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  1. "But Trump, who has long demonstrated a lack of empathy for suffering Americans, hasn’t earned such a charitable interpretation. He could have told the press that he erred in not delivering that October 5 statement, and apologized to Myeshia Johnson for his careless words. Instead, in an attempt to deflect blame, he told bald-faced lies about Obama and Wilson—both of whom, one can’t ignore given Trump’s racial demagoguery, are black. In reacting like a cornered rat, he only made matters worse for himself. While his lies about Obama and Wilson were immediately exposed, the political press rightly didn’t stop there; Trump’s claim to have called all grieving military families was also debunked. " https://newrepublic.com/article/145370/trumps-military-family-scandal-reveals-profound-ugliness-character
  2. You know the current President's white supremacist populism is bad when even war criminal GW Bush is calling out white supremacy and bigotry ~by name~. Yet some in here still need more "proof" of this administration's racist rhetoric.
  3. I mean he dragged Kelly's dead son into a lie about Obama so I'm not surprised. More evidence he's an unfeeling shithead incapable of actual human emotions besides pride and narcissism.
  4. It's really weird seeing you demand thoughtful, articulate arguments fr people and that they take care to explain to you why they believe what they do about immigration, racism, etc (with links included) when you consistently pie a poster like Heelok who's made it clear he only agrees with things if liberals are against it. It really makes it hard to take you seriously and consider your posts as anything other than sealioning.
  5. Hypocrisy and ignorance on full display

    “Obviously, the estate tax, I will concede, disproportionately helps rich people,” Mr. Mnuchin said of the administration’s proposal to repeal the measure. Mr. Mnuchin’s comments contrasted starkly with his boss, President Trump, who pilloried the estate tax in a speech in Indiana last month by saying it is a drag on the working class. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/10/13/us/politics/mnuchin-estate-tax-repeal-help-rich.html?smid=tw-share&referer=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2Fg6PKECpWwL%3Famp%3D1
  6. Hypocrisy and ignorance on full display

  7. Trump strikes blow against Iran nuclear deal

    This policy was enacted by Obama. So it has to go. So says the white supremacist.
  8. Trump signs executive order Under mining the ACA

    Like, how warped do you have to be to have an persecution complex and fetishize martydom while simultaneously persecuting other people who aren't like you? Like, fugging evangelicals, man.
  9. Bannon Calls On Corker to Resign

    Like, actually have a counterpoint
  10. Bannon Calls On Corker to Resign

    Whataboutism is a disease
  11. Trump signs executive order Under mining the ACA

    http://www.npr.org/2017/10/13/557459193/trump-set-to-address-values-voter-summit-for-first-time-as-president He took shots at black people exercising their 1A rights, Muslims, gays, and anyone else who thinks church and state should be separate. And they know exactly the type of dude he is. Every action he makes is antithetical to whatever you want "values" to mean. Then you got assholes like G5 and Nails talking bout they only voted for the judges and justice but THAT is only so you can enact policy that makes life harder for gays and poor people cuz you're poo people yourselves. Dude, there's no point trying to reach across the isle with Trump supporters because on the daily they confirm every negative, racist, anti everyonebutwhitepeople assumption you make about them.