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  1. Squad

    @Cpt slay a ho
  2. Squad

    I’ve missed thee dearly, Huddle. Due to a mandatory wedding and honeymoon hiatus I am now back in the great state of NC fresh from the D.R. and excited to share a little piece of the greatest weekend of my life. While I am most certain some not so pleasant individuals on this forum will find a way to belittle this moment, I assume most on here are of sound mind and would appreciate me sharing one of the coolest parts of what would be the best 24 hours of my life. On the eve of marrying my best friend I had gathered all eight of my groomsmen into my soon to be grandfather-in-law’s guest house for a final guy’s night before tying the knot. While I knew that these gentleman had something special brewing that they had kept under wraps I never would have expected anything of this magnitude. The first gift was tear worthy in its own right as I opened the wrapping paper to find a shiny PS4 as well as a promise of purchase of the new Spiderman game to be released next year. I was once an avid gamer prior to grad school and still am at heart as well as a huge Spidey fan. I was left speechless that my guys would pool together that much cash to buy something of that magnitude as all of them are early in their careers and nearly all of them drove from out of state for the wedding and we’re surely strapped for cash. But then they brought out a second box... ”Careful!,” one of my guys exclaimed as I tore at the second gift. “Here. Let me hold onto the box and let the gift fall into your lap.” ”Fall into my lap?,” I chuckled. ”Yes. Just do it.” And there it was. In all it’s glory and splendor. Unbeknownst to me my best man who happens to own his own landscaping business received a call to cut a yard for a gentleman by the name of Lance. They had no idea who he was until another client informed them that this particular gentleman happened to be a coach for my Carolina Panthers. Lance Taylor. Our new wideout coach fresh out of Stanford. To make a long story short, the groomsmen rolled the dice and decided to buy a players helmet online in attempts of begging Lance to get a few signatures to present to me before my big day. “The guys are really particular about these kind of things and I am not sure if I can make that happen,” Lance told my best man. My best man pleaded with him. ”You have no idea how much this will mean to him. He’s not just some fan that will turn around and sell this on eBay. It’s something he will treasure always.” He handed Lance the helmet with a child like faith not certain that it would return with one signature let alone any household names. Weeks went by and my men assumed that efforts were futile.... that is until one day after stopping by Lance’s home for a lawn detail did my best man receive this beauty in hand. There were plenty of recognizable signatures but one side immediately captured my attention. “A. Duke #16.” “Dmier Byrd #18.” “Mike Shula.” “Curtis Samuel #10.” “CMac 22.” “C Newton #1.” I literally had nothing to say in that moment except “Thank you, guys.” I have met a lot of great men in my life. I’ve lived in 7 states, attended 13 different schools, have kept in contact with dozens of friends over the years. Narrowing my decision to keep 8 groomsmen was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. But these gents proved to me just how flawless my decision making was in this process. Cheers to the 8 men who made this a reality. Y’all the real MVP. #Squad
  3. Game etiquette

    Stand for Defense and holla all you want. Sit down and shut up when the offense is on the field.
  4. Fair enough. To each his own.
  5. Help me find a player

    Actually missed most of the game wedding planning and never read anything that said he was active. Fug me, right?
  6. 24-17 Dem Carolina Boyz
  7. Help me find a player

    Not sure. All I know is when most people were being complacent with the injury report information that I was one of the few questioning what grade the tear was as this is pretty important in the timeline of rehab. Hope he’s back soon. That rotation is going to be a monster.
  8. I enjoy trolling the trolls. Nothing scary about my practice. I know my ish.
  9. I love my scrubs for sure but I went the Outpatient route so it’s the standard khakis and polo for me. Such is life.
  10. I don’t think highly recommended or better of myself regardless of my education. I hope none of you are taking my comment out of context because my initial jab was meant as a joke. I respect people from all backgrounds and social status.
  11. Fair enough. Nice comparison.
  12. I try to always be optimistic. I’ve met Gano and he seems like a great dude all around so I’m a little biased but I want both of these gentleman to succeed. Physical Therapy
  13. Weekly Power Rankings

    Not sure who does ESPN but we are always dead last every week of teams with the exact same record and behind at least one team with a worse record. Clearly they hate us.
  14. Don’t use logic in here. It doesn’t work.