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  1. On that note, I'd FAR rather have 3 Vols. Berry in FA, Barnett, and Kamara in Rd 2.
  2. And FUG DeAngelo Williams too while we're at it. If that fuggity FUG didn't fumble they'd still have none. Whatever. Wish we were holding the trophy this year but wouldn't trade our future for any.
  3. Couldn't care less if it results in multiple Lombardi Trophies in the near future, which I believe it will. Yes, you have to make the playoffs first and yes I would have rather made the playoffs with a CHANCE to win it all than not make it. Even wildcard teams have won it all in recent years. But Seattle is done this year, no different than us. And our future is brighter, for many reasons. I would NO DOUBT rather be US at #8 than 11 of the 12 teams in this year's playoffs. That's what this offseason thread on this football message board is about.
  4. The pieces are there though, like the OP said. For many reasons this wasn't our year and our front office is as responsible as anyone for our own demise this year. But no long term hampering decisions were made, and the beauty is we're actually rewarded for sucking by picking 8 in every round. The future is VERY bright in Carolina, clear skies. Forecast is murkier, potential thunderstorms in the PNW.
  5. On cue, a poster on their board calls this the most disappointing year in their history. Despite kicking our ass and winning a playoff game, and having a chitty history overall. They know the gig is up.
  6. For us 2-4 years ago? Sure!!! For the Bills or Browns now? Of course. But this organization was IN the Super Bowl with an MVP last year. Super Bowl or bust at this point. Doing what Seattle did this year would utterly disgust me THIS year. I'm FAR more excited over picking 8 in every round so we can win LOMBARDIS, not wild card round games.
  7. Funny thing is it's actually coming true. Their team hasn't trusted their own coaching staff since the decision to pass at the goal line in the Super Bowl. Their weak division and some genuinely good players still couldn't even get them a bye and they were truly all in this year. The ages of their megastars and their QB simply not being the greatest thing since sliced bread in an organization CHOCK FULL of egomaniac aholes does not bode well long term.
  8. Not anymore. Depends on the organization at the time. For us and Seattle now, it's Super Bowl or bust.
  9. Don't discount a Rivers trade. They may very well be looking for a QB.
  10. DA managed to get flagged and airtime in Oakland without even putting on a helmet. How is that possible? He dun
  11. I don't disagree but gotta prepare for doomsday. The guy with the most upside, Josh Allen, is going back to school. I'd like to think KK being tagged and traded for a 1st where we'd get Ramczyk anyway would be more likely than no QB in the top 10.
  12. New Bleacher Report Mock has the nightmare scenario of favorites gone with Ramczyk the pick.
  13. The Vikings have no OL, a statue or a gimp for a QB, invested a top 5 pick on the guy, have no pick in the top 45, and still don't want him. If Matt Kalil's name wasn't Matt Kalil, Matt Kalil's name wouldn't be mentioned on this board. If we think Oher is "OK" and/or Kalil is simply replacing Remmers, then meh, ok. If we think Oher is not "OK" and/or Kalil is the one and only vet acquisition and we expect to plug and play him @LT without a hitch, then the potential unholy reign of terror the 2017 Panthers could deliver on this league may be over before it starts.
  14. Poe is a freak. I would pay Poe over Berry if I were them too between those two but I would rather have Berry than KK, due to consistency, and us having Star and Butler, as well as our preference for experience on the back end.
  15. Hopefully for 2nd string. DA couldn't even beat the Bucs at home, has one more year on his deal, and his 2017 cap hit is more than his 2016 hit. With the exception of maybe New England who will be getting rid of their #2, would any of these playoff teams advance with their backups anyway?