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  1. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    I keep seeing this all over the Facebook groups but not sure if they are getting their source from here or hearing it from somewhere else or maybe the same person is posting the same thing in the group. Guess we'll find out if it is legit tonight.

    I do apologise in advance for this dumb question so please go light on me but with the recent addition of Norv Turner, what playbook in Madden 18 closely resembles a Norv Turner offense? I know Carolina runs the Air Coryell offense, which is what Norv runs but is the current playbook the closest??? Appreciate any feedback
  3. I would be interested to see a thread from Mr. Scott that shows who each potential owner would bring in with him if they don't keep the current staff (GM, HC, Team President, etc)
  4. I use to be that way.... Until I married a Georgia girl . Now, I follow the SEC, primarily UGA. Fortunately, she never was a pro person so thankfully she isn't a Falcons fan. She loves cheering for TD, for obvious reasons but hates Cam. Surprisingly, when I lived in Brunswick Co, there were several classmates who cheered for the Dawgs.
  5. Panthers meet with Sony Michel

    As a Georgia fan, I would be ecstatic if either Michel or Chubb is picked by Carolina. Both were the reasons that Georgia's offense was great. I think Chubb would fill the Stewart role but I could see Michel being a good fit because he is a well rounded rb.
  6. Updates on the team sale

    Tried to create a new thread but would not let me... Guess I haven't post enough on here
  7. Updates on the team sale

    Thanks for posting the original link... Couldn't get it figured out lol
  8. Updates on the team sale

    My apologies....
  9. Updates on the team sale

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204871496/permalink/10155286970011497/ I hope this link works... So a total of six potential buyers and only two are local... Makes you wonder who the outside buyers are. I think it said that it maybe possibly announced shortly after the Superbowl. Also, Roger Goodell made it clear during the State of the League address that he would like to keep the Panthers in the Carolinas.... So that's interesting.
  10. As a big UGA fan (it was part of my agreement to marry my wife :-D), I would be ecstatic if we took Chubb or Michel in the first three rounds... Both solid backs. Also, Lorenzo Carter would be an awesome pick but I don't think he fits our scheme, primarily a 3-4 edge guy.
  11. Couldn't they build a stadium like what the Seahawks have... That would be awesome and could you imagine Carolina having a 12th man like the Hawks do???
  12. Could Vince McMahon buy the Panthers

    He was born in Pinehurst, NC
  13. 2018 Needs and the draft

    Another need may be a QB in the later rounds. Derek Anderson doesn't have many years left and it would be wise to have a younger gun to come in and groom behind Cam and Derek for emergency purposes. That is, unless they see something in Gilbert we don't know about
  14. 2018 Needs and the draft

    As a Georgia fan, I would be ecstatic with Nick Chubb at RB. He would be a perfect compliment to McCafrey as power back. Any time I see him run, reminds me a little of Ray Rice. Sticking in the SEC, getting a true playmaker at WR in Calvin Ridley would br HUGE for this team but doubt he would be available when we pick. Other needs include safety, DE, OT, OG, and c
  15. Could Vince McMahon buy the Panthers

    On top of that, he also does not listen to the fan base and sticks to what is "best for business" which has been hurting WWE in attendance lately. They are constantly raving about how they develop talent but most of the time, most don't get over more then a mid-carder and it is usually the same guys, who fans hate, that they try to force people to like (i.e. John Cena, Roman Reigns) Furthermore, I highly doubt he is looking to buy this team for the sole fact that he has invested his stocks in Alpha Entertainment and has trademarked the XFL under Alpha recently, which indicates he may be trying to restart the XFL.