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  1. darrybear

    Eric Reid

    I think you want that to be true so you’re saying it as true. You’re too emotional right now, all right ? you’re not good when you’re like this all right! go get a snickers and some milk and come back when you’re able to process things not through your emotional and biased filled lenses. I think you just don’t like his stance and you figure it to be a distraction ( BECAUSE IT BOTHERS YOU SO MUCH) HOWEVER ultimately it is really just a simple question of where you stand nothing more nothing less. Plenty of people voice their opinion‘s at jobs all right! now you may not be friends and hugging each other but you’re still there to work and get your job done. if you can’t focus you were never THAT focused. so this bullshit about him being a distraction when these are grown ass men who are paid millions of dollars to focus and win I don’t really know what to tell you. you’re babying them and if someone simply saying there are biases in America bother you so much then it’s probably because you don’t really want to face that fact. And yes it is a fact we can admit it when we make stereo typical jokes but not in serious conversation. we don’t ever really truly expound on how it is pervasive through everything we do. People want to be comfortable with their borderline bullshit and think that you know holding hands and singing Kumbaya is enough ( when it’s not ... Like that has ever solved deep issues in societies). had he been saying something that goes with the grain and doesn’t make people uncomfortable there would not be all this out rage. If he was kissing veterans asses ( Which we do so much of but don’t actually get to the root and help their problems just Put on a big ass show) no one would say anything shoot I think if he would’ve talked about bullying in America people would’ve had a problem with it so just go somewhere else. Eric erks you for reasons you are not yet comfortable with disclosing aloud or coming to terms with yourself so Go to sleep. I don’t hate you but I really hate that you are this stupid and making all these assumptions so quickly give it time and get some rest I know I will be.
  2. darrybear

    Eric Reid

    Literally dude if there weren’t social justice people out there I wouldn’t have any rights As a woman as a black woman. so I really can’t really vibe with people who make light of that or use that as some kind of insult. They’re so up their own ass they don’t even realize how fuged up they sound.
  3. I swear would summa you you say what you want to see not what is in front of you. Your biases get in the way and that’s normal. However don’t be afraid when people call you out someone is literally in this thread talking about how cam won’t win if he can’t be the hero. That son of a bitch got to go
  4. Shut the fug up with that poo nobody is continuously talking about this except for People who have a problem with him. you are making it more of a distraction than it is... You people get on my fuging nerves damn light literally no one is talking about that pay attention to his performance if you’re going to criticize it criticize that ... otherwise shut the fug up... I’m driving sorry for the typo. But still poo on his performance if you must but literally no one is still talking about it other than to fan sparks to flames
  5. Exactly oh my God I was hoping that they would just get the 5 yards we have plenty of time we have plenty of time out there was no need you know once Redskins get on the field they’re just going to knee
  6. darrybear

    What's up with Luke?

    Sex is negligible
  7. darrybear

    Matt Ryan Got X-Rays After The Game

    He is the man part that's why he is so sensitive.
  8. darrybear

    Bye Week: What if...

    He does have a big head... At least we know its for a reason
  9. Maybe if we pretend he doesn't exist he'll go away
  10. I know this is going to sound negative but we have no influence over This ... I just don't want this to be one of those things where we all are in agreeance that we hate a players production on the field and are through with them only for them to be put back on the field and be even angrier than Before... I think even talking about this is going to jinx the situation ...see no evil hear no evil speak no evil please god no... I don't want to hear that name anymore this season.
  11. Unrelated but Jimmy is so handsome. Hope he gets better.
  12. Well dehydration can cause constipation so we could all be right at the same time.
  13. darrybear

    This division is too good

    I honestly have tunnel vision on Carolina when it comes to the NFL. So at times I get a little over-excited without realizing that our competition is just as good or even better.( been so busy I forgot the additions that have been made to the other teams that are just as good as ours... even better... not all but some) I mean honestly it was only a matter of time before the Bucs got it somewhat together( I remember saying this like last year or the year before)... and Atlanta and the Saints have given us a good run for our money BUT now bucs are beginning to have just as much a chance as anyone in this division. Smh I really wish I could see the future because this is looking to be a very wild ride. I have hope not much faith( not really a faith type) I'm just hoping we kick ass and have fun on our way to a ship