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  1. WarHeel

    Who is going to training camp?

    The wifey and I, August 2nd.
  2. A poor customer won’t stop me from doing my job. Likewise I wouldn’t post it on social media if a customer stiffed me. However, when you’re eating out (especially when you have more than enough means) it’s standard to tip 20%. I’ve had some pretty ish service in my day and never have I not tipped someone at least 20%. You never know what someone is going through and what is intentional and what isn’t.
  3. Something something golden rule? You know damn well the people that are completely fine with this dude giving a laughable tip would absolutely lose their mind if they were the ones receiving said “tip.”
  4. Incoming butt hurt in 3...2...1...
  5. Or you can continue to pretend like our WR core isn’t the deepest it’s been since Smitty or that we don’t have the most reliable TE in the NFL.
  6. If we remove the phrase “hot seat” are we really that upset about the article? He has a point. If Cam can’t produce with all the talent surrounding him and an OC that can utilize him then what will the issue be? Nor denying that he’s done more with less over the years, just playing devil’s advocate.
  7. Would love to see if Byrd has a place in this offense with as loaded as our WR group is at the present time. I believe he’s earned it but may be the odd man out barring an injury or something significant.
  8. Even if the service sucks I still tip 20% min. Much more if they do well and are trying. You never know what someone is going through. He’s probably never waited a table or on anyone in his life for that matter and if he did he’d have a different outlook on the situation.
  9. WarHeel

    It's a boy!!!!!!!!

    Would love to hear the responses when their children ask them why mommy and daddy aren’t married. Because you know it’s coming.
  10. Because protecting our borders from those that would rather “cut in line” than go through the legal process of becoming citizens is comparable to a holocaust. Right...
  11. Irony at its finest that we can wish each other death while arguing for life of others.
  12. That’s an opinion. No two familial situations are the same and we can’t generalize and say these “thousands” of families are all “looking for sanctuary” and not just a better opportunity.
  13. It’s 6 one way, half a dozen another. There is NO perfect system and you’re correct about that. Someone is getting screwed over no matter how you spin this thing. But like I stated, this “separation” factor happens way too often in this country but is typically a direct result of a parent making poor decisions.
  14. My question again would be what options are they referring to? No one is offering legitimate solutions. From the article: "The laws prohibit us from detaining families while they go through prosecution," Nielsen said on Monday — a reference to the 20-day limits on how long children can be detained. Therefore, she says, "we cannot detain families together." She argues that that leaves the administration with the options of not enforcing the law, which it rejects, or separating families. But immigration advocates and legal experts say that there are other options, including those that previous administrations have chosen.”