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  1. I check the Huddle everyday, but do so in a casual manner. By that I mean I look at it when I'm naked. But I've just embraced the idea that I have nothing to do with managing the team, I don't know how to evaluate talent, I have no better knowledge than anyone actually running things, etc. Love reading whats going on, but never get upset about anything, constant change is a given in this sport/business. I buy the tickets, get to the tailgate early, and root for the players to win.
  2. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/benjamin-kelly-florida-aide-parkland-shooting-actors_us_5a8d1205e4b00a30a250aab5 too bad you can't get fired from the TBox
  3. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    He's already made clear he thinks Sandy Hook was fake. Hasn't given an opinion on Nessie yet. As soon as he mentioned the moon landing I knew he was hopeless.
  4. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

  5. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    Hey mom should I take this scholarship for nuclear engineering or follow my passion to be a white supremacist rapper?
  6. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    In the end Pence would do more harm to me personally I think than Trump, but rodeo is right. We've got 4 years of as asshole in the White House, whether it's Trump, Pence, or Ryan.
  7. That was fast...

  8. Any Fast Times at Ridgemont High fans here?

    would a remake today take place in the 70s, or 20 years after? The mind boggles!
  9. Restaraunt Help- North Charlotte

    I don't know what you mean by nice. I never get out there but happened to be in the University area Sunday and we ate at Cheddars, its like an Applebees but with decent food, nicer decor, and a pretty good menu. It's not Chez Ritz but I've been there a few times over the years and its always been consistently good.
  10. The Empty State Department

    Not sure how well a military leader like that adapts to being an ambassador but he appears to be competent at least.
  11. Things that trump says

    Oh those old tweets
  12. The Empty State Department

    That's why I mentioned it, I'd have to think a lot of Trumps buddies would love a temporary assignment as ambassador to Australia. Of course they implemented a strict gun control law that worked as intended a long time ago, so maybe the less Trumpers know about Australia the better.
  13. Ruh roh - indictments

    sturm and drang might work here
  14. The Empty State Department

    How can we not have an ambassador to Australia?