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  1. Panthers 24 Aints 17 Peppers sacks Brees and break him. Ending the Aints season.
  2. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    No doubt but we’re getting better at the right time.
  3. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Because we have grander aspirations than being a wild card
  4. Good article and I agree. Funchess might just be what we’ve been looking for. This situation may end up playing out like when we traded Smitty.
  5. Best news all weekend. Championship dreams back on!!!
  6. We all knew we would go into prevent mode. I just don’t get all the hate when we win.
  7. We did win, right?
  8. Cam Newton in the last 2 games

    Reminds me of 2015
  9. Cam post game presser

    I think Cam played it right at the end of the game. Now we can move on and focus on spanking Philly
  10. It’s all good. Not like Norman has exclusive rights to Batman. Need a little attitude back there.
  11. Help...