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  1. I actually wouldn't mind it. There may be some players sliding to the Panthers pick.
  3. Yes, reading is fundamental. This is why I have you on ignore for. It's not worth the time reading your posts.
  4. I'm sorry, but your grades are ridiculous. For example, you give Curtis Samuel, nearly a first round selection, a B for what? He had 15 receptions for 115 yards, horrible production, at the very least mark his grade incomplete from him being injured. Next you have Taylor Moton, a second round pick, that hardly played marked as an A. Daeshon Hall, a player Dave traded up for, and Corn Elder should not be graded, and should be left incomplete at best. Then once more another A for a player, Alex Armah, that had no impact in his first year. And of course a kicker that's not on the team receives an A. Now onto Hurney's drafts. I won't go into detail rating every grade, but I will make two quick examples in comparison to how Dave was graded. David Gettis was a sixth round pick, playing in an offense that was easily one of the worst I've ever witnessed, produced 37 receptions for 508 yards, and had 3 touchdowns in his first year. Until his injury he was assumed to be the wide receiver the team had been looking for to play along side Steve Smith, even beating out Brandon LaFell, a third round pick from the same year. He was given a rating of F? There's a reason he was infamous on Panthers boards for breaking out, even after his injury. Though now compare it to Samuel, a B, who barely produced, and was also such a high draft pick. Does this seem in anyway fair? Another sixth round pick from the same year, Greg Hardy, was given a B. He may have been a total fug up, but he was well beyond worth the sixth round selection. He was a large reason the Panthers went to the playoffs in 2013. So compare Hardy's B grade to Daeshon Hall -- a third round selection that was traded up for, a player that I cannot even recall seeing the field, who was given a C. Now, does this not seemed a little biased? It's just not worth the time arguing if I can easily write two paragraphs on the grades of two picks. I'd rather just poo on the post and move on.
  5. Stock plummets for a lot of players this time of year, but when the combine hits players shoot back up the boards.
  6. To be fair when Benjamin was here Funchess was still targeted more than him. He was actually targeted much more earlier in the season than later, before Benjamin was traded. Funchess finished as one of the top 20 targeted receivers this season. That's quite a high amount of targets considering Carolina has the 6th fewest amount of pass attempts in the league this season.
  7. I was so dejected today, I needed this.
  8. Even if it's done though, it won't give the new general manager time enough to prepare for the draft.
  9. The wide receiver position has to be addressed either through free agency or the draft. Especially if the rumors of Shula being extended are true. Next to receiver the defensive backs are probably the weakest position group, so adding talent at safety or cornerback would make an immediate impact. Then it gets more murky. Defensive end, offensive tackle, running back, and even tight end could all be of use. Though defensive ends and tackles would be the most prudent positions to invest into, as they're both difficult to find. I don't think it's possible for Hurney to fill this many holes, especially with the cap room being limited. If he can find a legitimate receiving threat, and sure up the secondary he'll have done his job.
  10. We're picking 24th in the 1st round

    Gettleman has already traded the Panthers fourth round pick for a punter.
  11. The biggest reason that attributed to the Panthers current wide receiver crisis would be Dave deciding to not sign Ted Ginn, and instead pay a special team player one million less than Ginn is earning in New Orleans.
  12. I don't think the Panthers will be paying Charles Johnson next year as well. How much is the cap going to rise next year? If it's still continuing the average from Gettleman's years I think this team will be fine.