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  1. Julio is doing for Ridley what Bradberry is doing for Jackson.
  2. WarHeel

    Several thoughts on the game

    He flipped a ball at a defender after a run. I could be wrong but I’m sure I've seen him flagged for the exact same play in the past.
  3. WarHeel

    Several thoughts on the game

    I know I will get poo for this but I’ll call it like I see it. That unpsportansmanlike by Cam could have very well come back and bit us in the ass and we are fortunate our D stepped up on the Bengals next drive. He’s a vet now and the leader of this team and we need better than that from him. With that being said, I’m hella excited about his evolution with Norv taking over the offense. I’m not a huge proponent of completion percentage but it’s very telling that he’s better with someone who knows how to utilize his talents.
  4. WarHeel

    Game Ball...

    CMC. Almost 200 rushing on the day. “White RB” what again?
  5. My sincerest apologies for your troubles. I will try to remain sensitive but objective with this. As someone who has endured great hardship in my life and has watched those around me that I love go through some terrible things—no one owes you or anyone else a thing. If he donated $5 he is doing more than the vast majority of folks, including myself. I will most likely donate in the near future but hell, I’m just a new graduate with 185k in school debt that I obtained with the sole purpose of helping others through my career path. The government nor anyone else thought that was enough to cut me some slack and I will be paying off my debt for the next 25 years. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I would encourage you to focus your energy on what elevates you and your family. Best wishes, my friend.
  6. WarHeel

    Graham Gano

    This. People forget about the procedure or even how reliable he was prior to his single season of concern.
  7. WarHeel

    Curtis Samuel

    Honestly, I’d be more pessimistic about his orthopedic health than his cardiovascular. Give him until week 5 before we even start to throw shade.
  8. WarHeel

    Curtis Samuel

    Obviously it’s a bit different. Doesn’t make it a significant procedure or a career ending pathology.
  9. WarHeel

    Curtis Samuel

    Dramatic. Listen guys, athletes with heart abnormalities are nothing new. Not every abnormality is a career ending situation. Educate yourselves and stop presuming on what you don’t know. Perhaps you remember a guy named Star?
  10. Vikings are tough as well. I think they had GB right where they wanted them and not too worried about that loss. I predict they’ll definitely be in the mix as will MN when week 17 rolls around
  11. WarHeel

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Biggie legit told me last night that Eagles are in play.
  12. Without a doubt. NFC is nasty.
  13. While I believe Mack is a once in a generation kind of talent, that Defense in a Chicago is waaaaaay more well rounded than ours. Can’t believe how much talent they have. I want nothing to do with them come playoff time.
  14. Fine and ejection was twice as much as any player headhunting Cam in 2015 was receiving. I’ll take baby steps in the right direction.
  15. What game were you watching? Quit making this more than it is. Torrey cost it’s way too much yardage. The ejection was coming and we all knew it, and a fine will be as well I’m sure.