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  1. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Jeez. Two trades and we lost out on 3 pro-bowlers. Could easily be two time SB champions just on two effing trades. And people are happy with him.
  2. Hurney and drafting receivers

    If you want to feel really bad, that 2010 draft where we selected 3 WRs was when we blew the first rounder for Everette Brown in 2009. The two WRs drafted right after (within 2-3 picks) what would have been our first round pick were Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant. Think they would have helped in our playoff appearances? What would have been. I also don’t want to dredge up that we wouldn’t have needed Armanti and/or LaFell and would have needed a DE still. Guess who the next DE picked after Armanti was? Everson Griffen. We could have reasonably had Griffen and Thomas on our 2013-2015 playoff teams. All for Everette Brown. fuging Hurney. SMH.
  3. Since he involved his high school, I am assuming he's felt bullied/has been mentally ill since he was a kid.
  4. If he can pull Bryant for a 3rd, I'd be very happy with the KB deal and I like KB. He's already gone, so I want to make sure we get something good for it, because watching Clay and Shepard look like complete poo while Funchess was hurt was really, really pissing me off knowing that we let KB go.
  5. Watkins was #3 last year for the Rams behind Woods and Kupp.
  6. I don’t think he’s all that. Easy to find yourself a bit more open with Brown and Bell as the focal points. JuJu is good but again there’s been tons of great WR2s for the Steelers. Sanders is the only one who’s left and had succes. That said, do I think he could help us on the outside, fug yeah and benefit #1 is he’s cheap this year and his red flags keep his price down a bit and benefit #2 is he’s not a FA. If we traded away say our two late 3rds (I want to keep our 2nd) instead of signing someone like Lee then we could still get a 3rd or 4th for Star (signing Lee likely negates Star’s comp). Being able to keep the comp pick allows means trading for Bryant isn’t that bad. Bryant had a higher upside than Lee will be cheaper and only really costs 1 3rd. Man I wish I was the GM. I can virtually guarantee Hurney is not doing those mental gymnastics. @Jeremy Igo Or @RoaringRiot Any chance you guys can pull an interview for me? I went to a prestigious college and I’m white.
  7. Yeah, neither of them is worth the tag $$$s but Watkins has straight up disappeared the last two seasons. Shown up last year by Robert Woods and a rookie in a high scoring offense.
  8. So the fact that Parker and Stills averaged 40 to almost 60% more yards per reception in the same time span doesn’t mean anything? Any good reason why when Landry’s had his most targets (over 160) that the Dolphins were way worse scoring wise? Why KB converted 20-30% more of his catches into first downs when he’s fat and slow? I like dealing in concrete things not conjecture. The Dolphins value him or are hoping the can trade him since there may be nothing on the WR market soon if Robinson is tagged, but he wasn’t worth $10M per season let alone $16M.
  9. It’s funny that you bring up Hopkins and Smith yet both of them have a career yards per reception over 14. A bit different than Landry’s 10.1. I know you love him but please find me a good comp for Landry. I can’t when I look at actual stats. KB’s been just as productive with us as Landry was in Miami and more efficient per target. You never refuted anything I posted, just your undying love for him. At a reasonable deal, I’d be happy to have Landry but I don’t think he helps us that much. At this point with the WR depth and injuries we’ve had just about any competent WR helps us. Miami’s in a position of not really being competitive. I’d take the comp pick and cap savings and roll that over like Jax did and make a splash once you have some pieces. Landry’s top two target seasons had no impact as they were bottom 5 on offense (they were better than average in his lower target seasons).
  10. Huge red flag. Smith’s biggest target year was 150 and he had over 1500 yards. Landry didn’t even get 1000 last year on over 160 targets. Quickness, separation and dangerous in space don’t make me think of 8.8 ypr. Is he a good WR? Yes. Is he elite or a game breaker. Not IMHO. He sure does get a high volume of targets.
  11. Damn it Sanjay, I was actually getting excited thinking you had real news. We only really have two FAs people want so having other FAs that get signed allows us to sign FAs and not lose compensation for Star and Norwell. I think if we sign someone we’ll lose the comp on Star but I hope Marty doesn’t fug up all our potential comp picks for crap. I don’t have much confidence that he’s even thinking about that.
  12. Wow, Landry is a decent WR who gets a ton of volume, but he's not the one addition we need to win a SB. Dolphins have been 6-10, 6-10, 8-8 and 10-6 with him. Funny thing is that in Landry's rookie year, Wallace was their leading receiver and they were 11th in scoring. In Landry's two high volume (160+) target years, they were 27th and 28th in scoring. In his second lowest target season, they were 17th. I don't think it is a coincidence that the more they threw to Landry, the lower the scoring. For stats guys, yards per target is important because it shows the efficiency of every play for Landry. Last year was the Dolphins worst scoring year with Landry (their leading WR) and not coincidentally, he barely was over 6 yards per target. In their best scoring season, Wallace was their leading WR and he had 7.5 yards per target or 20% more than Landry in 2017 Landry Targets - Dolphins Scoring Rank 112 - 11th 131 - 17th 161 - 28th 166 - 27th Feel free to ignore the data, but from an efficiency stand point, Landry isn't that good, which is why KB's 1st down percentage per catch was way better even though his biggest supporter on this board just ignore my point. Anyway, suffice it to say that if we did trade for him, we would be fuging ourselves both in cap space (losing Williams or Funchess or both) and draft capital (likely cost our 1st).
  13. Of course you couldn't argue that. I couldn't argue a 4 year $17M deal, but that's almost as absurd as 5 years for $50M. Just think about it for a minute. He's got 1 year $16M already in hand. You think he and his agent will then sign a 4 year $34M extension or $8.5M per year. The $16M is already in the bank now and Landry isn't going to accept a deal that his teammate Kenny Stills got. The franchise tag sets a price for agents, which is why there was a lot of discussion about how the Redskins screwed up by tagging Cousins twice instead of just signing him to $20M per season. Why wouldn't a player take a risk at a huge raise for 1 year and then get a big deal the next year. Either you tag to use for one year or you tag to get a long term deal done before the tagged year.
  14. I think he looked solid last year even though he lost most of the preseason and week 1 due to an illegal block. People in here seem to forget that most rookies don't dominate, especially after the top 10 picks. Look at Funchess. Before this year people thought he was trash.