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  1. Still one of the best Guard.
  2. Kawann Short (franchised) Steve Smith JPP Nick Perry Ted Ginn Andrew Whitworth
  3. They would have to make another song if 89 comes back.
  4. Coleman was about to be flipping burgers until Rivera revitalize his career by switching him to FS in 2015.
  5. Who is the chick on your profile ?
  6. We need a SS not FS
  7. Sign him so people on here will quit talking about drafting a TE
  8. Foxy was a very good HC. He just got stubborn later in his coaching career here. But, kind of see that in River too, so not sure if I could put the blame completely on his shoulders or someone above.
  9. What if Steve Smith become the GM next year?
  10. Adams is closer to Berry than anyone, but his intensity and fearlessness in the box is about the same as Earl Thomas. Thomas has great range but he isn't as much a ballhawker as everyone making him out to be. He's so much different than Ed Reed. Ed Reed was a ballhawker true center fielder. Thomas is a guy that will come and crush you on those inside routes.
  11. Thanks for the time and effort but we're getting Jamal Adams.
  12. Similar instincts and fearlessness.
  13. JPP and Nick Perry
  14. What kind is it