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  1. I want the panthers to draft Howard, and move to a 2 TE base set. Automatically improves the running game, adds an elite threat, and takes pressure of Cam without adding a WR
  2. welp might as well cancel the season boys, juliosantos says we're fuged
  3. Cooks wasn't that productive? LOLWAT
  4. Thank god SalisburySean98 isn't our GM. We would be fuged
  5. i would LOVE him at 8, he's a sure fire stud and future pro bowler
  6. You're a pretentious little guy aren't ya?
  7. Fuel pizza baby
  8. They will not invest in a RB with their 7th overall pick, that much is easy to see. Team with that many holes and a good young RB they drafted highly, yeah no
  9. EBRON? You my friend are as delusional as I thought you were. Your opinion is now irrelevant to me and every other poster on this forum. May god have mercy on your soul.
  10. Bradberry + Lattimore + Munnerlyn would instantly be one of the most talented CB groups in the league. I'm very high on Lattimore to be the next true "shut down" corner
  11. Howard by a country mile
  12. I want Howard, and a beast RB in the second. Play 2 TE sets with Olsen and Howard, win the game.
  13. You're right! Your boy "taco" will, right?