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  1. Best Panthers news in a while. We need a change like this. Hope Ron doesn’t waste this opportunity for fresh blood with a retread like Norv.
  2. It’s Coachs Birthday

    But we are winning
  3. I read the article and think it’s some sour grapes from a marginal player. I do agree with Ball that it’s pretty shitty that Richardson has players and coaches taking up for him and he want say a thing. Stinks a little of cowardice on Richardson’s part.
  4. Trai will play!!!

    I’ve been looking for this news all morning. I feel much better about this game now.
  5. Ask the Bills how it felt to miss the playoffs for the last 17 years.
  6. Panthers 24 Aints 17 Peppers sacks Brees and break him. Ending the Aints season.
  7. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    No doubt but we’re getting better at the right time.
  8. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Because we have grander aspirations than being a wild card
  9. Good article and I agree. Funchess might just be what we’ve been looking for. This situation may end up playing out like when we traded Smitty.