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  1. Dez Bryant

    That’s the total opposite of a wise investment...diminishing talent, nagging injuries, extremely strong personality, all while believing in his head that he’s still elite ...yeaaaaa I’ll pass
  2. Hmm no Josh Jackson or Will Hernandez? Proves how long I’d last as a scout...
  3. Would u want this given the current makeup of our team? Or was this based off us signing a decent CB and S before the draft?
  4. When u say it like that, I get it...but the whole point to my question was if certain players were already off the board...at that point, the next guy u might want could be had lower in the draft. Just like many ppl felt we could have traded down to get Shaq. I realize we would need a willing trading partner but there in lies the point of my original question. The colts have 3 2nd rounders and might wanna jump up and scoop somebody that they know won’t fall to 36 or 37.
  5. Which I think we could get if we r picking with the 36 and 37th
  6. Trading down is not a sexy move by any means. However, with the possibility of Olsen going into the broadcasting booth and us not landing a quality CB and/or Safety in free agency, this team all the sudden has quite a few holes. CB, S, TE, OG, DE, RB...and WR for all the “Cam needs more weapons!!!” huddlers out there. So given our current and possible situation going into the the draft, complete this sentence: “Only way I’m trading down, is if _____ is/are off the board already.” Then tell us what team u could see possibly trading with or what what players you might target once we trade down. I’ll start off... Only way I’m trading down, is if Josh Jackson and Will Hernandez are off the board already. I could see a team like the Colts possibly being a good trading partner. Panthers get- 36th (540 pts), 37th (530 pts), 178th (19.8 pts) Colts get- 24th (740 pts), 55th (350 pts) I’d be happy with any combo of Harrison/Reid, James Daniels/Billy Price or Mike Gesicki
  7. Without considering the cap room of these teams, I’d rank them based off his comments as follows: Saints, Texans, Raiders, Panthers, Jets, Bears, Bills
  8. Well Peppers in the HOF is a no brainer...TD has a more badass story in terms of him over coming injuries but up until last year, I’d say Kalil was more consistent...neither of them will go to the HOF tho
  9. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    I think it’s funny that a team trades up like that to possibly get the 3rd best QB in the 1st...while I think they might still end up taking the first QB off the board, this kind of trade isn’t one I would have made until draft day
  10. The stars are aligning for Josh Jackson
  11. Sooooooo Left Guard at #24

    What’s the status on Billy Price’s injury?
  12. Did any WR sign for $12mill a year yesterday? I was gunna pose the question, who would u rather have: Torrey Smith ($5mill) and Breeland ($8mill) Or WR ___ ($12mill) and Worley (<$1mill)
  13. Yea as nice as it’d be to get him, Mike Wallace would/could/should be much cheaper
  14. Which is exactly why he can step his way to another team if it was up to me