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  1. Want? Hell yeah. For any price/over market value? Hell no. This franchise has tried playing nice, feel good, country club football before and it leads to pussified ruin.
  2. Not true. Business is business. Cam and Luke should be the only two sure things, being generational talents in their prime.
  3. I also don't think GMan wanted CMC, but Derek Barnett .
  4. You are correct that there cannot and would not be an MLB and existing Knights franchise in Charlotte. It is possible but very cumbersome and expensive to have MLB and nuke the Knights&BB&T however, and was Jerry Reese's plea for so many years and part of why he was correct.
  5. Argh. Same argument decade after decade. Go back in time and look at every current MLB city/region when they got a team and compare them to Charlotte now. There is no reason 15 million in 2 states, 7.5 million in 100 miles, and 2.3 million in the metro can't support all major sports in 2017.
  6. Short and sweet-YES. Doubtful they lift the Cup next year but even more doubtful they miss the playoffs. If Sebastian Aho was not from Finland and didn't play in Raleigh he'd already be a household name. Only 19 years old(!!!), kid can PLAY.
  7. Not only feasible but a home run, literally and figuratively. 15 million people in the Carolinas, a baseball hotbed, and 7.5 million people within 100 miles of Charlotte. By comparison Minneapolis and Denver only have 4.5 million within 100 miles and have all 5 sports to include NHL and MLS.
  8. Greensboro had their chance, voted against a $.01 tax on fast food for a stadium in 1998 that would've brought the Twins.
  9. It's secret, duh. As any outstanding Commander in Chief, he's doing what he promised to do to defeat ISIS by not telegraphing his every move or strategy.