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  1. That image of Josh Norman crying

    Lotta good that did him...
  2. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    That's what I'm saying. Romanowski OWNS the fact that he was a dirty sunnova bitch when he played. He makes jokes at his own expense about it all the time. This was one of those instances. 
  3. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    in his defense, his comments were more tongue in cheek and he was owning and making light of the fact taht he was a dirty player. He essentially was saying "the only way I could stop him was if I played dirty". He was kidding around. Harrison said what he said with actual meaning and intent behind his words. 
  4. Raise your hand if Cam said your name: Raises Hand Appreciate the shoutout Ace Boogie.
  5. Minor update on the Manning HGH story

    It is most definitely physically demanding, but it isn't the same.  The Football season is a violent sprint and baseball's is a long marathon. 
  6. Minor update on the Manning HGH story

    It's weird because performance enhancing drug use doesn't bother me much in football as opposed to Baseball.  Football is so physically demanding, I understand why someone would take HGH which has incredible health benefits.  But when Baseball players are all goosed up on roids it just seems so cheap and wrong...
  7. That was a GREAT write up about the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and how they match up with each other. I highly recommend it. 
  8. Have you lost focus at work?

    Can't lose something you never had 
  9. Scott Simonson saved his sister's life

    Someone just broke into my office and put tears in my eyes...
  10. Jesus I can't wait for this damn game 
  11. Broncos player sent home....

    Lead singer of The Police.
  12. Villains

    Unless someone else gets caught cheating repeatedly, the patriots will be the reigning NFL villains until Belichick steps down. 
  13. Josh Norman takes it to Deion Sanders

    God dammit, now I'm mad about the whole thing all over again...  
  14. Photog Street Cred for Ryan Kalil

    I bet if he took it to a European camera shop to get cleaned, the girl working the counter would go down on him in a back ally while he got robbed at knife point by Diedrich Bader.