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  1. I'm not sure there are many real fans of the team who hope Norman fails. The article simply points out the holes in Norman's game that he hasn't been able to close up (or simply hasn't needed to). In our zone game, Norman was the man. But if he's asked to be a bump and run, man up guy, that doesn't really play to his strengths. Norman is a really good player, he was great for us. It's fair to say that Washington is going to have to use him properly to get value out of their investment. If they line him up 1 on 1 all game, Norman is going to have a long game because he was never asked to do that for us. I hope he does well, I really do.
  2. Cam shirtless

    Man, I feel bad about my beer belly...Not really!
  3. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    While it sucks to lose Josh, I understand why we let him go. We would never give him $50 million guaranteed, ever. I'm glad he got paid. December 19th should be interesting. So will his first three games.
  4. Interesting...that sheds some serious light on things for me!
  5. Maybe? Stewie? I just did some internet butt-talking =)
  6. I get why Deangelo is still talking about the Panthers. He lives in Charlotte. I saw him at IKEA a few weeks ago. He's also still very close with his teammates. As a player, he's going to side with the players. He doesn't care about the business of running a football team because his business is to be a good player. He can throw the shade (what a dumb term BTW) all he wants. He can insinuate all he wants. He isn't a Panther, he's bitter about that. He doesn't like Gettleman after the coddling of Marty Hurney. Three straight NFC South Championships, NFC Championship, and being the envy of the NFL say all that need to be said.
  7. today's pre-draft presser

    So.....we're not forfeiting the season then? I mean, we let go of Josh, we can't play can we? Jokes aside, it was a good presser, and always a great job by the Captain to fill us in. My hope is that we are able to add the best players and continue to get better. While we did OK in the sack numbers, I'd like to see us continue to add pressure. Getting some coverage and passrush will be helpful.
  8. But we haz all the moneyz? Why not sign ALL the CBz??? Very rational and well thought out point by Jeremy (again!), which folks will still ignore. I will admit, the Chicken Littles are kind of fun to watch =)
  9. The idea is that there is an expectation of some kind of "thanks for the good games" from teammates. You saw that when Smith was released, and Deangelo. Now that's not to say Josh wasn't a well liked teammate. But it is a little telling. It's like announcing you're retirement and everyone going "meh." You just tend to hear a little more chatter about these kinds of things, so I guess it is a little odd.
  10. Premise is terrible. There are a lot of things that happen in the NFL. We could very well miss the SB for a ton of reasons, but Josh Norman won't be that.
  11. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    I get that many of us here are upset and confused. Josh was an entertaining player and interview. It was awesome to watch him grow into maturity as a player and person. He's a Carolina boy and wanted to remain a Carolina boy for a price. I don't think anyone is really excited and full of joy to see him leave, but the way our GM has handled players has been "exciting" if nothing else. While both us and Josh lose out, he now has a chance to make his mega contract, which in his eyes he earned. We were never going to pay him Revis money, especially at his age. Instead, we offered him a high value contract (from Gettleman's perspective) that would allow him to make a lot more than he was and allow him to remain on a Super Bowl contender. Now we're going to have to figure this one out, and Josh's choices are fairly bleak. Sure, folks are making noise that Jacksonville could be the 2015 Panthers, but the rest of the teams aren't in championship position for several years due to QB or over all management issues. I don't think either us or Josh has the ego to make nice after this one. We can all wish him happy trails, because the likelihood of him getting the money he wants and a ring are much dodgier.
  12. Derrick Henry Making Eddie Lacy Look Small

    While I understand the devaluation of the RB position, let's think a little bit about the Gettleman philosophy: Big Men let you compete. Also, there is something called the global theory in that there are few people of a given size who can do certain things. Does Henry fall into that? If Gman believes he helps our team, then I trust him. I can see the problems he would cause if he could play some of our Read Option brand of football. Or simply lining up in short yardage situations with the QB sprint there...
  13. But the towel and press conferences??? Isn't that all that matters? Oh, and instrgram! Nice to see a story about the Cam we know. Someone who wants to leave a positive legacy in his community, and someone who loves helping kids.
  14. How old is your primary TV?

    I have a 2010 Panasonic plasma that's still just wonderful. I will hate the day it dies. In our bedroom we have a 2010 32” sharp, best buy bargin. Still chugging along, but the picture isn't too great (never was).
  15. Great article! Folks love Cam the Winner who celebrates, dabs and gives football to kids. They hate the pouty Cam who hates losing or putting a towel on his head. Cam will never do enough in their eyes because he's so emotional. It's funny bringing up the Pats because they are the "model" NFL franchise with fairly poor sportsmanship, several cheating allegations, but with the wins to gloss it all over. Let's win a Super Bowl next year. Then no one will care about Cam's negative.