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  1. Agreed. I thought the 49ers were dunces for letting Alex Smith go, while also signing Kap to a lucrative long term deal. And now look; Smith is having plenty of success over in KC. Karma is real
  2. Kerry Collins
  3. Lol too bad he's easily top 20
  4. This place sucks in the offseason. Ill be back week 1
  5. Why don't you google search what an actual fat person looks like? Smh
  6. I still think people are making a mountain out of a mole hill with this. He's not fat.
  7. I guess you don't have one, huh?
  8. LMAO. That one took my a second to catch, I will admit. Reminds me of the time the Falcons blew a 28 - 3 lead in the super bowl...
  9. My Dad and I have been Panthers fans since '95. I showed him this picture and he didn't recognize Julius Peppers, lol. Guess it's been a while
  10. Ethan Embry aka the dude from The Walking Dead or Pete from Amazon's Sneaky Pete
  11. He makes KK look pretty small too; Never thought I would say that.
  12. Because he's that bad.