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  1. Lol. Again this guy is likely a real late round draft pick with starter potential. I'll take that all day after the first 3 rounds. I want some starters there, but 4th plus is guys who can start as other guys leave/retire. I like Rochell, again 4+. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  2. Man, I keep correcting this. It's 5 in 115 not 4 top 100. Everyone's just ignoring the stud perennial all-pro we're getting at 115. Also, 3 in top 64. 40 is our 2nd pick. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  3. Yep, which is why it's funny to see people bashing him and saying they'd rather have Charlton. Well I guess I'd rather have a 1st round pick at 40 as well but the draft doesn't stop there. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  4. Nah, didn't look good this year and bailed on his team. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  5. That said, Tuesday is the FSU pro day. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  6. I kind of think the opposite. 6'4" is plenty long (taller than Thomas and Barnett) and that he's being undervalued by most teams right now. I remember early mocks having him going late 1st. Thomas was typically going after him and blew by him especially after the combine. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  7. He, Darboh and Butt had 70% of the passing yards. He was their MVP, hard the most total yards rushing/receiving and most TDs by 4. He had a solid season on a team that ran more than it passed. I don't care about the games when he had 100+ yards each game against Ohio State and Florida, two teams with a ton of 1st-3rd round secondary talent. Besides, why are people trying to tear down a guy who's going to be a late draft pick? Love this place sometimes. I'll be happy to take a guy with a great combine who had a knee injury that hurt his senior year. Those are the potential huge values if they get back to form and he was good in 2015 against really good competition. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  8. It's smart to look at those guys who might be real good values late. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  9. Geez, no one likes to actually read. Also, if KB was like Funchess and struggled with the necessary separation, he wouldn't have 2000 yards and 16 TDs in two years including the year after an ACL injury. Man, if you want to poo on Funchess, have at it, he hasn't produced, regardless if Cam missed him or not. Shitting on KB when Proehl even confirmed that the coaches didn't take heed from the strength coach that KB wasn't 100%, is ignoring the games he looked great even though he clearly wasn't fully back.
  10. I don't care much for combine numbers. According to this his game speed isn't there. Right, but you missed this: He didn't struggle in 2015, before the knee injury. It clearly hampered him, but anyone who did well against Hargreaves and the Florida secondary (3 other guys looking like 1st-3rd rounders this year) and well against the OSU secondary in 2015 is work a look. He's still nothing like Funchess other than going to Michigan. You are just betting on him returning to 2015 form and if you are betting, you aren't paying anything close to what we paid for Funchess.
  11. Umm, not really, not even close. Funchess was 6'4" 232 and ran a 4.7. Chesson is 6'3" 204 and ran a 4.47. They are two WRs that went to Michigan, but body/speed wise they aren't close at all. Chesson also isn't going in the 2nd or close to the 2nd, he's going to be a later round pick. Simple thing with him, if he gets back to 2015 form, he's a great value. If he doesn't, he'll be on somebody's practice squad.
  12. Going to go much higher than Chesson, good combine as well. Very similar numbers. Wouldn't surprise me if Chesson is the better value just based on him getting drafted much lower. In 2015, Chesson was better, but he got hurt in the bowl game and Darboh was clearly more productive in 2016. He's smaller and heavier with smaller arms, but bigger hands. Their 40 times were 0.02 apart, Darboh did a lot more bench reps, Darboh's vert 0.5" higher, Chesson's broad jump 8" more and Chesson had a great 3 cone, but Darboh didn't run that.
  13. He had a nice combine. 4.47 40, #3 3 cone time for WRs, 35.5" vert (just below top performers, #5 was 37"), 11' broad jump (#6, 1" from #3). His combine is literally right next to Zay Jones, who had a great combine and his a little bigger, longer armed and barely bigger hands. Interesting, because he's definitely faster than the guys we have and he's likely going to be around at our comp/4th and maybe later. Looks like he got hurt in the 2015 bowl game and that hampered his 2016. I like guys like that where they are under the radar, but he was voted the team MVP in 2015 and had 100+ yard games in 2015 against Ohio State and Florida, both of whom have very solid secondaries. I like this type of guy when you dive deep.
  14. True, Joe Montana and Shaun Alexander sucked. Seriously though, that is meaningless. Walker will be good if he's good. Simple as that.
  15. Not sure if I heard anything about this, but supposedly Demarcus Walker, DE, FSU had a private visit with us according to I can't find anything about this at all. Walker's draft stock has taken a big dip lately, maybe because he didn't do much at the combine. No idea when FSU's pro-day is, but 6'4" 280lbs, 33" arms, 10 1/2" hands, 18 reps on the bench press. If he falls a bit, I'd love to grab him as our young DE to mentor. He was ridiculously productive at FSU (26.5 sacks the last two years) and looked as good as the other top DEs in their bowl game against Michigan. If we go offense early, he could be there at 64 or heck, even later. Mock drafting at fanspeak with CBS' rankings and he was around in the 4th. That can't be true, but this is a really deep DE class, so he could fall.