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  1. Hurney not being the GM long term isn't really an issue. The Panthers will have a lot of time to find a good candidate. Though maybe for the first time ever I'm worried about Ron being fired. I don't know who the Panthers could replace him with.
  2. I'm hoping you're right. I also hope Ron comes out ASAP against Richardson.
  3. Ron is way too smart for that. Also, he knows he can't fug up right now.
  4. But do you think the league will accept Navarro? I thought there was push-back.
  5. Someone sell me on David Tepper. I guess not a disgusting piece of poo is a good start?
  6. Don't be a triggered soyboy snowflake.
  7. Not to get political, but Americans are cool with the POTUS paying for sex, cheating on his wives, and moving on women like bitches, but this is appalling?
  8. Greg gets extension

    I don't think he threatened anyone, but let's be real, Greg is good looking, well spoken, intelligent, and obviously knowledgeable about the sport. I would bet he is already getting offers for T.V. gigs. Some of those offers may be more lucrative in the long run, as well as giving him a new long term career path.
  9. Greg gets extension

    Chill. It's not like he just cut an All-Pro, spent an entire draft trying to replace them, and then gave a massive contract to a player that has never been productive at their position.
  10. Greg gets extension

    Tight ends have some of the longest careers in the league. Jimmy Graham is making 10 million a year at the age of 31 with as many injuries as he's had. I think you guys are underestimating how much Greg has left in the tank. Also, I'd suggest you guys go look at our division rivals reactions. They're not happy Greg is going to be on the field for years to come.
  11. Greg gets extension

    Is everyone forgetting before his injury last year Greg Olsen had 3 back to back 1,000 yard seasons?
  12. Greg gets extension

    Just reading the reaction from our division rivals makes this contract worth it.
  13. Greg gets extension

    A broadcasting booth.
  14. Greg gets extension

    Every single year, but last season and his rookie season? Only 9 seasons.
  15. Worley Arrested

    I guess people will stop crying about losing a young corner with "potential" now.