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  1. It surprises me every time he makes the roster
  2. What is Pie?

    When I use the "28-3" icon, Im basically just trying to convey that anything is possible.
  3. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    Hello fellow Huddlers I signed up a year ago to talk poo to some Falcons fan who weaseled his way onto the Huddle. Was a Lurker back in 2012. Been a Panthers fan since back when they were playing their home games at Clemson. My Family's had PSL's since the innagural season so you can find me at most home games. Gotta love being a Panthers fan.
  4. CAP> Fozzy

    While I respect your opinion, I just don't see it. Yesterday was the best I've EVER seen him play... and that was in the 3rd and 4th quarters of a preseason game. Meh
  5. CAP> Fozzy

    "CAP>FOZZY" Nah It's preseason. Relax
  6. And to think, all of my friends thought Zeke was this unstoppable monster... he actually looks human in this lol
  7. Picture Of Kelvin Benjamin From Today

    Why must you start this again? Why?
  8. Caption thi ****

    He's Huge
  9. 8 years of no playoffs

    Is the roster different? No. Is Marty Hurney going to change if Cam gets more calls this season? Is Marty Hurney going to control wether or not Luke Kuechly can lead one of the best defenses in the NFL? NO. Change your diaper sir.
  10. 8 years of no playoffs

    Season hasn't started yet. Calm yourself.