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  1. Nails

    Silver Lining

    No one with a clue is surprised. The silver lining is that this guy is still available, in fantastic shape, cheap, and wants to play here, still.
  2. Nails

    Early game discussion

    You should print out that post and wipe your a$$ with it. That’s what it’s worth. Funchess with one arm burned the glass one in January. Now you guys sacrificed what bleak future you did have to get destroyed by Ryan Fitzpatrick at home. Nice.
  3. Nails

    Early game discussion

    @saints4lifeagain your boy is made of glass AND sucks
  4. Do eye or ear doctors even exist on the Bayou? Spins the LT into the QB causing the sack. Even Al Michaels mentions him.https://mobile.twitter.com/JeffSkversky/status/1037887835121049602/video/1
  5. Nails

    Who to Root For - Week 1

    Not even in the stratosphere of debate in week 1-AFC over NFC EVERY time!!! We have no clue in this league how things will unfold but history has taught us 1) teams will surprise/come out of nowhere, and 2) SOS/SOV is rarely even a factor at the end of the day, certainly less than other NFC teams surprising/becoming an unexpected nuisance.
  6. Nails

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    Just sucks positional value was not taken into account, knowing that was likely the only top 10 pick we’d have for awhile. Losing Barnett thinking a jabroni like Hall would suffice was not smart. CMC had better truly be otherworldly to take the sting away.
  7. Nails

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    Yep. Said it then and it’s painfully obvious now. Barnett was and is an actual producer at the second most important position on the field. I always thought GMan actually wanted Barnett and Kamara in rounds 1 and 2 but who knows. He looks worse and worse by the week.
  8. Not true. Horton is better than Hardy. And having Hall was justification for passing on Barnett. smh
  9. Steve Smith didn’t go to Tennessee. He said on NFL Network during the combine Dobbs was the most impressive QB in the 2017 draft.
  10. Awful logic. Just because Cam goes down for a game, or even half the season, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be ready when it mattered in January/February. The Eagles even won it all with a backup. Not to mention the need for a guy like Dobbs to take a load off Cam’s practice reps.
  11. Gilbert and Heinicke have been with a head spinning number of teams. Why? Because by your theory AND in reality...they suck!!! The Vikings have only had one franchise QB in franchise history (four decades ago), were DESPERATE for Teddy to be the savior, then discarded him like used trash after his disastrous injury, and he just commanded a 3rd for one year on a huge salary. No one has yet to put a more logical solution to this short and long term (by NFL standards) problem than a late pick for Dobbs.
  12. Dobbs has a FAR superior physical skill set, age, injury history, and salary to Bridgewater, who himself is not that good, and just commanded a 3rd for one year. Bridgewater is a good guy but so is Dobbs, an engineering major to boot.