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  1. SB or bust. 2019 is gonna rear it’s ugly head IMO.
  2. The Ealy trade is what is ringing a bell in most recent memory. Other than that I have nothing.
  3. Jeopardy

    Stumbled across this gem on FB. Guess these smarty pants folks don’t know everything. And Trebek is cold blooded AF.
  4. Byrd’s return for a TD. Jumped out of my seat screaming at the TV.
  5. We’ve been projected to take an OT in like ever mock draft in recent memory. How’s that worked out?
  6. Everyone here have an aversion to CatScratchReader?
  7. Value of a 2nd rounder isn’t worth his history.
  8. I think it’s boldly obvious that it’s easier to find success surrounding a mediocre QB with elite talent than an elite QB with mediocre talent.
  9. This dude is a clown in every post I’ve seen. Don’t sweat him.
  10. Lmao at Joe Buck’s haircut

    I should poo you just for having off work tomorrow.
  11. Random Norv Stuff

    Nice write up. you have way too much time on your hands but it’s appreciated.
  12. Some do hold them to a standard. Unfortunately there aren’t many (if any) of them worth a vote.
  13. Never had a problem with drafting decent young men with a clean record. At the end of the day we watch the NFL to be entertained but these guys are role models for our children and communities. They get paid significantly more than the average human being for having god given talents that 99% of us don’t possess and the least they can do is not be a fug up. Plus its good business. You wanna pay a guy to have him sit at home (i.e Greg Hardy 2014) while we have to let someone of value walk with the money you paid the other guy?
  14. Fug that guy. End thread.