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  1. In my opinion, the correct answer is not available. We have had Cam for going on 7 years now and have still failed to surround him with a decent Offensive Line. So, blame our GM or whoever drafts our players
  2. Good place to eat around the stadium??

    Really? Nobody else is going to say it? Ok. BOJANGLES
  4. Video of Cam's entire press conference

    Joe Person is a poo-bag who writes nagatively about us all the time. I wouldn't like him either, nor do I understand why he has that job in the first place. Im convinced hes a seahawks fan
  5. We never know from week to week what Panthers team we're going to get. That's fair enough to say, right? But after a close loss on a short week to a GOOD NFC Leader in Philly, we had 10 days to prepare for the Bears. 10 Days to get ready for a mediocre team and this is the product we get? An Offense that appears to be afraid of the end zone? It all fell apart after the 4th and 2 call where we should have taken the 3 points... I have to admit, i havnt been this worried in quite some time.
  6. Handoff to stewy right up the middle. No gain, except for throwing john fox completely off his game with this unexpected play
  7. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Havnt laughed this hard since I was a little girl.
  8. Hat's Off to Matthew Stafford

    Hats On Found this on reddit
  9. Peppers vs. Kuechly

    Luke's career isnt over yet. Neither is Peppers'.... this thread is nonsense
  10. You can STFU about Funchess now

    I still want to see 2-3 consistent games in a row from him before im ready to hop onto this wagon. He's good, yes, but still comparable to Lafell from years ago.
  11. Anybody who was watching the Panthers game today witnessed that mysterious play where the ref stood beside our quarterback, Cam Newton, until there was roughly 2-3 seconds on the play clock. Then, the ref backed away and allowed him 2 seconds to snap the football, before calling a delay of game on him. I also witnessed the same scenario for the opposing quarterback, Drew Brees. However, when the ref stood beside him, the play clock stayed at 10 seconds until the referee backed away. I also saw this same scenario play out for Lions QB Matthew Stafford today. I ask why, why does Cam Newton get this treatment? Does this really go all the way back to 2014 when Cam called out the refs?! This poo is rediculous already. Absolutley killed a drive. Killed momentum. Killed me. Why?
  12. It surprises me every time he makes the roster
  13. What is Pie?

    When I use the "28-3" icon, Im basically just trying to convey that anything is possible.
  14. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    Hello fellow Huddlers I signed up a year ago to talk poo to some Falcons fan who weaseled his way onto the Huddle. Was a Lurker back in 2012. Been a Panthers fan since back when they were playing their home games at Clemson. My Family's had PSL's since the innagural season so you can find me at most home games. Gotta love being a Panthers fan.