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  1. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Barely watching this crap but obviously pulling for the Giants. Put the pathetic Redskins out of their misery and hurt the NFC Giants draft positioning. 3-0 Giants.
  2. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Cam was not healthy, or even remotely close to it. His throwing motion and velocity looked like a different player that day. Okafor the ex-con who had a big day will be out this time. And...
  3. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Are you sure the fleur-de-lis shouldn’t be your avatar? When we last won there, for the 12th time, only two years ago, the game was flexed from 1 to 425 too.
  4. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Similar to Jake. Better of course, but inferior physically to the elite, streaky, emotional, moments of brilliance sprinkled with utter mind numbingly moronic decisions.
  5. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Those that have ever lived in Charlotte and had a radio will understand.
  6. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Dak sucks. Wonder what Cam would have done with Zeke and the Cowboys OL last year.
  7. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Nah. The play vs our biggest rival in the Falcons was enough. A change was necessary for both sides.
  8. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Of course! How supposed Panthers fans are pulling for a different outcome is beyond me.
  9. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    The Lions will not win another game if their D is that bad.
  10. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Have you people lost your damn minds?! We’re 18-1 without KB the last 3 years and undefeated this year with Greg who we now get back. We have the most talented team in football, play better in the 2nd half of the year, and have playoff experience at every level on both sides of the ball.
  11. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Huge for the Lions to only be down 10. They couldn’t have played worse. I think and hope they come back and win this game.