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  1. Hillary Full Of Meaningless Platitudes

    shes a politician who whudda thunk it
  2. Update on the toddler body count

    CWG is not suggesting, he is telling you that we have way too many guns in our country and this whole "MAH RIGHTZ!" thing has led to laxness and carelessness resulting in more deaths of innocent people than criminals.
  3. Update on the toddler body count

    my cousin did that in Thailand (the AK-47 shooting fun day)
  4. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    that was a pretty exciting game last night, Yankees sweep is always welcome
  5. Update on the toddler body count This past week, a Milwaukee toddler fatally shot his mother after finding a handgun in the back seat of the car they were riding in. The case drew a lot of national attention given the unusual circumstances: Little kids rarely kill people, intentionally or not. But this type of thing happens more often than you might think. Since April 20, there have been at least seven instances in which a 1- , 2- or 3-year-old shot themselves or somebody else in the United States: On April 20, a 2-year-old boy in Indiana found the gun his mother left in her purse on the kitchen counter and fatally shot himself. The next day in Kansas City, Mo., a 1-year-old girl evidently shot and killed herself with her father's gun while he was sleeping. On April 22, a 3-year-old in Natchitoches, La., fatally shot himself after getting hold of a gun. On April 26, a 3-year-old boy in Dallas, Ga., fatally shot himself in the chest with a gun he found at home. On April 27, the Milwaukee toddler fatally shot his mother in the car. That same day, a 3-year-old boy in Grout Township, Mich., shot himself in the arm with a gun he found at home. He is expected to survive. On April 29, a 3-year-old girl shot herself in the arm after grabbing a gun in a parked car in Augusta, Ga. She is also expected to survive. Last year, a Washington Post analysis found that toddlers were finding guns and shooting people at a rate of about one a week. This year, that pace has accelerated. There have been at least 23 toddler-involved shootings since Jan. 1, compared with 18 over the same period last year.
  6. How many ways can

    Science usually benefits from multiple studies on subjects as complex as this. It's also how peer review gets done, and independent verification of outcomes is always helpful when battling deniers.
  7. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    they've certainly shown a predisposition not to put up with bullshit like this for the past 50 years or so.
  8. How many ways can

    I don't get it is he sending in the Punisher to fix this? Any chance he can fix having 7 politically motivated Beeennnggaazzziiii investigations being done with our tax dollars as well?
  9. Just so sad

    Because he has a problem with alcohol addiction. And it ruined him.
  10. Las Vegas Raiders

    seems like a great fit. Love the Bay area but going to games in Vegas would be a lot of fun.
  11. Just so sad

    So glad I'm not a Browns fan. Will Burge [email protected] 2 yrs ago he was a 1st rd hes unemployed watching it at a bar in Columbus b4 the Bieber concert #Manziel Retweets 13,220 Likes 10,113 8:17 PM - 28 Apr 2016
  12. Favorite songs about relationships

    hell of a song and video
  13. Favorite songs about relationships

    Holy cow I used to sing this all the time when I was a kid but had completely forgotten about it thanks!
  14. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    That was because it was the gender he identified with. And even the Army, in wartime, didn't force him to do otherwise to placate the hicks.
  15. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    we can't legalize it soon enough. I'm sick of people getting held hostage over something less harmful than alcohol.