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  1. Johnson actually had a damn good playoff run. He was finally healthy. Allen should have been the one taking breaks to allow more Kony, however the argument could be made that Kony was so dominant in the super bowl because he was being used so sparingly, and therefor fresher than the other players.
  2. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    So through the transitive property that would make Jaylon Smith the Black Ray Lewis then?
  3. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    Am I the only one that saw that and went "Paying an OL that much is far more reasonable than paying a CB 16 million/year"
  4. We were looking at him pretty hard that draft from what I remember. He's also pretty young.
  5. The only reason that team isn't a perennial top 5 pick in the draft is due to Breesus and his willpower. Brees is one of the all time greats and when he finally hangs it up or they move on from him, that team is going in the shitter. I can't wait.
  6. Disagree, dude was one of the best Tackles in the league last year. He deserves the contract. Also more money tied up in future contracts that possibly hurts the saints down the road. I'm alright with it.
  7. oh yeah, forgot about that whole contract aspect of things... Never mind, ignore my last post.
  8. I'd throw the jags a 4th for Joeckel. Instant depth on the Line and a back-up plan in case anything happens to Oher. Plus he can work with Matsko.
  9. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    IGWT In Gettleman We Trust
  10. ICYMI: Rookie Jersey Numbers

    Huddle has been stuck there since about Thursday, just now finally coming out of it.
  11. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Yes I agree. That dude has some damn near perfect tackling technique.
  12. ICYMI: Rookie Jersey Numbers

    The year the Bears won the Super Bowl. The Year Anna Kendrick, Kaley Cuoco, and Keira Knightly were born. Wham's "Careless Whisper" and "wake me up before you go-go" were hit songs in 1985 Hit song by Bowling for soup "1985" released in 2004 Also Wesley Walls wore number 85
  13. He ran a crap ton of go routes. I'm not worried about him being easily tackled. You look at the way our offense is run and we very rarely have passing plays designed to get YAC. As long as he can come down with the ball, he can thrive for us.
  14. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    Garret v. Sanchez 2 Also Bradberry. Really interested to see how he looks out there because there's little to no film on him available.
  15. When a player doesn't fit your system

    I disagree. With Hurney, it seemed like he just picked whoever was rated highest and then they tried to fit them into the system we had in place.