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  1. Walking Dead Season 6

    I still enjoy the show, I'm no where near as critical as many of y'all are. I enjoyed the episode, but the whole boys fighting thing was dumb.  I'm not totally sure why Carl wouldn't just sell out and say douche bag was trying to kill me.  Just kill the wolf...even for Morgan that made less than zero sense... I enjoyed his backstory episode, but the stick is wearing thin. While I have enjoyed seeing what's happening to some of my favorite characters, even I (as a "soap opera" style watcher?) am a bit disappointed that nothing has happened in several episodes.  You know when it would have been fun to run into those bikers?  With a herd of 1,000 zombies behind them!  Now that would have been interesting! Hopefully the next half season will pick back up.
  2. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    I think is a better summation.  The NFL is less system based and more personnel based.  Folks should play to their player's strengths to get the most out of it.  Some teams are able to slot guys into a system because they do the system's jobs well.  
  3. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    Man, future talk, how easy to predict! =P It depends on how well it translates to some of those other players AND if we win championships.  For the WCO, the reason it was successful was that it was extremely difficult to defend against and the 49ers won many super bowls with it.  So long as you had a smart QB who could read a defense, he could make these 5 yard throws all day and allow the WRs to get YAC.  It still works in variation today. Now will the Shula-Cam offense become a thing?  That I'm not sure of because how many people will want an offense that grinds it out versus the high flying 400 yards passing offenses that fans seem to love?  I swear, it does seem like fans would be fine losing so long as they won in the fantasy game (that's a whole different issue).   We have to keep winning, consistently, and other teams have to be able to copy it and have success.  Cam has gotten really good at the reading/manipulating/throwing part of the whole QB thing where guys like Kaep and GCoB we never very good at that.  You'd still have to have the right QB and the right players to make it work.
  4. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    I second this, and would add look at multiple personality types and content areas.  I observed an awesome math teacher recently who just had a wonderful set up.  They taught math in a completely not math way.  I've also seen teachers who teach "boring" lesson plans, but who get by on an excellent rapport with their kids and awesome delivery.
  5. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    My wife and I have scratched out a pretty decent living as two teachers.  We own our own home, have money in retirement account (though not as much as we'd like).  We have decent vehicles, and the ability to take care of our son.  So while it would be nice to have a job that pays decently, we make do. The reality is that we have to be very careful with our money versus our friends who have "real" jobs.  There are trade offs for every different state in the country.  I mean, sure, California is a wonderful place for lots of reasons, but the property values are kind of insane.  Also, the traffic in the major metro areas is kind of insane.  I don't know much about California, except that we had someone move from there to my school, and he said it's not to different classroom to classroom.  But his cost of living is considerably cheaper. Location is highly personal, if the OP wants to stay in NC, he's probably already familiar with how anti-education the state is.  How there is A LOT of negativity around public education from policy makers down to grocery clerks.  That will pass, and the pendulum will swing back.  About a decade ago, NC was THE place where meaningful reform and great teaching was happening here....then the money went away and now we're a hot bed of charter schools. We don't teach for the money or the glorification.  We do it to make a difference for kids.  Sometimes its easier said that done.  Sometimes politics get in the way.  Sometimes things outside of your control get in the way.  It's a heartbreaking profession, but I get to make a difference everyday.  It also keeps me young.  I'm 35, but feel like I'm 25 (except my back!).  I have friends who are already facing mid-life problems, yet I am pretty healthy, happy, and have most of my hair.  I'll take that over another $20,000 a year!
  6. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Gettleman has proven very good at finding discarded talent.  Rivera and Co have done a great job of taking lost and broken toys and turning them into a fierce defense. Got to trust the G, and I'm sure he knows his leash is very short.  If he costs us games with stupid penalties, he's done.
  7. Week 13 Power Rankings...prepare for it

    Does anyone really care?  Look at the margin of victory.  Sure, you can go out and win a game, but how big are the wins.  That's much more telling.  If someone puts another team above us, that's fine.  We'll just keep proving them wrong. Sadly, it's because we're the Carolina Panthers, a small market NFL teams from a basketball state.  The old prejudices never go away.  It's also because Cam isn't doing things the way other "real" QBs do it.  He dances, he has fun, he is a special player that they don't like because they want grumpy old white men to be their  NFL QBs. They can keep it.  Power rankings prior to the final whistle of the super bowl are pointless exercises in entertainment.  I should have my 3 year old do a power ranking.  Would that prove anything more than what a writer has to say?
  8. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery =)
  9. Wilson played really well the past two games.  That's whats driving Seattle forward.  Got to give him and them credit for that.  The question is how long will it last?  Thankfully, our team has the ability to cover up weaknesses in other areas, but could Seattle's defense win a 6-3 game for them this year?  In years past, absolutely, but not this year. I think that AZ is better than Seattle.  Playoff seeding with be very interesting.  I saw one where we could get an NFC East team in Divisional Round assuming we were the 1 seed.  
  10. I always thought Lane Kiffin was an @hole

    Is anyone really upset? Or are people just trolling? Cam trolls on the field so its fine when folks play back.
  11. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    Since I've been in the Charlotte area for ever l, PM me if you want some less filtered opinions of some of the local things. I teach History as well, among the other things I do!  History is awesome. It's all about creating relationahips between what you want them to know versus what they care about. Like this is a fun time to talk about how laws and rights work!  I love relating what they say and how they feel about stuff to what we're studying.
  12. Fallout 4

    Then you will want to stick with fallout.  Star Wars is all about the multiplayer.  There isn't even a real campaign from what I've heard.  So most of your time is going to end up being spent shooting at and being shot by others. Fallout has crafting and a dog that fetches....do you really need anything else? =PP The more I okay, the more I want to play more! It's like when I started off playing Destiny... Glad I picked it up. I'll have months or fun doing settlements and crafting. That is so much fun!
  13. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    Doubtful anyone cares.  If Cam wanted to, he could break someone into little pieces.  There are very few people in this world who would stand in to face a slap from Cam, not me!  Stuff like this happens all of the time to all kinds of big time athletes.  Cam just takes it very personally because of the personal nature of the attack.  He doesn't get those kinds of things on the football field because almost every NFL player has some dumb college dirt.  Cam has just always been a megawatt star.
  14. Fallout 4

    Do you like single player? Then fallout. I've heard that battlefront is an OK, pretty shooter, but lacks in long term replaybility.   I haven't gotten to far into fallout but I'm loving it.
  15. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    Congratulations and my condolences! ;) Teaching will completely change you, which is wonderful and terrible. I'm in year 12 right now, spent 11 years inCMS, and currently teaching elsewhere. Here's some advice which I tell to student teachers. 1. If you're bored teaching it, think about how bad is for your kids! Have fun! 2. They have plenty of friends, they don't need you to be one. You can have some wonderful mentor relationships with kids, but if you become their friends, you're doing them a disservice. I love my babies, but  never their Friend. 3. Set limits on your time. From grading, to lessons, to anything, you only have one life. I used to burn myself up working 18 hour days... It's just not worth it! If you are overly exhausted, tired, emotional, whatever, the kids suffer. Take care of yourself! Bonus: use a digital classroom for turn ins. I hate paper, I hate late excuses, and I despise "what did you do while I was gone?" Google Classroom has been so awesome! My wife got sick this year, and while I was shuttling her to doctors, I set up Google classroom to handle their notes and work. They had zero excuses when I got back! >:)