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  1. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Hey, I would have thought the NFL would have wanted that, but there was blatant pass interference in the Jaguars/Steelers game that was just plain missed, and on big 4th down plays, too. I wasn't necessarily saying the NFL wanted to keep the Steelers out; my point was, if the NFL wanted the Steelers in the Championship game, the calls would have been made. And they weren't.
  2. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    You would think, but the refs let the Jaguars defenders grab the Pittsburgh WRs' jerseys & in general hold them the entire game last week, but then threw pass interference penalties against the Jaguars today when they played the Patriots. Coincidence? I really don't think so.
  3. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Then watch them be heavy favorites against the Vikings/Eagles and then lose.
  4. Yes, this, exactly. Too many obnoxious things were said to me from Jaguars fans that far exceeded any other fanbase ever for me to ever wish them any happiness. I hope the refs actually call their DBs for pass interference & holding (unlike last weekend) and they get blown out by the Patriots.
  5. Drama in Steeler country?

    The Jaguars defense is not why they lost. They scored 42 points on them. It’s the Steelers defense that was the embarrassment.
  6. It wouldn't just be about money for Dabo. He grew up in Alabama as an Alabama fan, he played there. Coaching Alabama would be a dream come true. And as far as money is concerned, Alabama would pay him whatever he wanted.
  7. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Tomlin is a horrifically bad coach. If he didn't have the Killers B's bailing him out with great plays, he would have been fired a long time ago. Kind of like McCarthy with Rodgers.
  8. I don't know, he was pretty non-existent in yesterday's game. I'd rather have Martavis Bryant.
  9. They are aware this is just a wildcard game and not the Super Bowl & if they lose next week this win means nothing, right?
  10. Will agree there, but the same can be said for Samuel, honestly.
  11. offenses are playing a different game in LA

    Happened two years ago http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/01/wild-card-road-teams-won-first-time-history-playoff-stats-divisional-odds-spreads-redskins-double-digit-packers-steelers-most-playoff-wins-ever-marvin-lewis
  12. Their pass defense is definitely amazing but their rush defense actually isn't that good. That matchup could favor us.
  13. For those saying she was an enabler...what exactly should she have done? Only taken a job where women aren't treated horribly? Because speaking from experience, those don't exist. She couldn't have gone to the cops. As far as I know, nothing that was done was illegal. As horrible as it was, this is not a Sandusky situation. And I doubt anything she could have done anything that would've stopped it. She just would've gotten fired & probably had her name smeared. Just my two cents.
  14. How would you feel if...

    I guess I am showing my age here, but I remember how obnoxious Jaguars fans were back when they had something to brag about, plus I have relatives who are Jaguars fans so that would be torture for me if they won. I want us to win a Super Bowl first. I would rather see the Vikings win (everyone I know/am friends with who are Vikings fans are super nice) or the Steelers (same case for me, realize other people have different experiences with Steelers fans, but that's been my experience). But I also have relatives who are Falcons fans and they are worse, so I'd root for the Jaguars over the Falcons, but wow do I hope that doesn't happen. Probably won't though. Jaguars probably won't get past both the Steelers & Patriot. Maybe one, but not both.
  15. Don't know about Jacksonville's chances in New England or Pittsburgh in January. It seems the Jaguars are built to play well in cold weather (good defense, run game) but they just don't have the experience doing it and Pittsburgh & Foxboro can get really cold in January - and their teams are used to playing in those conditions.