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  1. Best news all weekend. Championship dreams back on!!!
  2. We all knew we would go into prevent mode. I just don’t get all the hate when we win.
  3. We did win, right?
  4. Cam Newton in the last 2 games

    Reminds me of 2015
  5. Cam post game presser

    I think Cam played it right at the end of the game. Now we can move on and focus on spanking Philly
  6. It’s all good. Not like Norman has exclusive rights to Batman. Need a little attitude back there.
  7. Help...

  8. I poop on this idea also. Pep would have been great. If not you would think we could do better. How the hell do four people pound anyhow?
  9. Steve Smith at Taco Bell

    That was awesome!!!!
  10. Yes Yes!

  11. I agree. Seems crazy to give anything up for him
  12. TJ Ward Released By Broncos

    So is this like signing a free agent and he goes to the highest bidder? Or a waiver wire pick up?
  13. No need. He's the franchise and he has nothing to prove.