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  1. Honestly, Ryan and Cam are both averaging $21M per season. Getting raises for both of them will have a much smaller impact than Carr going from 2nd round rookie to $25M per season. Raiders have been spending like crazy recently and have Cooper and Mack coming up for big contracts over the next couple years.
  2. The KB hate is ridiculous. Blaming him for hogging targets that should have gone to Ginn? First of all, Ginn had more receptions and yards in 2016 than 2015. Sure he went down in TDs, but I'd expect KB to always have more TDs. Second, how do people forget that in his first game back from ACL that he was our best offensive weapon against the vaunted Denver D? We scored 20 (should have been 23) points against Denver with KB and 10 in the SB without and our offense was actually -5 based on turnovers. It gets tiring to see the revisionist history trying to blame KB for our offensive drop because he was a target hog. I'll throw out that if KB played in the SB we would have won. In 3 games against Denver Cotchery and Ginn had 7 receptions for 96 yards and caused an INT/muffed a huge pass before the step sack for a TD, regardless of replay officials. In 1 game against Denver KB had 6 receptions for 91 yards and a TD. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  3. Raiders kind of have to do it, but definitely reminds me of the Flacco deal. Have a feeling this will hamper their cap with Amari Cooper/Khalil Mack coming up soon and that could create an under-performing team because they lose the flexibility they had. They paid a lot of money for that OL, so maybe there large FA spending lately stops.
  4. Damn I can't imagine all the excuses you come up with for yourself. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  5. Confused and curiously aroused is exactly how I feel. I know it would never happen but I feel something down there like I'm on a roller coaster. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  6. Got it. I just think Moton would be wasted at C. I am not questioning the intelligence, but his height/arm length/hand size and athleticism (#5 sparq score for OL) is harder to find than capable centers.
  7. Ok, lets not get revisionist here. Peat was drafted as a tackle, pure and simple. He didn't work out there. I also know that Foster was gone. SF fuged you guys hard and I think you guys panicked a bit. Ramzcyk is a big downgrade from Armstead and I'm not sold that he'll even be a solid NFL tackle. It's no secret on here that we were looking at tackles in the draft and I remember Ramzcyk coming up in those threads. I remember I posted about his Penn State game where I watched him (knowing we needed a tackle bad) and he didn't impress me at all. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  8. Lol. So you are saying you drafted Peat to play guard? My point stands, if Peat didn't turn out to be an NFL tackle then Ramzcyk might not either. I think Foster would have been much better for you guys than Ramzcyk even with Armstead's injury. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  9. Why? If he can play RT well, we've got a young guy in Larsen who played well in Ryan's absence. If Matt can play well at LT, I really like our OL for more than just this year. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  10. I'm hoping to get there again. Thanks for all the info you game me last year. I took 2 of my boys (poor 3rd couldn't miss practices) for two practices and fan fest (all 3 and the wife!) at BofA last year. We had a blast and got a ton of good signatures. No Cam or Olsen, but a bunch of others, even got a glove from Bradberry. Fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme weren't bad either. I'll definitely be interested in the turn outs this year. I avoided going on the weekend last year, but it was still packed based on the post SB 50 hype.
  11. Yes, but that's after training camp. The pre-season game with the Titans is August 19th, so the practices with them aren't part of training camp.
  12. Health is the biggest thing. On paper, love our staring crew and a large portion of our backups. We need our health to be more like 2015 than 2016. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  13. I'm confused by what people are arguing with you here. Dickson and Stewart hampered our offense base on their usage in the passing game. Even with injuries they combined to play almost 100% of the time. That means we had one skill player on the field at all times with 18 receptions on the year. I wonder if there is any other skilled position player in the NFL with that ratio of playing time to receptions. Needless to say with only 5 non OL/QB positions we basically wasted 1. That's how you make it easy on defenses and make it so that Newton has to play at an MVP level to win games. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  14. It's a big downgrade. First of all, Armstead has been really good lately ranked in the top 5 in most tackle rankings. Second of all, Ramzcyk hasn't played at all since hip surgery and won't be ready until camp. Third, Hardy's game is a great example. That was Armstead's rookie year. Sound familiar. Fourth, there is still a big risk that Ramzcyk isn't going to be good. He played one year at Wisconsin, that's it and had hip surgery after that. I'm not saying he's going to be bad, but this was Armstead's 5th season and he had developed into a top LT. It's a big downgrade to go to a rookie who has a lot to learn and isn't even healthy yet. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle