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  1. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    It's like four years ago.  They have iphone 4/4s =)
    Looking at the plot holes, most fiction has some serious plot holes in it by necessity.  Otherwise they would all end up similar to GoT with the strong dominating everyone.  I get that some plot holes do get folks riled up and angry, but that's the nature of TV =)
    To Prouddidy, I didn't want to quote your post because it's so long and full of thought. =)  I disagree that it's lazy, but it's not our current TWD.  Again, we have to assume and understand that they people have zero reference to zombies at all.  Maybe in the fringe of science fiction, but it never got big.  Something else replaced the zombies-trope in our desire to harm each other mentality.  Zombies are very alien to them, even Captain Pimple-Face.  No one knows how to deal with them.
    On that, I love how the people are reacting to the brutality of headshotting the zombies.  Since they have no context for zombies, they see it as horrific police brutality.  Considering the current state of public opinion on how police handle violence, it's a very compelling set of scenes there.  The protest, the anger, it's placed correctly, but will ultimately lead to a faster downfall.
    Regarding the principal, I was thinking about that.  I mean, I am a teacher and stuff...   So the idea of him getting bitten isn't too hard.  Principal's spend a lot of time at school, it can be very depressing.  He go bit, then probably ended up throwing that zombie off.  He went somewhere to hide and check out his wounds, but eventually passed out and died.  That would explain why he wasn't chewed up to a greater degree.  
    As for his head, it didn't have to be pulverized.  So going back to Season 1 of TWD at the CDC, I believe (feel free to correct me) that a lot of the animation comes from the brain stem.  Sever the stem from the rest of the spine, the body can't animate anymore.  So totally my opinion, but I don't think she had to break his skull into a million pieces in order for him to "die" again.
    As far the as boyfriend, I will give you that.  There was a lot of wierdness, and I can see the logic.  If I'm 17 years old, a "man" in my own eyes, I'm not going to ask for help.  Sure someone bit me, but I've got peroxide at home!  I've got some isopropal alcohol at home!  You can play on the macho boy thing so much, because it's true and easy.  There are no shortage of stories of boys being complete boneheads about all kinds of serious things.  As far as calling anyone else, the emergency services had their hands full and his parents were on the way home.  There's only so much that could be done in that situation.  Was he dumb?  Sure thing, but that's what teenage boys do.  Sadly, I was hoping he would become a main character because I really like his character on Suburgatory.
    I think the root cause of zombie apocalypses is something that doesn't really need to be addressed generally.  While nerdy fans like us will love it, the mystery is an important part of things.  As we know from TWD, everyone has it.  Is it simply a bug like the flu that only kicks in once we're dead?  Was it a major environmental change?  Did cell phones mutate our brain DNA?  Ultimately it doesn't matter to the story of how individuals survive the collapsing of the world.  It's interesting, but not really super important to our enjoyment, unless we can get a sweet dose of hubris!  Now if it comes out that the anti-vaxxers caused it, I will laugh so freaking hard!
    Man, I do love being caught up with these discussions!
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  2. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    true! i imagie he was checking for looters or vandals when he was bitten. 
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  3. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    What y'all have to remember is that they are working with zero knowledge of a zombie apocalypse.  They don't know the rules.  Also, despite living in LA, the characters don't know how to really protect themselves.  
    So for episode two, I was hanging on every sound cue.  They are really getting me with those as a way to create tension.  Sure the school thing was predictable, but where was the walker who go the Principal?  There were a lot of people coming into the building after all...
    And the kid with the acne who knows too much, he's the warning bell.  He knows, somehow, a way to survive this.  No one believes him because he looks like he's a max level geek.  It's like that guy holding the sign "The End is here." They aren't surprised and are able to function better than most of us would.  
    I still love the gradual pacing.  FTWD is not TWD.  This group is watching things from the get go.  Now they have to experience what Rick did not.  Rick's group was quite lucky because they were able to get that great camping spot at the quarry and Shane kept them organized.  This group is all a bunch of folks with no real experience being violent.  I can't wait to see how they continue to respond to the ever worsening world around them.
    I just hate that I have to wait until September 13th!  
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  4. d-dave added a post in a topic Breathing new life into a 2010 Macbook pro   

    The best bet is going to be a SSD.  My wife is the same macbook, and we dropped a 500gb Samsung 850 SSD in it.  Night and day different as far as usability.  I mean we paid $175 for it on amazon, and we should easily get another 2+ years out of it even now.  
    And as I've gotten used to having a smaller HDD (128GB on my last computer), I move stuff all the time.  Get a decent external HDD for projects you aren't using
    If you have the budget for the 8gb, do it.  I've done a fair amount of 720p/480p video editing on 4gb using Premiere (on a windows machine), and it was a struggle.  Having more than two layers (video+overlay) and audio files coming in and out just chewed through the ram on my old computer.
    Good luck!  A SSD HDD is going to make a world of difference!
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  5. d-dave added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    So I started writing something earlier this week, but work happened and I lost it.  So my opinion on the show, in brief:
    I loved it!  I loved all the foreshadowing and the use of music and sound effects to build tension. While there was a very long build up, the junkie son story took too long to really benefit anything, I like that we're seeing a different kind of story.  TWD is a simple story about a Dad saving his family.  It hits hard and clean.  FTWD is going to be a much messier story about the relations of a complex family in one of the largest cities that's collapsing.  I am completely fine for a slow burn because the setting is going to be so huge. 
    As a fictional show about the rise of a zombie apocalypse, one thing a lot of reviewers forget is that we have to assume that his alt universe is that they can't have any idea and reference to zombies.  Otherwise it would be kind of dumb.  Imagine if we had a zombie outbreak now a days?  It would be quelled pretty quickly.
    Overall, I really loved the first episode.  It's so different from TWD, but again centers around the idea of family.  The way they explore it is going to make the show.  I'm glad they are taking some chances with the storytelling and characters.  The key is going to be if the audience begins to care about the family.
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  6. d-dave added a post in a topic New Bungie game: Destiny   

    I got you buddy! 
    Haters gonna hate. I love me some Destiny! Still love playing, love my Xbox One, and all is well! 
     I thought about TTK for a bit, but I went ahead and preordered. I've had such a blast on it, and the rare times I am able to play with huddlers have been fun! I realized how much fun I've been having and I don't want to quit yet. 
    The game informer TTK coverage has been quite exciting! I can't wait to dig into the taken war! 
    If you need a hand, my gt is dionysusfiend
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  7. d-dave added a post in a topic Trophy Nation: How handing out trophies, regardless of success, may cause failure.   

    It's not trophies that makes kids wusses. It's the enabling parenting. Discipline gives kids self esteem. Think about it, when a kid knows that their hardwork in practice leads to their ultimate victory or defeat, they will have a greater degree of confidence. Same with school work, martial arts, etc.

    Trophies are great, participation at a young age is great (hence all 5 year olds getting a trophy); because we all want kids to do something they can be proud of as they age. The more ownership they have, the more they will love it. From there they will learn the lessons about sportsmanship, dedication, and how to be successful.

    Helicopter parenting doesn't help, only hurts.
    Edit: mobile paragraphs!
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  8. d-dave added a post in a topic Final Fantasy 7 remake   

    I bet the core story will remain, and a lot of the game play like the turn based combat and silly mini games. It will get a HD overhaul with graphics and sound to go with the cut scenes. I could see them opening up the world and letting players really explore the world to a greater degree. More side quests to tell more stories would be cool as well. We'll, that's my hope. I still have my PS1 sitting in a box, waiting.. I also still have the game discs sitting there too... If it's everything I hope it might be... I might pick up a PS4 (and a good divorce lawyer!).
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