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  1. DEREK BARNETT!!!!!!

    Barnett and Kamara then? Barnett lead the Eagles in percentage of pass rushing snaps he produced a sack or hurry. That’s not even including the key forced and recovered fumbles and blocked FGs. He was healthy all year and key in them getting the all-important #1 seed. Simply put the Eagles were last in the East last year and won the Super Bowl after taking Derek Barnett with their first pick. Philadelphia had never won a Super Bowl and Derek Barnett has a ring in his first year there.
  2. DEREK BARNETT!!!!!!

    DG was subdued last year after the draft. I still think that’s who he really wanted. Will never know.
  3. THAT is more like typical Vikings.
  4. Kareem Hunt instead of Hall in the 3rd. Water under the bridge but Barnett is still only 21 and on the 1st of a 5 year rookie deal.
  5. Me too. For many reasons. Oh well.
  6. Updates on the team sale

    For God’s sakes, it WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE. Oakland is a motherfugging dump, has a motherfugging dump stadium from the 60s, is second fiddle in the Bay market, and is one of 4 teams in the broke state of California. Leaving 15+ million football fanatics in the Carolinas and growing, corporate Charlotte with a 20 year old stadium and NOWHERE to go? NOT.
  7. Survive and Advance is also the best 30 for 30. Absolutely epic. Nothing will come close to that moment.
  8. Fair enough. Apologies. Surprised no one else mentioned it.
  9. A guy that once posted an animated pic of a Police Officer’s throat slashed? And this thread made 3 pages at the top already? What a waste of time and space. He’ll never be a Panther.
  10. Like hell they will. I’ve yet to talk to one, and I know many.
  11. Zero chance. 24 owners must approve. Zero chance. 15+ million people in two football crazed states. Zero chance. An airport with a two hour or less flight to 60% of the US population. Zero chance.
  12. Economic reality would hit the fools like a ton of bricks when they realize people 1)don’t have the money, 2)don’t have the same interest in the NFL for MANY reasons, and 3)are absolutely so disgusted and outraged they become fans of teams playing the Panthers instead of remaining Panther fans.
  13. If this helps keep this clown from trying to bend over taxpayers for an unnecessary new stadium, so be it.
  14. For Sale

    Al Davis once upon a time was a great football man-won 3 Super Bowls and was enshrined in Canton among other accomplishments. His team has played in that absolute dump since the 60s with the exception of the move to the nation’s 2nd biggest market. No comparison to Felix the jackass.
  15. For Sale

    Smith may want to bring MLS with the proposed new stadium. Not even remotely close to enough. Would need MLS AND MLB in a space aged interchangeable contraption to quell the outrage. Outrageously unlikely for many reasons, not the least of which would be the competition for the entertainment/disposable dollar that MLB would provide to all the owners in the Panthers group, and MLB agreeing to a shared venue.