Coconut oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Milk, Cheese Always eat veggies with the above. Spinach, Kale, and Broccoli are the staples, only drink water and lots of it. There is all the information you need to do whatever you want and be the healthiest, strongest you will ever be. This is very basic whole foods shopping list. Keep the ratios, adjust the 5/3 meal portions to match up with the calories you're trying to achieve (bulk, cut, weight loss) which as you know should be a slight deficit for loss, slight abundance for muscle gain, or pin point it to maintain.
  10. Destin FL

    Hell yes. I've been going to Destin for years. It is one of the best beach spots in the USA in my opinion. It has all the activities and good food you want, not terribly overcrowded, 8 hour drive, and the best thing about it are the beaches themselves. Light sand and crystal clear water you can see straight down 6+ feet into the ocean. Great spots all around there for activities, it makes myrtle look like a joke, we call it dirty myrtle because it looks like poo compared to Destin. I have been everywhere, gulf, miami, long beach, VA, Myrtle etc...and Destin is my #1. If you want a better beach you'll need bahamas/islands/mexico IMO. I think people are catching on though as it seems to be busier year after year.
  11. Anyone had a pet diagnosed with osteosarcoma?

    Put him down. Make sure they put him to sleep first, THEN give the lethal shot. It's a two step process. I've worked with dogs my whole life, it'll be hard but it's the right thing to do. Might I suggest and in-home euthanasia, to make sure he is as comfortable as possible.
  12. The 12s just won't let it go...

    and Alice in Chains.... AIC>Nirvana oh and Fraiser... Fraiser sucks.
  13. Ron Rivera's Neighbors Decorate His Lawn

    i let my dog decorate my neighbor's lawn