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  1. How does that compare to Funchess? I'm curious.
  2. Didn't he have less targets than Funchess last year (until he was traded), but had more production?
  3. So he bought a mansion that use to belong to his bosses wife to demolish it? That doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would his old boss give a poo about him buying, and demolishing some house his wife use to own? This story is either pieced together, or this guy is petty and really bored.
  4. Krovvy

    Navarro issues a statement

    Not saying it's probable he would move the team, but you should read other new owner's comments on moving their teams. The best example would be the Rams owner Stan Kroenke.
  5. I see that, the quote about the 22 year old. Edit: Wait I didn't insert the quote.
  6. So he's like Jerry Jones?
  7. I like the picture, but here's a quote from the article it's linking: Also, something about tossing around breast implants. Sounds like the NFL picked a winner. He'll probably be Jerry's new besty.
  8. Krovvy

    Reading up on Tepper

    You got to spend money to make money, and politics these days is one of the safest gambles.
  9. Worst case scenario. A guy with no ties to the area, and only sees green.
  10. Krovvy

    The team under Tepper

    Tepper will go for every cheap dollar he can find. There will be no philosophy.
  11. Krovvy

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Denver needed cap room. They have lots of depth at runningback already, and knew the draft was loaded with more.
  12. Krovvy

    Gaulden is Golden

    Well spoken, I like him already.
  13. Krovvy

    NFL.com BPA

  14. Krovvy

    DJ Moore Highlights Video

    Keep in mind Diggs was also labeled a "raw" route runner. I think Maryland coaches are probably not the best.