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  1. Don't forget... Ron has another familiar face on the staff from his days in Chicago and that is Norv's brother, Ron. So if he would promote anyone already on staff then I would expect Ron to be it
  2. Psssst..., Hurney is GM , not interim GM

    I saw it on the panther fan page on Facebook so I am sorry... Just saw it and went ahead and posted it
  3. Psssst..., Hurney is GM , not interim GM

  4. Realistically, the only offensive coaches I see JR going after is Mike McCoy, Todd Haley, or even Rick Dennison. Reich could be a possibility since he has ties to the organization but not sure JR would go that route. I do see him more leaning to a defensive guru. Wilk would be ideal to keep the defense in tact but I could also see a guy like Teryl Austin being a interesting choice. Who knows though
  5. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    So far, the problems consist of Worley not making the plays needed and Williams not protecting Cam.
  6. iPhone X/iPhone 8

    I'll stick with Android and choose the LG V30 as my next device :-)