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  1. Draft Targets

    Nick Chubb. RB. Georgia.
  2. I came here to post this exact answer... our NFC Championship game where we routed the cardinals was the sweetest win. After Luke took that pick 6 to the house, everyone in the stands knew who was going to Super Bowl 50. Amazing atmosphere, great night.
  3. Ron Rivera the new Belichick

    Ummmmmmmm how did he "Personally scout Cam Newton" when they got here at the same time? Also, Bill Belicheck has been on Superbowl winning teams since the 80's. Wouldn't even begin to compare the 2
  4. Statue of Steve Smith. That is all
  5. Dang. I have enjoyed his swag goo drip pictures and his hard to decode font style. He will be missed
  6. wëÅRËâböütTØgëtTRÅ$HËD

    I hope your ready to eat some crow
  7. Can We Start a Poll

    I'm with you. There is no way that New Orleans beats us 3 times in one season. Put $ on it and remember this post #KeepPounding
  8. CAP was terrible today, all of y'all who still think he should start need to watch the replay of today. Guy made 2 decent plays and fumbled twice. Fozzy is a much better back. Hop off of the CAP train already. Just because he went to Auburn doesn't make him good.
  9. No way the Panthers lose 3 times to the Saints in one season... quote this; remember that I said it. Panthers win this game against New Orleans. Doubt me. Idc, we got this #KeepPounding
  10. CAP is not that good, I really don't understand why everybody on here is all aboard the CAP train. He has had plenty of chances last year, and never had a breakout game. Pretty sure he only has only 1-2 total td's in the NFL. If he started the entire game, you all would be begging for Fozzy or even Stew to come back
  11. Mark my words. Quote this post later. The Carolina Panthers will not lose 3 times to the Saints in one season. We're better than that; our coaches are better than that. So I want the 'Aints
  12. CAR-ATL Referee/Announce Team

    Really? This is confirmed? Can't wait to hear Troy Aikmen talk over every single snap... *sarcasm*