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  1. Idk about the Panthers, but the Panther fans certainly like him
  2. I heard he has an Ego problem.
  3. Literally just sat here and said "dammnnnnnnnnn" over and over again. This is a great response. He deserves to have his own statue outside of BoA with his number retired... he embodies the entire Keep Pounding montra almost as much as Sam Mills himself. The GOAT Panther; tied with Smitty of course.
  4. Lol. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Wait until yall see what a real superbowl hangover feels like. You thought we had it bad last year? Those guys on that ATL roster will never forget that loss. Falcons will forever be known as choke artist specialist... but that's probably why you're on a panthers fan forum posting things to make you feel better, huh? Rise up! How humiliating.
  5. RG3 Elite? Lololololol
  6. While that's cool and all, you're also talking about two of the most ignorant fan bases out there. So its hard to find comfort in this.
  7. While yes, I can agree with that; On the other hand, the fact that you have to say "He's not that bad", kind of proves my point. Bottom line is that I hope we improve at the position.
  8. The Patriots are known for getting the best out of their players. I'm sure he'll do just as good, if not better than what brandon lafell did over there. I realize that they play different positions; but I'm sure Kony's stats will improve in that very succesful system.
  9. Tre Boston deserved to get billed at the end of the season for taking away all of my happiness.
  10. I think we could even take Cook if Fournette is there. Reguardless of his off the field issues. I just dont see us taking McCaffrey at #8 over all. But, if we package our two 2nd round picks for a later 1st round pick; I could see us drafting D-Line and RB in the 1st round. Because Dave loves his Offensive/ Defensive "Hog Mollies".
  11. Very well done with the spreadsheet. It made looking over the entire roster much easier. The only position I would address is the WR... not that we're bad or slow at the position; but in each of our succesful seasons, we pack in as much veteran leadership as possible. I would love to see a Victor Cruz or Anquan Boldin come here. May have a chance for a career revival here
  12. Yes. Yes thats exactly why. Jay Cutler sucks donkey poo. That's why he's on his way out. And lets not forget their other stud... Jimmy Clausen. Smh. People actually entertain themselves with these thoughts?