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  1. I'm with you on this one and I'm not a Hurney fan at all. I'm just really hoping it means Coleman's close. We need his ball hawking. 1 INT by a LBer is not where we need to be.
  2. I thought Gilbert didn't look bad at all. Yes, he made some bad throws, but he looked better as preseason went along and he hadn't had any real game action other than 2 preseason passes in 2 years before this year. Gilbert threw 29 passes in preseason games 3 and 4 with close to 70% completion and almost 7 yards per attempt. DA, on the other hand in preseason games 3 and 4 and against NO has thrown 30 passes with under 50% completion and about 3 yards per attempt. Yes, 3 yards per attempt. Not saying Gilbert is great, but I disagree with what Igo saw in preseason. In DA, I see a washed up QB who has no chance to win a game if Newton is out and in Gilbert I see a QB that I'd rather not see the field this year but wouldn't be surprised if he came through with a win in relief. If Coleman is coming back and Southward is the last S standing, I actually understand trying to protect Gilbert, solely because even if real GMs wouldn't be tempted by Gilbert, I want to give Tampa and GB no help in any way. Personally, I wish DG was still here, but I actually like pilfering Kaaya from Detroit. They didn't want to have him sniped and we need Kaaya and Gilbert because we better not have DA on the roster next year.
  3. It helps, it doesn't make up for it. A win Thursday night and we'd have some wiggle room and have 2 key tiebreakers. Now we don't and have only 1 (Detroit will win the NFC North with Rodgers out). It would have been real nice to have the tiebreaker against the team I believe will take the East and the team I believe will take the North. The Dolphins and the Cardinals both did us a solid, although Stafford did not.
  4. You mean like being the first team to play the Packers without Rodgers next week?
  5. We got torched in that game. Philly was a winnable game.
  6. Exactly, if we were 3-0 at home and lost to the Patriots/Detroit on the road, it may have been more satisfying since we knew those teams would be tough wins. It's just tough knowing that we should be 5-1 and in ever better shape. We should have the best record in the NFL and we shouldn't be "satisfied" with how we coached and played in the NO and Philly game just because the Falcons somehow lost to the Bills and Dolphins. We are lucky that they did, but we sure as fug didn't take advantage of two upsets this weekend. We need to go 4-1 in the next 5. The last five games (at NO, 4-2 Minnesota, Packers likely with Rodgers back, Tampa and at Atlanta) are not and easy December. I know we've been better later in the season, but if Rodgers is back, that is a really tough stretch.
  7. I just landed at CLT to find out we blew the game again. Sounds like they same old stupid poo, bad clock management and bombs when all you need is a first. So frustrating and there is no way I’ll even bother to watch the recording. I saw the first half and the -2 yard run to start of the INT in our red zone. Looks like we did the same god damn thing in the second half. Gave the Eagles 14 points on 12 and 17 yard drives both of which started because of -2 yard runs and INTs on 3rd down. Also, I watched the first half at the airport and fug if we can’t get a play run in under 30 seconds even when running hurry up with no timeouts. What a drive to end the first half. I hate our coaches even if Cam made some mistakes.
  8. You didn’t see my first post blaming the situation, but yes, it was a bit of a bad decision there. He game straight at Cam, he tried to make a play when it was too late. Was it more Shula and Turner, yes, but I’d like to see Cam not take that chance. It didn’t even look like any WR was open.
  9. I love Cam but he’s got to see Turner getting blown up and step left or take a sack or throw it away. Bad decision, although should have been 2nd and 3 instead of 3rd and 5.
  10. Exactly. 2nd and 16, 2nd and 12, etc.
  11. All our DBs were 15 yards downfield and that guy was wide open 3 yards past the first down marker. That was toilet paper soft.
  12. Nice. Have to punt because we lost 6 yards on first down.
  13. So frustrating seeing a run play to start a drive (McCaffery on the sidelines) that loses yardage. We have to have an overall negative yards per carry on first down. It’s ridiculous.
  14. Which path for Newton?

    Agree wholeheartedly, when he tries to escape by not running, he backs up and takes sacks/hits. When he escapes by seeing an opening, he can determine whether or not he takes a hit. The biggest change there is sliding and avoiding hits when he can while running. He appears to be doing that more now. He also needs to not showboat like he's done in the past. I am not saying don't be Cam/enjoy himself, but that like that Atlanta game last year, he took a shot that if he wasn't coasting a a bit into the end zone, he doesn't get hit. He's got to just get himself into the end zone or slide or across the sideline as fast as he can to avoid the shots. If he does that, he stays healthier but is still himself and doesn't take hits where he's trying to not run.
  15. CMC

    Last week was the first game after Cam had an actual good game. NO wasn’t. He got 3 rushes and as we saw from the Lions D, they stacked the line and probably figured NE’s was much worse than theirs. After two great games we may see it and if we don’t then Cam should eat them alive as well.