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  1. The co$t will be far more than anyone bargained for after today. The lo$$e$ until now have been tame by compari$on.
  2. That's actually not true seeing that we settled for 3 multiple times, at least three times inches away from getting 7 (to Benjamin, Shepard (great plays by Poyer), and a bad miss by Cam to CMC). We didn't play as bad as people think vs Buffalo, especially in the first half, there were just relatively few possessions in that game as a whole (and McD does know us very well after all). I just honestly think people's give a damn meter is on empty based on our insane mismanagement of Cam, insane officiating, and now politics/PC/disrespect to what many hold very sacred entering the fray.
  3. This team sans Pep (who by the way has subtly lingered in the back, near the bench, away from "his brothers" in every other pre and regular season game anthem so far, even BEFORE "his brothers were disrespected"), is a beacon of light in a league taking on more water than the Titanic from many angles.
  4. Dude has always had penis envy of #1. A loser on a loser team that's going nowhere. Who cares.
  5. A transcript like this and can make countless millions. Only in America Pep, you moron.
  6. 15 yards net with the punt, down 18 in the 3rd quarter. A week after not going for it on 4th and goal where a TD ices the game and failure to convert still has them backed up at the goal line needing 3 to tie....4 years to the month the EXACT scenario played out against the same Buffalo team, not going for it on 4th and short, instead opting to go up 6 with a FG, EJ Manuel then marches downfield w/Norman blown coverage for the win at the horn. Supposedly that loss bothered RR so much he nearly got into a car accident thinking about it. 4 years later he is what he is (as a football coach)(same as he's always been)-gutless Ron.
  7. Hey there...

    This feels different. The moronic decision to play Cam at the end of last year, at best, didn't help, and at worst, f*cked Cam for this year as well. We can rebound, yes, but Championship teams usually don't lose (much less get throttled) at home to teams as putrid as this Saints team with so many out. The Panthers, and football in general with these insane protests to already sinking ratings, combined with declining youth participation and CTE, is circling the toilet bowl.
  8. What a bunch of BS. The Ravens kneed en masse and we're curb stomped despite being 2-0. The Steelers did their BS and lost to the lowly Bears.
  9. It's GOING to get ugly...with boycotts from consumers on the game itself and sponsors.
  10. Ass backwards. Last year after he didn't start the Seattle game and our season was lost would've been the time.
  11. Like I said, 0. Proud to be a Panther. Up yours haters.
  12. One of the many reasons Cam is so likeable is because he doesn't get involved publicly with politics-neither did his neighbor/mentor Michael Jordan. Cam is not kneeing. No one even knows where Cam stands on political issues and that's a good thing for a 28 year old likeable professional athlete. If I'm wrong and Cam commits football career/endorsement suicide, then I'm wrong. But don't count on it.
  13. Where's the list? And where are you on it? You're full of $hit.
  14. Topic doesn't matter because none of our players are "doing anything" and won't, or they'll be gone.