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  1. methodsofmadness

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    In my opinion, the best course of action that the NFL could do is limit the National Anthem to major events such as Opening weekend, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Superbowl. All it has done is created a poo storm of politics.
  2. Replace Mick Mixon with an actual good play-by-play commentator
  3. I do feel that that the next two seasons will be crucial for Rivera... And possibly for Cam. Considering what many have said about Tepper, I feel everybody will be on notice. So I believe Rivera needs to be at least a playoff team for his job to be safe and Superbowl or bye the following year.
  4. Oooooooo.... Maybe Tepper will fire Mixon and bring back Rosinki.... Cause, after all, he has "brass balls" to say this.
  5. methodsofmadness

    Panthers Trade Pick #88 For Pick #101 and #147

    Or for me, I was clearly stating who was best available. It does not mean we will draft them but from a Hurney point-of-view, I could see it happening.
  6. methodsofmadness

    Panthers Trade Pick #88 For Pick #101 and #147

    Several good names left: Maurice Hurst DT Michigan- Heart problem is keeping him from getting drafted but could be a good pick up for depth purposes Josh Sweat DE Florida St- Again, depth but also could be a good replacement for Peppers after he retires Ian Thomas/ Troy Frugmali (sp?) TE- TE Depth and need to find eventual successor to Olsen. Equanimous St Brown WR Notre Dame- This may a questionable pick after drafting Moore but big receiver with speed, could be a steal. Several others too but just to name a few...
  7. I can assure you, coming from a UGA fan, he is. I seriously do not understand why he gets so much hate. Before his injury, he was probably the best back in the country, was even in Heisman consideration and considered the best back since Herschel for Georgia. When he went down with his injury, Michel emerged but when Chubb returned,your he was sharing carries, and not just with Michel either (Swift and Holy field as well) which his carries were reduced down. Imean, don't get me wrong, I like Michel, he is a talented back but Chubb fits what we need more.
  8. methodsofmadness

    Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    I keep seeing this all over the Facebook groups but not sure if they are getting their source from here or hearing it from somewhere else or maybe the same person is posting the same thing in the group. Guess we'll find out if it is legit tonight.
  9. methodsofmadness


    I do apologise in advance for this dumb question so please go light on me but with the recent addition of Norv Turner, what playbook in Madden 18 closely resembles a Norv Turner offense? I know Carolina runs the Air Coryell offense, which is what Norv runs but is the current playbook the closest??? Appreciate any feedback
  10. I would be interested to see a thread from Mr. Scott that shows who each potential owner would bring in with him if they don't keep the current staff (GM, HC, Team President, etc)
  11. I use to be that way.... Until I married a Georgia girl . Now, I follow the SEC, primarily UGA. Fortunately, she never was a pro person so thankfully she isn't a Falcons fan. She loves cheering for TD, for obvious reasons but hates Cam. Surprisingly, when I lived in Brunswick Co, there were several classmates who cheered for the Dawgs.
  12. methodsofmadness

    Panthers meet with Sony Michel

    As a Georgia fan, I would be ecstatic if either Michel or Chubb is picked by Carolina. Both were the reasons that Georgia's offense was great. I think Chubb would fill the Stewart role but I could see Michel being a good fit because he is a well rounded rb.