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  1. Love the Pee Wee dance
  2. When you look at their history and the state of that franchise, I have little doubt that will play a key role in their decision. Ironically staying in Florida is the worst thing for him, closer to his goons.
  3. The Dolphins want to make a "big splash", and are targeting a DT. Those fools just can't help themselves. Would love to bend them over in a tag/trade for KK.
  4. Not to mention they STILL wouldn't have a QB!!!
  5. Another scenario that may play out like a game of chicken is staying put, and, KNOWING the Jets need additional picks (they only have 6 total and are in a world of hurt everywhere), getting on the phone with them if they take him and take their second choice at #8 for them and then giving them the 3rd as well.
  6. Doesn't make Beachum look sour, because Beachum's Jax contract was a FOUR year option, which they declined. A late pick and still letting the Dolphins pay a lion's share of the salary is precisely what I proposed-aka the Jared Allen deal. The Dolphins still get "something", while the Jags don't have to commit long term for big $$$.
  7. Creates $8.5 million in cap space.
  8. Former 2010 1st Round pick. 22.5 career sacks.
  9. If he blows the doors off at the combine it might have to be done.
  10. Elliott Harrison, Panthers and Berry "potential fit". Obviously the other potential fits don't offer near what we do in terms of the ability to win and mold with our team.
  11. The allegations and charges between this and Hardy aren't in the same legal stratosphere.
  12. Don't disagree with most of that but I don't see Berry causing problems, and in fact, I think every player on our team would be energized throughout offseason workouts with the thought he is ours. I'm not deeply emotionally tied to Berry but I follow high school recruiting as well, moreso a decade ago than today. I recall Berry then, and, what can you say, he's a beast, always has been. He beat our team and our biggest rival practically by himself in 2016. I'd give him what he wants as I see it as a perfect match of player and team coming together in 2017. We'll see.
  13. The Seahawks have thrown more resources at their secondary than any other team, and like it or not, it's worked. The Patriots even threw big money at Revis, and, it worked, by beating said Seahawks for ring #4 (after no ring in a decade!). If you truly think Alex Smith has the same chance as Cam Newton to win a ring, there's no need to discuss this further, I just don't know what to tell you and my mother said if you can't say something nice...