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  1. cookinwithgas

    Repubs plan to balance the budget

    on the plus side you can be a Christian without having to worry about muslims enforcing sharia law or abortions.
  2. cookinwithgas

    Space Force

  3. cookinwithgas

    WTF have we become

    so nothing again. Your Fuhrer would tell you that you are a big fat loser to your face, unless you look like you could take him, in which case he'd leave the room and tweet it because hes a coward.
  4. cookinwithgas

    WTF have we become

    blah blah picture blah Poor dotard being smeared - by a "bitch", right? Its so wrong to smear people lol what time did that daycare close and their parents were required to pick them up by? What made you such a horrible human being? How did dotard get to reverse that law the Democrats made and only they could change suddenly? How quickly are you going to come up with a different excuse for this one like every other one?
  5. cookinwithgas

    Disagree with them? Label them

    Hey guys while I don't want to vehemently defend G5 here, he is a critical thinking giant compared to the rest of the rightie loons around here. He used to defend VoteRID at every opportunity but has mellowed somewhat, while still wanting measures that may or may not be somewhat reasonable, to name one topic.
  6. cookinwithgas

    WTF have we become

    https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/migrant-children-drugged-without-parental-consent-at-government-institutions-court-documents-show_us_5b2a9e87e4b0321a01cd4dd3 but that drug epidemic
  7. cookinwithgas

    WTF have we become

    Hey guys how do you think this is going to affect the Trump Nobel Peace Prize watch?
  8. cookinwithgas

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    Are they the FEMA ones Obama created to put law abiding Americans in when he was President?
  9. cookinwithgas

    WTF have we become

    I don't know but your bullshit about the Dems somehow only having the ability to reverse this poo sure was.
  10. cookinwithgas

    another dotard loss

    wow wonder what got him to do that
  11. cookinwithgas

    Canada officially legalizing weed!

    Marijuana laws were created in large part because it was readily available to poor African Americans and that needed to be stopped, this is really it.
  12. cookinwithgas

    Canada officially legalizing weed!

    I'm trying to get up there around the second/third week of July to see family. I know my old hometown will be totally ready to get up on this.
  13. cookinwithgas

    WTF have we become

    "We're still working through the experience"? What is this, a new ride at Disneyland?
  14. cookinwithgas

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Too bad she's probably lost the trailer park demographic most likely to try it out before she even starts
  15. cookinwithgas

    WTF have we become