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  1. No matter what scenerio you throw out there, a position or two is going to be weak so we're gonna have to hope our defensive front seven can cover for the back end AGAIN, that someone steps up at WR AGAIN, and that McCaffrey proves he's worth being a top ten pick cuz he really didn't
  2. Honestly, everyone will hate this but we should call Cleveland about their two early seconds for our first cuz bruh, we got holes
  3. We need more draft picks LOL
  4. I'm surprised so many people want to automatically pair a big RB with the smaller guy. like why does anyone actually care about having a "thunder and lightning" combo in the backfield, I figured having the two best backs you can have regardless of skillset was the goal.
  5. Before we signed Jeremy Shockey I was like "man fug that washed up homophobe from the U, FSU for life" After we signed him I was like "maybe his views have evolved. Who am I to judge? I've said some dumb things in my life" Racists will get over it if we sign Reid and he plays well
  6. Interesting TE options left on the market

    Honestly none of those dudes
  7. SI.com's Albert Breer mock draft

    A receiving threat at TE would actually make sense, I just don't know enough about this pick in particular
  8. Defensive back, WR are probably the strongest priority given this draft's strengths, followed by someone to rush the passer and RB depth You can shake a tree and find a good offensive guard. That's how we got Norwell
  9. SI.com's Albert Breer mock draft

    Kinda feel like they give Carolina the throwaway, unspectacular pick that they feel should go in the first round but not someone at a flashy position (WR, CB) they'd prefer go to a tram like Pitt or Philly. Just feels like they love slotting linebackers and offensive guards to us, like just let us draft a good WR or something
  10. "Disrespecting the troops" is just an excuse to be angry at activist black people. It's weak as hell and unconstitutional, frankly
  11. We literally have vets saying they have no prob with this and you're using them as a shield for your outrage, GTFO
  12. Crickets from conservatives in here
  13. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    McCabe took detailed notes and Memos of his interactions with Trump lol. He's turned them over to Mueller so this is probably gonna backfire on Trump's dumb ass just like the Come firing and just like that Nunes Memo. Ugh, "Watergate but dumber" is totally accurate description of these crooks in the WH. Wonder what Banana Republicans at are gonna do to spin this as justified. Also, Fox news is working in tandem with the WH, they were sitting on this and bungled it lol. State run news
  14. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    The president is trash, y'all