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  1. Elite=Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox. Nothing against KK but he’s a rung below.
  2. Calling them idiots is denial. Everything will have to line up in terms of injuries and maximizing potential to make this list. No, it’s not impossible, but truthfully more likely that a domino will fall in a negative way. We’ll see if the rest stand up when that domino or others does fall.
  3. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Look at the other teams/players on the list. In THIS particular case it’d be very homeristic to have the Panthers on it. Multiple players with age and/or injury issues and/or multiple unproven players will have to maximize their potential to make this list, assuming Tepper does not shock the free world and sign Hardy.
  4. People here and homers everywhere need a reality check. I’ve been saying this for awhile. Wes Horton is propped up on this site as being something that he’s not-a good DE. Makes me want to vomit he’s hung around this long. I like Butler and the injury last August was a shame, but he’s still unproven. KK is good with the potential to be great but not elite or a future HOFer and probably overrated by most Panther fans. His getting owned my Mack still irks me as does his inconsistency. Poe’s injury concerns are unsettling as well. Star and Ealy were highly drafted defensive linemen and are now gone. Mario is an OK specialist but moves zero needles outside of this fan base. Hall and Haynes are projects. Peppers IS old by NFL standards, obviously. Gregory McKarl Hardy is also gone but still 8.5 years younger than Pep and available.
  5. Nails

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Don’t disagree. They can’t find their a$$ with a funnel.
  6. Nails

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Tampa beat writer responds to Longoria-saying he’s right...and of course mentions Charlotte. http://www.tampabay.com/opinion/columns/Daniel-Ruth-Mad-at-Evan-Longoria-He-s-just-speaking-truth-to-Rays-stadium-delusion_168223436 But the negative Nancy’s still think we need to build to keep the Panthers, even though BOA was state of the art when built two decades ago (long before concussion/lawsuit controversies), has been upgraded multiple times since, and there’s zero sane relocation threat.
  7. And the one that basically lead the charge to the bathroom bill disaster, the one that called police terrorists, etc.
  8. Nails

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Yes Sir, the Charlotte Hounds. Not sure how many care-not many I assure you-but they exist. Nothing against the skill and athleticism required, just saying.
  9. Nails

    MLS to Charlotte?

    The powers that be continue to pump international games (ICC and Gold Cup) into the QC so the grand wizard somewhere definitely wants it. That will make 10 such games since 2010, all successful. If local government had ONE hair on their balls or ANY foresight or selflessness it coulda/shoulda/woulda/will be a reality.
  10. Nails

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America and still can’t move any major needles. And Charlotte actually does have a MLL team.
  11. Nails

    MLS to Charlotte?

    It was “Major League” stupid (pun intended) to build a non-expandable minor league park in the center of two states with 15+ million people. The Tampa region noticed then http://www.raysindex.com/2013/04/new-stadium-suggests-charlotte-will-not-pursue-a-major-league-baseball-team.html Here’s an article that mentions Charlotte last fall BEFORE Hurricane Irma and the political windfall http://www.tampabay.com/sports/baseball/rays/jones-stop-talking-and-start-building-a-new-rays-stadium/2334956 Even Evan Longoria said they need to move http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/rays/2018/05/10/evan-longoria-rays-might-be-better-off-leaving-tampa-bay/ Then you have Rob Manfred mentioning Charlotte as an expansion candidate, the A’s with stadium and political disaster issues, and the Marlins playing in front of crowds like those pictured. So frustrating the building of that minor league non-expandable park and the inferiority complex which has many in and out of local government thinking we need to build a new stadium just to keep the Panthers when the eyes should have/should be on bigger prizes.
  12. Nails

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Nashville-smaller, less corporate, far less soccer culture-got it because Charlotte City Council was/is scared of its own shadow after the way they bungled the riots and HB2. Memorial Stadium was built in the 30s, would have been rightfully destroyed and a new stadium built-half by the Smith family, 25% by the county, and 25% with tourism funds-but the CCChickens said no. Its still possible but unlikely at this point.
  13. Right and I guess the fact that an NFL player is arrested every 7 days on average and Hardy himself was allowed to play before the Rice video are just fantasies that Alice dreamt up in Wonderland.
  14. The other 31 didn’t draft him and mold him into a player that beat their two biggest rivals single handily, jump starting a run of 3 straight division crowns, only to never be given an opportunity to play a full season again despite not even entering his prime. There’s never been a greater injustice or bigger farce in sports history than the shaming of his name due to the sins of another. If this sick story were a movie, he’d be Andy Dufresne, JR would be the warden, Goodell would be the prick prison guard, and TD would be Morgan Freeman.
  15. TOTALLY forgot, Wes Horton is so much better and has never been suspended himself. Horton gives the Panthers a far better chance at the Super Bowl. I’m surprised no one offered us a 1st for him in April.