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  1. stbugs

    News on two former Panthers

    Yep, we got robbed and were forced to draft Moton. I recall the Bills jumped ahead of us to draft Zay Jones over Samuel and Dion Dawkins over Moton. Last year people were pissed about Moton because he never played. Moton is PFF’s #3 tackle. Dawkins is a little below average at #45. I’d take Moton and Samuel over both every day of the week.
  2. stbugs

    News on two former Panthers

    The one thing is that you learn from failure and you succeed by trying options not always assuming the answer is on the roster. Sometimes you trade for Mingo and Ealy. Sometimes you trade for Randy Moss and Wes Welker. I’d rather keep trying than stick with Colin Jones and sign Southward when you know it won’t make you better.
  3. stbugs

    News on two former Panthers

    Don’t forget that we moved up to be able to take Moton. Ealy tried his best to win us a Super Bowl and his departure got us Moton so I’ve got nothing but love for Ealy.
  4. Good. Being stressed <> not being able to remember things. That is truly scary. So glad that for me (and the fam) it went from just awful at the end of last year to being in great shape now. Work’s still stressful just because it is, but damn if I’m not starting to think about when and how I want to retire and the IDGAF attitude helps. Like you said a light at the end of the tunnel can do wonders.
  5. Sirles looked good in the handful of plays we saw. It sucks he got hurt and I wish we didn’t IR him. I think we did that because Daryl was coming back. We easily could have dumped Amini kept Sirles on 53 and then IR’d him so we could bring him back (Daryl’s not coming back and Kalil sucks balls). Amini would have been there for immediate pick up from the couch.
  6. Wow. I know I had a rough week in February but that’s scary. My company got bought in December, tons of layoffs in January, FIL passed away right before Christmas and had the flu bad right before having to drive up to NY and back 2 days later during that ridiculously cold week which meant my two weeks off at end of year was cold, sick and funeral. I was at my wits end with work not knowing if I’d have a job/not having any help (and being Mr. Mom since my wife was traveling for work all week). I didn’t have a breakdown but I was so stressed that I actually had hair falling out. I was already struggling to keep a full head of hair so that was not fun. It was just so much stress so I could see how a breakdown might happen. Hair was fine the next week because I basically realized I didn’t give a crap about work anymore if they didn’t care that they laid off people I needed. Still there, but not killing myself anymore. Wouldn’t mind a long break now.
  7. stbugs

    Top performers - game 3

    I thought he did great on the left against Dallas too. Honestly, I think he can play both just as well.
  8. Jeebus, he and Moton take the LDT and LDE all the way off screen. That was a large hole.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/SportsSturm/status/943845490474569728 F it. Can’t embed a tweet right. It basically has the list of the WRs with the most drops last year. Not only is Dez washed up, it’s ironic that the OP is unhappy with drops and wants to replace Funchess with someone who led the league in drops and also can’t separate. SMH. I don’t think anybody watches games anymore. They only know names.
  10. Never mind, I’ll take the interception.
  11. Steelers are a bunch of morons. Are they trying to give Tampa a TD?
  12. Some people are stupid. Any Panther fan rooting for the Bucs to beat the Steelers is an idiot. Tampa is the only undefeated team in the division with no division losses. So dumb and I hate Steelers fans.
  13. stbugs

    Action Jackson

    Love him. I’m glad Bradberry’s playing well too. 11 tackles, 3 PDs and 1 assist on Obada’s INT the past two games. If we could get these two some nickel and S help, they’ll be fun to watch the next few years.
  14. stbugs

    Meanwhile in Atlanta... lol

    I was so excited when you posted this that I went back to look. Man, I was disappointed to not see “Mexico” on the back.