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  1. Sure. Over 20 terror attacks on French soil since Jan 2015, over 200 dead, nearly 1,000 inured. Trump's fault.
  2. Been to Paris, Cannes, Nice, and Monaco. Was in Theoule-sur-Mer on the 60th Anniversary for the Allied Invasion of Southern France. Very well received by WWII Generation Frenchmen with a clue. Since you asked.
  3. Direct flights from both CLT AND RDU to CDG for those that care what this snot nosed whiteflagger and his bic-needing cradle robbing old wife think.
  4. Ha, at the age that many libs are fornicating and binge drinking while piling up student debt listening to wacko lib professors who produce nothing of tangible value, Jesus was a carpenter under the hot Middle Eastern sun, lifting untold amounts and eventually walking untold amounts over various terrains and eons away from memory foam mattresses at a 5 star spa to recover. Even Jesus' "natural" strength was far more than most could ever fathom.
  5. You're the one that called two American Legends pussies and idiots even if both would wipe the floor with you in any way of their choosing like a bug on a windshield. You then wrote a long (unscientific) post after having plenty of time and desire to refute the OP. Why? That insecure and desperate? I simply linked the studies which I found humorous albeit certainly accurate with world and life experience. Don't like it? Hit the gym. Girls like curls.
  6. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. It's not the only similar study with the same conclusion. Not that anyone needed a study to state the obvious, but still.
  7. Where in the HELL are you getting that Stewart was a liberal????? He'll hunt you down and beat your ass from the grave if you type that poo again.
  8. No surprise, but now scientifically proven
  9. Unfortunately Cam's injury/surgery and a lack of availability/value/fit/need just didn't line up in the draft.
  10. So neither our 6th nor 7th make the final 53 in this projection, yet people didn't even want to exchange late round picks for Pryor despite this absolutely $hitty safety situation. I really hope Armah makes it and Butker MUST make it since Gano MUST go.
  11. Not sure how to read this. To clarify, are these pieces of absolute $hit who robbed a store and shot two officers, one in serious condition, just weeks before this utterly insane story, suspects or community members? If I were Seattle PD I'll be [email protected] if I'm taking a bullet for such wonderful community members. I'd say f*ck it and let anarchy reign.
  12. A city whose officers can't even say suspect anymore and must instead say community member. Bunch of fruit loops.
  13. Great article and insight into the mind and locker room of the justifiably loathed enemy whose goose is cooked.