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  1. What cost? Well, as far as trade compensation, ESPN speculated a 2019 3rd and a 2020 4th from the Cowboys, hypothetically. So there you go.
  2. Nails

    Charlotte City Council

    Yeah Eminem sure seems like a good bet https://www.oddschecker.com/politics/us-politics/us-presidential-election-2020/winner Bwahahaha
  3. Nails

    Charlotte City Council

    And the destroyed police car that the networks kept showing on a loop? The first night.
  4. Nails

    Charlotte City Council

    Bullshit from you, whoever you are. Shooting was on the afternoon of September 20, a Tuesday, riots beginning later that night, off of Old Concord Rd, not downtown.
  5. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/07/16/earl-thomas-asks-seahawks-either-to-extend-him-or-lets-make-a-trade-happen/ LOVE the toxicity in Seattle now. Not unexpected but still love. He’s attainable. It’s that simple. For a price of course. But very attainable.
  6. Nails

    Charlotte City Council

    Not true at all. The first night of protests were totally impromptu, half the CMPD force was probably sleeping because it was a random weeknight. Zero planning, a less than half CMPD force working, zero reinforcements from outside agencies, and absolutely GUTLESS leadership from Mayor Roberts. Waaaay different in every way this time.
  7. Nails

    Charlotte City Council

    Yes but most large cities are now. Most protesting thugs will be from outside of Charlotte. Also, while Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police will be front and center, dozens (hundreds? thousands???) of other local, state, and federal agencies will send troops to combat possible chaos/destruction.
  8. Nails

    Charlotte City Council

    100% true OP
  9. Permanent hate list for a guy that won the division by himself after DeAngelo fumbled away the #1 seed vs Seattle? Permanent hate for a guy that BOA wildly cheered for in August 2014 vs the Chiefs in front of a nationally televised preseason audience? IF the Huddle represents Panther fans at large, then that’s selective memory, or weak, pansy ass hypocrisy.
  10. Other teams 1) have addressed their DE situation in ways this franchise still has obviously not 2) have either won the Super Bowl (many multiple times) and/or don’t have “brass balls” like Dave Tepper himself claims to 3) most importantly, don’t have a GM and coaching staff that love the guy, and players that have plead with a disgraced former owner on his behalf, all showing their own “brass balls” that Tepper hasn’t showed here yet
  11. Thriving both on the field, in the community, and as a teammate for the Richmond Roughriders and (literally) kicking a$$ and taking names in MMA in 2018 should weigh far more heavily than 2015 in Big D (where he was also damn good on the football field). The man has grown in every way imaginable, and the Panthers still need an all around DE that isn’t pushing 40.
  12. The Cowboys had Brandon Weeden at QB and we’re a circus. He still played well for them. The Bucs and Jags were interested but they, and others, unlike the Panthers, have splurged on DE’s high in the draft, in FA, and/or trades. The last LONG look at him we’re our Carolina Panthers, who, after FOUR years, franchise tagged him. And, our “great” fans, who, after four years, enthusiastically supported him on national TV after the “bench trial” (KC preseason game 2014 (pictured)).
  13. If Wes Horton (who also, like our team captain, received a suspension far more fair than anything Hardy ever received), is kept over Greg Hardy, then it’s true, there is no fixing stupid. Tepper is also a liar in saying winning is his first and second priority. And odds are the Panthers will still remain without a Super Bowl.