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  1. Should Dex be banned?

    Waterboarding using tea.
  2. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    None of Cromartie's children were involved so you weren't needed on this one.
  3. Carlina Daarios?

    Those who don't watch (or read the books) are truly missing out. It's not just titties and incest and dragons and magic. No that's in all kinds of shows and a lot of them suck. I personally find dragons and magic lame as poo, but my friend was harping on me to just give the show a chance because they handle things so well. And boy howdy was he right. I went out, bought the books, and read them all over a few months. There's so much depth to every character, it's amazing. Every choice made by someone has a butterfly rippling effect across the world, whether it be positive or negative. Some great drama, character development, fantastic acting, betrayal, an overarching story that encompasses the entire globe, plot twists and turns that turn TV tropes and cliches on their heads. You fall in love with characters only to have them die. You despise characters only to watch them succeed and thrive. There is no just rewards, only rewards for those who play the game better than the next guy. I would seriously highly, highly, highly recommend this show to anyone who hasn't seen it. If you're one of those hipster "I'm too good to watch something popular because it probably sucks" then go away. There's a reason that so many people across the globe have fallen in love with this story and these characters. It's fantastically well done and very enjoyable.
  4. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Brown has above average speed. Ginn has elite speed. Both have their contributions for the offense and I don't see them taking a spot from the other.
  5. Super Bowl in 2019 - Atlanta named as host

    The butthole will be packed in 2019
  6. Former Panther Byron Bell Out for the Season

    that sucks for him. Damn.
  7. Huddle Exclusive: KK Short Discusses Desserts

    You should ask these weird non-sequitur questions regularly just to break up the banality and grind of OTAs and Camp. Start a thread before each practice and ask the best ones that day. I'm sure the players would appreciate answering them more than the generic "how'd it feel to practice today guy?" questions they always get.
  8. Salt is a more valuable resource throughout the game and you can leverage as a trade bait to get oil when you research biology.
  9. Cool. J-No showed up for Tolbert's charity event

    I look at him and I see a troll. Let's not feed him anymore, shall we? The ignore user function is a nifty tool. I would recommend people use it more often.
  10. tarheelfan23's list of free agents we should bring in

    Why not just get Scott Eastwood to do it? He's a carbon copy of his father.
  11. Lil Dicky - Mean Guys

    That's actually hilarious
  12. They both look like ben affleck to me
  13. Sporting News most hated NFL players of all time

    Greg was never found innocent. Charges were dropped after Holden failed to show up in court after Hardy and her reached an agreement out of court. He was found guilty then he appealed.
  14. Arian Foster?

    Yeah that's not important in the slightest. If you read that article that ESPN put out last year on his faith (or lack thereof) they talk about how Justin Forsett became one of his best friends while he was on the Texans with Foster. Forsett's father was a minister or some such and Forsett is very devout in his faith. Didn't stop them from chumming it up and being friends. Just because you don't believe the same thing doesn't mean you can't be bros.
  15. Arian Foster?

    That would take reps away from the younger backs who have more to offer than a one year rental at less than 100%. Give me the youts.