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  1. I told ya already. Fatty is drafting OBI at 8
  2. Here we go, DG's dollar general toys
  3. The damn Bucs also wanted Glennon back as a BACKUP for 12-15 million !!!!!
  4. @Panthro @RoaringRiot @Mr. Scot
  5. Kind of really really damn sad watching teams give their young high pick QB weapons to work with and linemen to be protected. While Cam..............
  6. How are we running the ball 45 times when we have no FB?
  7. If Adams, Fournette and Thomas are gone, yea maybe.
  8. Hell to the no no no
  9. LOLLLLL!!!!! Probably the best move the damn pathetic Browns have made in 40 years. Get a mediocre QB and plus a 2nd rounder. The Texans are a damn mess!!!!!!! And Heath Evans said they got the better HC over Denver.
  10. Holy moly
  11. Cop was cool as hell. Let me take phone in.
  12. Jamal Adams will be the damn helluva pick!!!!! OMFG. I cannot wait. We baddadd
  13. Why? Bc I tried doing that and I got arrested and charged for property damage. I'm texting in the booking room right now at Meck Co. Jail.