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  1. Well, I agree he is closer to the end of his career than he is to the start, but I would hate to get rid of him without a definant replacement.... Cap isn't it, while he is strong when he gets hold of the ball there were too many times it appeared like he wasn't even paying attention. I think we should try to find a young Stewart replacement, but finding one who doesn't have a learning curve seems to be tough.
  2. To be honest Stew's contract is the worst part about keping him. He is still a work horse often carrying 3 or 4 defensive players for the few yards he gains. If Carolina used the Full Back the right way and had been able to empty out the box which was always stacked I think he would have had much better stats the last couple years. All of which comes back on Shula,
  3. Well I grew up pulling for the Vikings and was a big fan of Allen Page and the Purple People Eaters. I hope they finally get their Superbowl win after so many let downs,
  4. LMAO So if it was before you were born it either didn't happen or it doesn't mater LOL Keep grasping
  5. True of the 7 winning seasons Carolina has had in their first 23 seasons none of them are back to back.... Remind me agian how long it took the Saints to have a winning season after they entered the league in 1966. Wasn't it something like 21 seasons before the had a winning season?
  6. Funny thing about trolling someone like Jordan did with the wine, getting on National TV and proclaiming this was the Saint's year, and Payton doing the Skol clap. When you do it you need to make sure you can back it up. The wine would have tasted pretty good watching Jordan come back out of the locker room for the extra point. The Saints year? The Saints didn't even reach the Conference Championship Game, Yeah the Panthers and the Falcons lost thier trips to the Superbowl, but they made it there. Payton thought he was cute doing the Skol Clap until..... well you know what happened. And as far as you holding on to W's just how many division titles do the Saints hold in a row? But I understand, after wearing a bag over your head for so many years you have to grasp for as much hope as you can find.
  7. The best humble pie Sean Payton could receive is to be welcomed into every stadium the Saints visit next year to the sound of the Skol Chant.
  8. And Williams was over heard as Diggs ran in for the touch down "WHO DAT"
  9. A forearm to the chest with pads on does not knock someone out,,,, it might knock the breath out of him, but not lay him out cold. Sendejo wasn't gasping for air as if the breath was knocked out of him..... He was laying there out cold. It was a blow to the head!!! Just stop your BS.
  10. Maybe Cam Jorden should have saved that bottle of wine so he could drowned his sorrows!
  11. Well I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I'm betting Norv will know what play he wants ran on the second down of the ball game.
  12. To be honest Yes I look forward to seeing what Norv Turner does with the offence. Yet I am a little cautious about being overly excited, I still remember how excited I was when the Panthers hired George Seifert thinking he would turn the team around. The two good things about having Turner is that with his experence I don't think he will be a yes man to anyone and is someone the players will respect. While also having the past relationship with Rivera to be able to work with him without some conflect arising. So I am hoping for the best and waiting to see.
  13. Reality this! For at least the last two games the Saints and the Panthers have been heading in opposite directions. The Saint's have had to come from behind in the 4th quarter, Not something you would expect from a so called high powered offence. They got luck in one game when the Redskins (before the game a 4 and 5 team) laid down in the 4th and lost the other to the Rams (before the game a 7 and 3 team) The Panthers destroyed Miami (before the game a 4 and 4 team) and beat the Jets (before the game a 4 and 6 team) who were up over the Panthers twice in the game by a small margin for a short period of time. The Saints won their close call thanks to Washington giving up in the final moments, and lost their other game. The Panthers won one game decisively, and won the other game were the Jets never gave up and played hard til the end. That is Reality!