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  1. Reebis21

    List of Pie (reaction) choices

    I guess I’ll just stick to laughing on the inside
  2. There have been plenty of times I’ve read hilarious posts on here and the current lineup of “reaction” emoji’s doesn’t let me tell the poster I just died laughing. A Pie or Mug of beer just doesn’t work...I look at those as “great post” reactions...but sometimes I wanna just laugh at a dumb post that isn’t great by any means. Any way we could add one more just for funny reactions? @Jeremy Igo
  3. Reebis21

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    Smitty is my favorite player ever but the next statue should be TD and it’s not even close. He defines “Keep Pounding” and has been hear his entire career. I don’t care about this PED mess. He’s been a model citizen and a TRUE team leader. He’s given his all to this team and deserves to be honored
  4. Oh i have no problem whatsoever with our logo being at midfield...i just know a ton of ppl have been complaining about this for years and frankly it made me think “people will literally complain about anything” cuz it doesn’t affect the game one bit...now to those and maybe u @rayzor who are simply stating it’s one thing you’d change if u were a new owner, than I totally get it. But there are some on here who find things to complain about 24/7 and this has been one of those issues.
  5. It’s been only been mentioned once in this thread but literally hundreds of times over the years on “Carolinahuddle” but can somebody tell me why the lack of a Panthers logo at midfield irks y’all so bad? For somebody who has never thought twice about the issue, what makes it such a “must”?
  6. Don’t mistake my last comment to be a dig at Thomas by any means...I’m pumped to see what he can do for us...but ultimately Moore and Jackson will most likely see the field more than Thomas will year 1. Now if u meant who will gave a bigger impact on the Panthers for their career, u could certainly be right
  7. Seeing as though DJ Moore and Jackson should be starting, I sure as hell hope ur prediction is wrong
  8. Shout out to the 7th Floor Crew haha...first thing I thought of when I read his quote
  9. I’m having a debate with a friend and need somebody to help clarify something. I admit I could easily be wrong here. He keeps saying we should restructure Ryan Kalil like we did with Gross before he retired, which would lower Kalil’s cap hit this year. But I didn’t think that’s the same situation as to what we did with Gross. 1) With Kalil being in his last year before retirement, I didn’t think we could push money to an additional year unless he agreed to it. But why would he agree to the same amount of money over a 2 or 3 year period vs taking it all now? 2) Let’s say Marty offered to pay him $2 mill more total if he agreed to spread out the payments over 2 years. That incentivizes him to accept the restructure. However if he retires after this year, does that count as dead money next year and Kalil still receive the money? I read an article that Gross was pissed when DG restructured him. Why would he be pissed if he got more guaranteed money? Or did he not get more money? 3) If what I said in question 2 is possible, I would expect far more GMs who are trying to do one last hail marry to save their job, try this out and go for a SB now and sacrifice the future. Again, obviously I’m ignorant to how this all works. But I’d love to have anybody willing to explain it.
  10. He also was praising Colin Jones saying that everytime he gets an opportunity, he makes a big play....uhhhh no
  11. On WFNZ he said it’s wide open competition but the front runner right now is definitely Amini Silatolu. Holy hell, that’s not comforting.
  12. I’m not a fan of MJ as the Hornets owner but the fact that Charlotte could have MJ and Manning is pretty cool. Now we just need Jeter to move the Marlins here and complete the trifecta
  13. Reebis21

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    Wasnt this just said in another thread?
  14. The latest TV deal has/will allow increasing salaries...if the next TV deal Ian smaller or sponsors start to pull out, then we will see contracts “level out” or decline...but I don’t see that happening for a while I do however see it becoming harder and harder for owners to attract fans to come enjoy games live when the TV viewing experience is so great as it is and forever improving.
  15. Reebis21

    Should we go after Dez?

    Here’s the thing tho...we have the option of using the remaining cap on a Safety or a complimentary RB...or a WR in ur eyes...I think off need alone, WR just isn’t a priority. Plus with Samuel getting hurt last year, we need room to develop both him AND DJ. We already have Funchess and Smith. Let’s say we cut Smith, well there goes our deep threat cuz we know Dez isn’t one. If he was, than I think you could make a much better argument. Adding Dez creates a even bigger log jam. You also are assuming he’d sign a cheap one year prove it deal. I’m assuming he would not. If it’s a one year deal, I’m assuming at least $7mill which we just can’t afford to allocate to the WR spot.