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  1. Who is the chick on your profile ?
  2. Thanks for the time and effort but we're getting Jamal Adams.
  3. Other than Fournette I don't have a clue who the other guys are
  4. I appreciate the love son
  5. Well poo then, should've told me. Bravo to you my son. Keep making them then.
  6. So you're telling me we're getting Tyron Smith?
  7. After seeing ARod in the last two games, you really think that weakass Atlanta defense gonna have a chance? Lol
  8. I like them more than Atlanta
  9. Shut hell up you over exaggerating pussy high school girl. 5 years? Lmfao shut the hell up.
  10. In the 2nd, why not? He has talents. Just depend if we will use him correctly or not. Im leaning more on the won't use him correctly. That read option ain't happening. He needs to go to NE.
  11. Yes he will. People have to chill out about these TEs. They're really not that great. My money is that Njoku from Miami will be the first off the board: late first to mid 2nd.
  12. He is imo the top WR prospect in this draft. However, comparing him to Julio and AJ is bit of a stretch. He's somewhere between Hopkins, Mike Evans and Alshon.
  13. Sounds smart