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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/14/new-panthers-owner-david-tepper-encouraging-coaches-to-embrace-analytics/ Think Jerry Richardson would have scoffed at this approach? I’m loving Tepper more and more.
  2. Reebis21


    I sat here asking why all u guys were goin nuts about a logo at mid field...now I get it...havent allowed the cowboys to cross it #toomanybeersin
  3. Reebis21

    Watching without cable

    I cut cable almost 2 years ago but really missed being able to flip on the TV with no worries during football/basketball season. I signed up for Spectrum Pick 10 a couple weeks ago. Dude it’s like $25. Gives u all your local channels like fox, abc, cbs, etc. But then let’s you pick 10 channels on top of that. So naturally I picked 5 sports channels including NFL Network. Might not help u out this week, but moving forward if you are home and wanting to watch live, I’ve had zero issues. Can watch from your Roku as an option.
  4. Reebis21

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    That would have been nuts...glad they weren’t able to pull that off...although I did draft the Rams as my fantasy Defense...
  5. Reebis21

    NFL.com Super Bowl picks

    Wouldn’t that be something? Obviously not what I’m rooting for but would be pretty interesting none the less.
  6. Yea this is reallly surprising to me too as well. Back when I initially thought there’s no way we go after CJ, Darkwa was a guy I was hoping for. By the way, for all the guys bashing the OP, I’m just curious what kind of stats do you realistically foresee Stewart putting up this year?
  7. Reebis21

    Impressions - Preseason 3

    I hope u r right!!
  8. Reebis21

    Preseason Game 3 - Winners/Losers

    Yea he looked like garbage out there
  9. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Texans do well...mainly cuz I have Hopkins as a fantasy keeper tho...not cuz I have a 2nd favorite team
  10. I wonder how many people upset about this are also the same ones complaining for years that we need the Panthers logo at midfield. Literally two things that don’t affect the game at all. Just another reason for complainers to complain.
  11. Reebis21

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    Meanwhile the Bucs are over there being the Bucs...I would be so depressed as a Tampa fan right now having to deal with the rest of the division
  12. Some of y’all are acting like this is an insane question...what’s more important to this team? WR, Oline or secondary help? If you don’t rank WR last out of those options, then I don’t know what to tell ya. I don’t think the OP is proposing to trade Funchess just cuz he doesn’t like him...I think it’s bc he knows the only way to get something good in return is to trade a good player. There’s been multiple mentions of Funchess still being good while not having hit his potential yet...well guess what? That’s a good bargaining chip. So if our oline and secondary still looks like it does at the end of the preseason, like it does now, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if somebody like Funchess was offered for an upgrade. Id be fine rolling with Moore, Torrey, Wright, Samuel, Byrd, Olsen and Thomas as our receivers than have to watch our oline and secondary suck. With all this said, I’m not trading Funchess for some mediocre player...he’s gotta be on the same level of Funchess aka a solid player we know would be an upgrade.
  13. Then I’ll just have to disagree...cuz just as u think I’m being ridiculous to claim he has accuracy issues, I find it equally alarming that u can’t see that he still has soooo much room for improvement in that category
  14. “So you want a new QB is that what you’re saying?” Good lord...I swear it’s almost impossible these days to have a convo about Cam without people either getting insanely defensive of him or people who act like he’s the worse QB in the world. I’m literally making a observation that out of all of Cam’s traits, his accuracy has definitely been something he has struggled with. Therefor when called out about accuracy, he’s not able to really make any excuses. If people wanna blame it on his receiving core, you are missing the point. I’m not talking about dropped passes. I’m also not saying he hasn’t made plenty of unbelievable passes in tight windows. I’m saying he still needs to work on his touch and accuracy. Do I want a new QB? No...i can’t wait to see what he does in Norv’s offense...and I find it hilarious that now KB (if he’s even in the league much longer) will have to deal with Josh’s Allan, whose completion percentage is trash.
  15. I guess I’ll be that guy haha...but what was Cam gunna say anyway? He’s always been inaccurate...he coulda called out KB for his flaws, yes...and I’m glad he took the high road for sure...and as petty as KB sounded and yet another reason why I’m glad we traded him, Cam couldn’t say a thing about the accuracy issues cuz at the end of the day, it’s true