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  1. Funch Master Flex

    Nah he is the Nasty Toe Funchess
  2. Pregame Cam n original Superman colors

    Cam is going to enjoy this spotlight, he going to BALL today, as if he doesnt every other week ..
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    He is at a Thanksgiving Day game where the PANTHERS are playing .. unheard of .. Im wired and I aint even at the game
  4. It looks so low and Nortman kicks the fug out of the ball .. I know they moved it up but I think Nortman hits it on one ... that is if we have to punt. I think Dallas starts Nick fuging Hayden at DT he was an embarrassment here and Stewart is going to carry Dallas runners all day. The Dallas D is Swiss cheese lets go, we need this win as much as any of the other past big prime-time wins. I foresee Cam eating Turkey.
  5. Amini tears ACL

    Damn he was playing well it seemed too
  6. 10-0 team is a 1pt underdog? to a 3-7 team

    or just less shitty threads on page 1
  7. I fuging love Josh Norman

    Considering Tillmans age we can LET Norman walk ? I thought considering Tillman's age we CAN'T let Norman walk . I feel if we give Norman a block buster deal, when it is time to pay Bene he wont ask for much for his first contract
  8. SNF Game Thread: Bengals (8-1) @ Cardinals (7-2)

    Aint nobody in the NFC touchin us
  9. Peyton Next year if he makes it

    How can his play decline so much just from 2013 to 2015 
  10. SNF Game Thread: Bengals (8-1) @ Cardinals (7-2)

    Didn't the Cardinals lose in Pittsburgh The Pitt D neutered their offense, if the Pitt D can do that our D can
  11. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    Hardy isnt mad at us that is made up if anything Hardy will not even try against us
  12. Oher and cam

    I want my LT (every o lineman for that matter) taking that kind of offense to ANYTHING the opposition does
  13. Local paper hating on Cam

  14. Local paper hating on Cam

    How much does this guy get paid, he is at the writing level of a northern schooled 2nd grader, wow
  15. It's a short week... Dallas going to Roger Goodell us....

    Cam wont let us lose