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  1. If you come in here complaining about the liberal media or the suddenly promoting the fairness doctrine cuz this isn't fair to you then oh wee you can't be reached
  2. ImaginaryKev

    NRA - You got some 'splainin' to do

    They also didn't say a word when a licensed gun owner, Philando Castille, was murdered by a police officer. That case is precisely why they claim to exist but they didn't say a word. They don't exist to promote responsible gun ownership anymore, they're just here to profit off of right-wing fear of brown people and liberals.
  3. Apparently this is real and it's pretty shocking Also, sorry if this has been posted but bruh
  4. You guys should just come clean. You don't want legal or illegal immigration because you're afraid of race mixing. You see the demographics changing so you're panicking and afraid to become a minority in America (because you know exactly how minorities are treated) so you're pretending children put in cages is reasonable in the name of self preservation and preserving a future for your white children. You're scared, but you're also too chickenshit to admit you don't want brown people to be happy because you think that's reserved for yourself and you have dibs on it like a finite resource. You're afraid of being labeled a nazi cuz it means you'll be shunned, so you play the plausible deniability game. And some of you are just dumb, like E Cat, and buy Republican propaganda
  5. ImaginaryKev

    Hate Crime.

    You're sealioning and "just asking questions" The jig is up, bro, we get it.
  6. ImaginaryKev

    Hate Crime.

    Trying real hard to change the subject
  7. ImaginaryKev

    Hate Crime.

    That police officer is a metaphor for white moderates
  8. Don't use minorities to disparage other minorities you fuging clown. People much smarter than you have proven this is a myth and racist. https://www.ozy.com/opinion/colorblind-racism-and-the-model-minority/76451 http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2017/04/19/524571669/model-minority-myth-again-used-as-a-racial-wedge-between-asians-and-blacks "Sullivan's comments showcase a classic and tenacious conservative strategy," Janelle Wong, the director of Asian American Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, said in an email. This strategy, she said, involves "1) ignoring the role that selective recruitment of highly educated Asian immigrants has played in Asian American success followed by 2) making a flawed comparison between Asian Americans and other groups, particularly Black Americans, to argue that racism, including more than two centuries of black enslavement, can be overcome by hard work and strong family values." "It's like the Energizer Bunny," said Ellen D. Wu, an Asian-American studies professor at Indiana University and the author of The Color of Success. Much of Wu's work focuses on dispelling the "model minority" myth, and she's been tasked repeatedly with publicly refuting arguments like Sullivan's, which, she said, are incessant. "The thing about the Sullivan piece is that it's such an old-fashioned rendering. It's very retro in the kinds of points he made." Since the end of World War II, many white people have used Asian-Americans and their perceived collective success as a racial wedge. The effect? Minimizing the role racism plays in the persistent struggles of other racial/ethnic minority groups — especially black Americans."