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  1. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    Yes G5 anyone who thinks the President and Congress should do their appointed jobs under that Constitution is nuts. Thanks.
  2. Jangler Losing Touch: Hayden Loses Lip Sync Battle

    well bollocks to that
  3. Jangler Losing Touch: Hayden Loses Lip Sync Battle

    If Haydens lips are letting her down these days, how is she going to get any more acting jobs?
  4. Cleavagegate

    I've loved that cleavage ever since I tried to touch it on a giant movie screen back in the 70s.
  5. Dem Debate - One on One, Bernie vs Hillary

    While you are just spouting bullshit, the alternative is hooking up with the people that can't quite figure out whether the Confederate Flag should still be flown at our Statehouses or not. Keep trying,
  6. Obama's triumph brought together every wing of the Democratic Party and inspired a generation of young voters: idealists who wanted a complete break from the Bush years, centrists who were angry about the Iraq War, radicals who wanted to reshape the financial system, bankers who concluded Obama would get the economy back on track, and many, many more. Each faction projected its own worldview onto Obama, believing he would pursue their own particular vision of the future. That was impossible. And so, committed Democrats have been fighting about Obama ever since he entered office. The meaning of his presidency and what it could have been are not simply topics of academic debate -- they cut right to the emotional core of why many people got involved in Democratic Party politics, and why they identify as Democrats at all.
  7. Trump finally gets a win

    Well at least he doesn't appear to be an Eagles fan, but there's a good probability he couldn't tell one bird apart from another unless it had fake boobs so be careful what you wish for there - first executive order could be "kill all the birds"
  8. Judge chastises racist cop

    It's almost as if all the things us dopey liberals complain about actually happen in the real world
  9. Oregon under attack

    Am I a bad person for checking for tampons on that list first?
  10. Dem Debate - One on One, Bernie vs Hillary

    I actually read the report, don't blame me.
  11. Dem Debate - One on One, Bernie vs Hillary

    oh now it's all blown off.   By 5 tonight I am sure it will be how Minnesota actively signed up dead people to inflate some numbers.
  12. No game pics, you are welcome   As usual all the pictures I took are at:   Saturday morning my wife and I visited Alcatraz, our first time. Neat place but we didn't have a lot of time. Heres a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge on the way back to the pier   I was more than happy at the amount of fan support on display all weekend for our team. This is right outside the line to get into Super Bowl City across the street from the waterfront.   We got back from Alcatraz and to SB City by 1, but it took a half hour to get though the giant security line, which goes to the right of this pic all the way up the street, past the stage and to the next block. So we missed being inside for the fan rally I ended up listening to it live but watching it on Jeremys periscope in the line, so THANKS JEREMY! The Spanish announcers did some funny stuff up there.   Some of our friends from the Pro Football Ultimate Fan Association were there - some of them drove pretty long distances for not having their teams in the game   Posing while trying to get on NFL Network (we didn't LOL)   We had a great group of friends to hang with which made everything fantastic Psuedo tailgating in Green Lot 4 - we parked there because they said we could tailgate (no grills) but as soon as we got there a cop car came up and yelled at everyone through their loudspeaker that no tailgating was allowed - we quickly cleared that up and had some fun with some new friends as well   Luckily we know how to do this stuff and in short order were having a grand old time   How to get a 16 year old birthday boy to smile   The walk in was long but was a blast. Everyone is in a great mood, the weather was perfect, and we were all well prepped for the trip.   Hung out with Mario Addisons mom and brother for a while   Almost there!   The best moment of the game, all downhill from here. Pretty sure any orange you see here is the fault of PSL owners selling their tickets. That's GoToGirls shoulder on the left.
  13. Oregon under attack   If the entire nation says Hallelujah at noon next Tuesday, maybe we can get all these nuts to give up Facebook and message boards?