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  1. They definitely do and part of the reason I was laughing at the people taking their win over Philly way too seriously and were saying that they'd go 4-0 to finish without even looking at the schedule. With the way Dallas has been playing and having Elliott back for the game, I hope Seattle beats the Rams because I think they are 11-5 at best. The only way for us to get the #2 seed is if Seattle beats the Rams. If the Rams win out and we win out, the playoff machine on ESPN has the Rams as the 2nd seed (or Minnesota if all three of us are 12-4). The seeding is so up in the air with 3 weeks left. Amazing how many teams are still in it like Dallas and GB and how many teams have a chance to get to the 2 seed/win a division. Minnesota and Philly are locks in their divisions, but the other two are completely up for grabs.
  2. 18

    Based on the past few games, I think Byrd is clearly our 2nd best WR and I don't think it is close. Bersin made a great catch, but he's not getting the separation and Clay and Shepard can get some separation, but they have bad hands. Byrd has gotten the best separation as well. Remember he had a wide open TD if Cam was able to step forward in the pocket on his throw against NO. I thought today was a good day and we need him to continue to keep improving/gelling with Cam and come the playoffs, he could be a valuable target taking some coverage off Funchess.
  3. I liked the play, he was wide open. That ball has to be thrown lower. If you are throwing to the sidelines, high passed aren't too bad because there is no one behind a tip. Over the middle is just asking for an INT. Remember Dickson's tip that Shepard dropped? Luckily it was our guy who dropped it. The pass to McCaffery was an easy pass as he blew by the defender and high was the only danger. Cam played well aside from that play, but that was a really bad mistake.
  4. We have to go 3-0, Minnesota has to go 2-1 (good chance with @GB), the Saints have to go 2-1 (possible with Atl), Rams have to go 2-1 (good chance with Seattle game) and Seattle has to go 2-1 (good chance with @Dallas). I think the toughest thing above is Atlanta having to beat NO, @ NO. The rest is definitely possible. Minnesota has to lose to GB, because the other two games are Chicago and Cincy. That said, the biggest problem with the #1 seed is Philly. Yes, I know Wentz may be done for the year, but they'd still have to go 0-3. With games against Oakland and the Giants, that isn't going to happen. Foles didn't look bad and he's an acceptable QB against those two teams. In the playoffs, Foles is going to be a liability, but that's not what we are talking about. Honestly, I think the biggest thing is trying to get the division so we at least have 1 home game in the playoffs. The #1 seed is going to be damn near impossible to get and even the #2 see is going to be tough because we need to go 3-0, we need NO to lose at home to Atlanta and we need Minnesota to lose @GB. NO/Minnesota aren't likely to lose any of their other games.
  5. Agree. We aren’t getting 1 seed, just too much to happen. Let Philly get number one and knock the NFC West winner down a peg. Then if you can get 1 game on Minny we could get the two seed by winning out and NO losing to Atlanta.
  6. Good Game Panthers

    Disagree, the better team almost blew the game.
  7. Yeah my bad, wasn’t trying to blame him as much as knowing what’s going to happen with room because we’re notoriously bad on punt coverage.
  8. Freaking Browns, can’t close the deal.
  9. Look what happens when you don’t go soft.
  10. No poo. He’d have been canned years ago.
  11. I hate the coaches for that main reason. They don’t adjust, don’t manage clock/timeouts and let other teams come back.
  12. I love Cam and he had played well but that’s a terrible high pass on a pattern over the middle. That’s when you cannot miss high because there are people ready to pick it.
  13. How is that a bad pass on that play? Wide open.