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  1. Dang. I have enjoyed his swag goo drip pictures and his hard to decode font style. He will be missed
  2. wëÅRËâböütTØgëtTRÅ$HËD

    I hope your ready to eat some crow
  3. Can We Start a Poll

    I'm with you. There is no way that New Orleans beats us 3 times in one season. Put $ on it and remember this post #KeepPounding
  4. CAP was terrible today, all of y'all who still think he should start need to watch the replay of today. Guy made 2 decent plays and fumbled twice. Fozzy is a much better back. Hop off of the CAP train already. Just because he went to Auburn doesn't make him good.
  5. No way the Panthers lose 3 times to the Saints in one season... quote this; remember that I said it. Panthers win this game against New Orleans. Doubt me. Idc, we got this #KeepPounding
  6. CAP is not that good, I really don't understand why everybody on here is all aboard the CAP train. He has had plenty of chances last year, and never had a breakout game. Pretty sure he only has only 1-2 total td's in the NFL. If he started the entire game, you all would be begging for Fozzy or even Stew to come back
  7. Mark my words. Quote this post later. The Carolina Panthers will not lose 3 times to the Saints in one season. We're better than that; our coaches are better than that. So I want the 'Aints
  8. CAR-ATL Referee/Announce Team

    Really? This is confirmed? Can't wait to hear Troy Aikmen talk over every single snap... *sarcasm*
  9. Can we beat the Saints?

    Panthers will not get beat by the Saints 3 times in 1 season. I promise you that
  10. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck

    It annoys me that Troy Aikman is CONSTANTLY talking during the snap about dumb poo that makes you want to say "Duhh" . It's like he feels like there can't be any downtime in between plays. I didn't hear Joe Buck speak for 10 minutes at one point. Love it when Rome calls our games; his knowledge of the game is actually impressive.
  11. Neutral Zone Infraction

    Thank you fellow Huddlers for coming to my Aid on this one. I read all the replies, and it seems like we are all in agreement here. Love y'all
  12. The Panthers offense came out after halftime trailing the Saints 14 - 21. On 3rd down and 4* I believe it was, the Defense jumped into the Neutral zone, causing a reaction from the Panthers Offensive line, but there was no call. That is the very definition of a Neutral Zone Infraction. Then, THE EXACT same thing happened for the Panthers defense; almost on the same part of the field as well. Yet, the refs instantly threw multiple flags and awarded the Saints 5 yards and a replay of down. One of the worst missed calls that I have ever seen. Literally a mirror image if you watch both plays, but one is called, one is not. Granted, we wouldn't have won the game on this call because we played very Poorly in all phases of the game today, but it killed our opening drive and gave the Saints even more momentum coming out of half time. Can anybody find the .gif's of these 2 plays and post them here? Because I lost all composure after that one.
  13. Did we let Tre Boston go early?

    He sucked when he played for us. Couldn't stand watching him wear our Black and Blue colors every week. Good riddance. His picks were against SCRUBS.
  14. In my opinion, the correct answer is not available. We have had Cam for going on 7 years now and have still failed to surround him with a decent Offensive Line. So, blame our GM or whoever drafts our players