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  1. Don't want this to go the way of Tinderbox but according to some people on Twitter Cam was a last minute no show to his presser yesterday also. And Jourdan Rodrigue is apparently back with the media and was in the locker room yesterday. No clue if these two things are related, just sharing what I saw.
  2. Sunday Games Thread

    This Saints-Lions game is crazy.
  3. Sunday Games Thread

    God bless you, Matt Ryan.
  4. Sunday Games Thread

    Was that previous one on the same side as his throwing shoulder? This one definitely is, so that may be the killer here.
  5. Sunday Games Thread

    Hell, outside of the Chiefs, the AFC is looking really open too.
  6. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    With a QB who was the best RB on the field tonight. Ridiculous.
  7. Yo. The Bucs are cursed at that kicker position.
  8. Cam apologizes

    Great statement. He took ownership and didn't try to excuse it at all. Can't see how someone would find fault in his response. I would say let's all move on, but I know that's being way too optimistic.
  9. Can someone verify this

    Real funny. And she's deleted most of the tweets, even though Twitter is calling her out for them. She'll either not respond at all or say she was young and dumb at the time of the tweets. Folks will let her slide either way, bc ya know...
  10. Yes...hence my comment about a lack of consistency being part of his legacy. Also, the part about him not being a great HC. Thanks for the info though...
  11. So, we sit him and do what? Start DA? Either way we're in a sucky position. Cam isn't where he needs to be. CLEARLY. But if you're asking me if I'd rather start him over the DA we saw in the preseason, then I'm giving a resounding yes.
  12. Agree completely. I've been trying so hard to hold out hope for this coaching staff, but there's no point. Rivera in particular is a great defensive mind, but HC not so much. And the whole "But he won Coach of the Year twice!!" is moot. It's becoming more evident we weren't successful those years because of our coaching and staff, but in spite of them. No consistency and blown opportunities has become the legacy for the Rivera era of the Panthers.
  13. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Dickson's name is on there. Right below Cam.
  14. No excuses.

    Yesterday in another thread you had us putting up 24. What caused the change?
  15. Hate Week. Again.

    To be fair, in one of those games Brees was throwing toward Zach Sanchez and Teddy Williams. But, yeah, I see what you're saying.
  16. 8 carries 10 yards.......

    Sure Bills front 4 is a major strength of theirs and holes were limited. But it doesn't help when we all know this and have an OC who continuously calls for runs up the middle.
  17. This team makes my head hurt.
  18. Something about that injury report being empty made me feel a way. Sigh...
  19. What a depressing offensive half.
  20. This should be a blowout going into the half. Instead....6-0
  21. Saturday Carolina Panthers Cuts thread

    Starting a prayer circle now for Cam to stay healthy this season. Let me know if you'd like to join.
  22. CMC is going to be fun to watch this season if nothing else.
  23. Got damn. Why is tackling so hard today?