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  1. My handbook at work dictates that I wear polos and khakis or business/professional attire. They aren’t stepping on my freedom if I decide to instead wear a t-shirt and gym shorts. Rules are implemented and regardless how idiotic anyone feels they may be the fact of the matter is that they are to be followed. Same could be said for marijuana. I could always find employment elsewhere or start my own business if I felt like I was being mistreated but I would challenge anyone to find a place that has rules that they didn’t feel were stupid and yet we go to work and do our jobs. What can’t be done: finding a way to express your beliefs or raise awareness to an issue without offending SOMEONE. What CAN be done: follow the rules set in place by your organization without whining or breaking said rules -or- find another place of work -or- pay the penalty of breaking said rules if you so deem appropriate.
  2. WarHeel

    So what is he saying?

    Boom goes the dynamite
  3. WarHeel

    MLS to Charlotte?

    I left in May 2017. I know they have been talking about wiping demonbruen out for some time. You need to check out midtown and demonbreun before it’s gone. Broadway is for tourists. Your local, you go to midtown.
  4. WarHeel

    So what is he saying?

    Seems to me that he chose “logically” as to say, “of course it makes sense to keep the stadium in Charlotte, but...” so he could justify dropping a dome on some land in SC. Just speculation at this point of course. Here’s to hoping we keep our 8 games in the QC.
  5. WarHeel

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Is the Irish Pub on Demonbruen still around these days?
  6. Logical location is Charlotte. But there are TWO Carolinas. A true politician this man is.
  7. WarHeel

    Tepper speaks at Carnegie Mellon

    Didn’t realize he had his doctorate. Anyone know what he studied?
  8. I’ll pass on the NO rip off of our southern greatness. Thanks...
  9. 1) Remove NFL logo from midfield 2) new uni designs but keep logo Note: utilize the all black more often and add the black helmet 3) maintain our bojangles
  10. That’s the mentality we have to get past on both ends. An officer should be able to view each person as an individual without stereotype and likewise for civilian views of an officer.
  11. I agree. People should feel protected and that they are being served with their money that they are spending on government salaries. Likewise innocent men and women should be able to do their jobs without being questioned on their morality and bias or fearing for THEIR lives either. These people have families to go home to as well.
  12. You get that there is discrimination on both sides. Rogue cop kills man. People become skiddish. Criminal kills cop. Cops are skiddish. The cycle can’t be broken without ending the assumptions. I’m not disagreeing with you. Just want people to see both sides of the issue and raise awareness to an issue that will not go away if people keep treating the masses based on what the fraction of a population does.
  13. I concur with that. I also see videos of people recording themselves with routine stops where the officer was within right to stop and ticket and the indiviual calls it discrimination based on false assumptions. You and I have been pulled over and grilled by cops together and they treated me just as snarky as they did you. I’m not denying the change that is needed for those officers that deem it appropriate to welcome unjustified force. I’m just saying if a minority is pulled over the assumption shouldn’t have to be made that they are A) in danger and B) unjustly pulled over based on the color of their skin.
  14. I remember the fall out more than most watching my city go up in flames from my home 7 miles outside the city. People vandalizing stores, shops that I have wakes through in the city I grew up in. I also saw countless videos of Caucasian people uptown during these events being beat to a pulp by unruly “civilians” or what others would refer to as POC. Yet I didn’t try to push an agenda due to a small sample size of clips that I saw. I still love people and don’t assume a person convicted of a crime was found guilty based on some racial bias that is evident in the vast majority of the Justice symptom apparently.