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  1. Barnett, Njoku, Perine, Josh Jones in days 1 and 2.
  2. Exactly. Alluding to the horrific drop off after Garrett and Thomas and crapping on Barnett by not even mentioning him in the article is a dead giveaway he gets it all from here.
  3. I just can't fathom supporting a team that would be leaving in a year or two. A toxic or even dangerous proposition in my mind, but whatever.
  4. The Seahawks are probably the only team in the league that would have touched this piece of crap even before this.
  6. Derek Barnett at 8 and they're all full timers/part timers at the same time-on paper a GOAT front 7 all time.
  7. Dobbs was an overachiever for the most part who had some head scratching moments and will never be more than a good teammate and good backup in the NFL, but he'll fit that role very well.
  8. He's talented. Might definitely make for an interesting decision in July if RB is not a value pick with any of our 8 picks. The stink of him leaving Tennessee is rotten, but from a skill standpoint there'd be huge value for a likely late 2018 pick.
  9. The Patriots have benefited from an outcast coach/QB combo that have become GOATs, nearly two decades of the other 3 AFCE teams sucking, cheating, and incredible luck. But if you look at the trade value chart, it'd still be an overwhelming advantage for the teams that suck. As is, there's literally no reason to want to win games down the stretch if your team is out of the hunt. Reverse order in 2, 4, 6 is the best of both worlds.
  10. This is the reason the league should go to a snake layout for the draft as to not penalize teams for winning. Reverse order in rounds 2, 4, and 6. Teams would have less incentive to tank if so.
  11. 5 star talent out of high school, dark horse Heisman candidate entering the year, off the charts physical height/weight/speed measurements, bell cow back, good receiver out of the backfield, projected 2nd Round 2017 pick last offseason-had a falling out with teammates and coaches, said he would transfer, didn't, now in no man's land-Supp Draft.
  12. Speaking of not looking good and bailing on team-if we got a late 2018 pick for Boston I'd gladly flip it for Hurd!