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  1. Don't Blink!

    Again, Jace Amaro. We know Luke's awesome but Jace is a scrub.
  2. It's Jace Amaro. He couldn't shake a stump.
  3. Somonabitch. I was typing as a I saw the black bar showing a new reply from you.
  4. He might be a moron, but he's still a retired college coach who's accomplished every goal in life.
  5. Holy crap. I remember watching that show, had to have been the funniest scene ever. I was hoping she'd turn around and just jump in.
  6. "Perfect" NFL Roster

    Kind of silly because so many of those players are 2014 draft picks, still on rookie deals but stars. Year + 1 of that team is a cap disaster.
  7. TD's contract will likely be right at #32-35 next year so he's getting paid as a top 2nd linebacker. Not outrageous for a guy who's been to a pro-bowl and a team leader. I'm not sure why this is such a big deal. It's a one year extension. It won't stop us from getting Norwell/Star if we want to extend them. With the rollover and cap increase we should have $20-25 in cap space next year counting TD. Get rid of Fozzy, Gano (this year), CJ (next year, I have a feeling he's done after this year), Jones and that's an extra $10M. Plenty of room for both and people like TD and maybe Kalil start coming off books in 2019.
  8. You are right and he is. TD said they had counters in on the deal so while long gone and DG likely set this one in motion. Probably not as much as the Short deal where Hurney said the deal was basically already done for him. Again TD had no qualms with DG and vice versa. I think TD got lumped with Greg when their situations and actions were totally different.
  9. Decent enough deal that shouldn't be a cap issue. Gano could be dumped to make up the difference. Also, Gettleman is gone and while I'm pissed, it's done. TD already said he was in negotiations with Gettleman so I'm 99% sure that this deal isn't what got him fired. I already posted this before that Greg and TD's situations were completely different. Greg talked about holding out and had 2 years left. TD didn't and was on his last year. I don't know if Greg (and his agent, Marty's buddy) did, but from what we've heard the firing had 0 to do with TD.
  10. Geez, could we have posted anything closer at the same time? Great minds.
  11. That's all on 2015. We were middle of the pack last year. We were #1 in 2015, so over two years of course we'll be near the top. Same with the Falcons, far and away #1 last year and their 2015 scoring was worse than our 2016.
  12. When? According to this (http://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2017/08/saints_rookies_marshon_lattimo.html) he hasn't played in camp since day 5 when he hurt his knee. Not that we haven't had our own OSU draft pick injury issues.
  13. It's kind of a best of both worlds for us. If Brees does ink a new deal, he'll likely have a cap charge of close or $30M (salary plus $6M per year next three years regardless if he's on team). If Brees isn't then instead of a HOF QB, we are playing a rookie who may not pan out.
  14. You may actually want to look at the details before posting something like this. Do tell us how much Brees' salary and cap are for 2018. He's not even in the cap space you listed for 2018. Personally, if Brees isn't on there and they have that cap space we are much better off. That said our cap space has Short's new deal and there's has no QB. Based on Brees' current deal and the fact that they are still carrying a bogus $18M on their cap for the next 3 years tells you their cap space isn't really that high. Again best case scenario for us is that Brees retires and they have $20M+ in cap space. If he's still there they have less cap room than us next year.
  15. I agree. It reminds me of KB coming off the ACL last year and maybe that's why we are seeing more of an easing in. Proehl admitted after the season that the strength coach was right that KB wasn't fully back. KB looked great in camp and people seem to forget that he tore it up in weeks 1 and 2. He had 6-91 1TD against the great Denver secondary (might have helped in Super Bowl) and 7-108 2TDs against SF with a couple amazing grabs that were in threads on here. After week 2, people were crowning KB and I think we now know he came back too strong too early. I just hope we learned our lesson of not pushing too hard too fast with Cam. It seems we have and I'd rather him not play in pre-season and just continue to make sure he's good to go week 1. This is his 7th year, he's not a rookie, he needs reps, but honestly, our first two games might be two of our easiest now that Darby and Watkins are gone, so easing him in to be healthy all year is the best.