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  1. stbugs

    Who is going to training camp?

    It will be sad. My boys really enjoyed the interaction with the players. It won’t be like that in the new camp. It never is. I really want to try and get down there this year. We got a ton of signatures the second day once we knew where to go and that you had to keep you spot. My boys (old enough to not worry about them) hung out and I wandered over to watch some practice while not losing our spot. My oldest wandered as well.
  2. stbugs

    Who is going to training camp?

    I definitely want to, just figuring out which days might work. My sister lives in Spartanburg and has plenty of room so easy for us if we go.
  3. Better play calling doesn’t make Clay catch an easy TD that KB would have easily caught. It also doesn’t turn Shepard into a legit WR. The offense moved the ball (CMC, Olsen and Funchess) and had Clay held onto the ball we score 33 or even 36 (might have needed that FG at the end to win in a different scenario).
  4. That’s a long winded way to say OL issues = Matt Kalil. I never said anything about the offseason overall. I’m very happy aside from some of the draft. Using Sirles as some sort of good replacement when there’ll be probably 6-8 guards from this draft that will be much better than him is funny. I’d say this year’s interior OL depth was comparable to the 2014 WR depth and that worked out well. We will absolutely look back at some guards and even safeties from this draft and be a bit miffed. That said, it’s done and I was just defending your accusation that our OL was in horrible shape and that it was all Gettleman’s fault when he left with an OL of Kalil, Norwell, Kalil, Turner and Williams. Outside of Matt, who I didn’t like, but we needed something, that’s 3 of his draftees who turned out well. I just hope Moton starts at LG because I think he can be solid and then I won’t care about the guards we could have had. If Sirles and Amini start then Hurney effed up the draft by missing out on a bigger impact than Gaulden or even Jackson.
  5. It has in the offseason, but it was handled poorly in season getting us to that point. I don’t care about KB being traded as a concept but it was a horrible oversight thinking that we had enough depth and that Clay, Bersin and Shepard were a competent group considering Byrd and Samuel had already missed time due to injury and Olsen was on IR. Olsen tweaked his foot the first game back; we were lucky he finished the season healthy. The offense gets some credit but Hurney put us in that spot with the WRs. I loved Hurney’s offseason with the minor exception of some of the draft picks. I didn’t like trading KB knowing what else we had at the time and it came back to bite us in the ass.
  6. Lol. You mean the OL that had 3 guys that were All-Pro or Pro-Bowlers that he drafted in the 3rd and 4th and signed as an UDFA? Those 3 guys were all on the team before Gettleman was fired. Also, Moton who we haven’t seen yet was also drafted by him. If he replaces Norwell effectively, seems like he did a decent job. Not perfect but geez. Could you imagine how bad the OL would be if he actually did a bad job drafting? Also, there was a lot Hurney could have done. We’ve been training Moton to be a tackle and this draft class was the best G draft class ever. Gettleman took a great one early in the 2nd. Hurney could have easily drafted Norwell’s replacement and allowed Moton to possibly take over for Kalil. Little he could do is laughable knowing we were down a guard and this draft was amazing at guard and we took two DBs that might not play much at all. I hope they do because the draft’s over.
  7. stbugs

    Supplemental Draft

    2nd pick of 4th or 3rd? We took Jackson in the 2nd.
  8. This is kind of what I was saying. There’s a belief that contract years and hit seats can make people better. It may have an anecdotal effect but it’s usually not based in fact. People remember going for it and a big season in a contract year and ignore the failures/not going for it glossing over the reality of all the data points that it’s not better or worse than regular seasons.
  9. I guess I’m not a big believer on the hot seat making people better. I think they’ll play like they want to win if they want to win. If Rivera changes his coaching style then he’s not a good coach to start. It’s like that stupid notion of contract years. Never made a difference when I played fantasy. Some people believed in that, I just won a lot. Maybe Cam will be looser but it always seemed to me that he was already who he was. Doing more on instagram isn’t going to make him better. Norv being there may, but not Jerry being gone. If he has an MVP year, do you think it’s more because of Jerry leaving or because he got WRs and Norv? If you are superstitious then Jerry leaving on a sour note and the Panthers finally winning a Super Bowl without him would be a fitting end. That said, I’d think it was more with young guys stepping up and an OC who doesn’t suck.
  10. I guess I am relieved. I'm sure he'll have an impact on the team, but honestly, for this year there wasn't going to be a whole lot of impact on the team performance.
  11. A lot, but I think my main interest is the WRs. I don't think of Smith, Samuel and Moore as dark horses. Dark horses to me are Hall at DE, Moton at LG and the CBs.
  12. Close. @RoaringRiot had the full scoop. I believe the first step was creating tickets to avoid too many peopl and fighting over seats. That then turned into people grabbing as many as they wanted and selling them on eBay. The second year of tickets was charging a small fee to keep it organized and stop people who didn’t want to go but wanted to sell the tickets. It honestly had nothing to do with the revenue since the tickets were free until idiots decided to cash in on a fun free event.
  13. Take the Ls. Dude, you replied to my post to someone else instead of the one above where I proved you wrong again. I don’t give a poo about Dickson’s career. SMH. He sucks that’s why I was comparing him to Henry because when he got most of the starts he wasn’t far off of each of Henry’s first two years. Some people are so dense they don’t get it. Henry isn’t special. He’ll have 1057 yards in his first three years. Olsen is special. He had 3 back to back to back 1000+ yard seasons. Kelce has back to back 1000+ yard seasons following two 800+ yard seasons. He’s special. Gronk is special. He’s had 4 1000+ yard seasons. Henry is average. He had 5 more yards than Eric Enron last year. No need to go further. Plus, he ain’t on the Panthers and won’t be so stop day dreaming about an average TE who will have amassed 1057 in 3 seasons. Maybe it’s time for you to shutup and take the Ls. I’m done replying so feel free to bother someone else and see if they care about a player on IR for a different team.
  14. That makes no sense. I was trying the say that 500 yards per year isn’t special. Dickson sucks and he had over 400 because Greg was out. Also, Gates started 4 games last year and had 316 yards. Olsen had 191 yards last year. Gates wasn’t hampering Henry last year at all. Henry was 9th in yards with Olsen out but he was also only 5 to 64 yards ahead of a pack of 8 TEs. That’s also not including a bunch of rookie TEs and soon to be rookies that have more or as much potential. Again, who cares? He’s in San Diego and there are a ton of could have been a for us that are much worse. Especially for a TE that I think is basically an average NFL TE. If it was Hurney who picked Butler this wouldn’t even be a topic for many.