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  1. I loathe Brady as much as the next guy but let’s try not to lump an entire race into how you feel about one guy.
  2. I thought this was sarcasm because it fit.
  3. 18

    I found it interesting they had Byrd running mostly shorter routes today. Seems to me that he would be a better deep threat target than Clay who i saw downfield a couple times.
  4. 18

    More time hopefully equals more chemistry with Cam. We know he has speed and his hands looked great today so maybe he can develop into what we need him to be. Say what you will about the others but Funch has been balling out and I’ll eat my crow on that one.
  5. 18

    He’s our true #2. Doesn’t mean we have an up to par wideout unit.
  6. 18

    Sure thing. And he made up for it in the 4th quarter picking up the first which is promising.
  7. 18

    Not a bad day. 5 receptions for 37 yards and a pretty decent return past the 30 that was called back by a penalty. I’ve been telling y’all. He’s our true #2. The Byrd is the word.
  8. Andy Benoit on Panthers D

    Likewise we have had two decent offensive games and everyone thinks we are back to 2015 form. Gotta love em.
  9. That tie BS chapped my ass last year. Another slap in the face from the NFL.
  10. And how much pull did Wilks have at the time of drafting these personnel? Can we blame him for not having any square pegs to work with?
  11. It seems as though most of your arguments relate back to the players themselves and not so much of Wilks.
  12. This coaching staff has consistently let talent muster while inferior players get majority of snaps. All i was getting as was Byrd gets more opportunities with Clay out.
  13. Hello From a Vikings Fan

    Sarcasm doesn’t translate well on a keyboard