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  1. Dat dude seriously. Idk. Something seems off about him it's in his eyes like he's like one pancake short of a short of a stack
  2. Ron on Golic and Wingo

    Can you just say 12-year-old you don't have to say 12-year-old girl I know pretty whiny bitchy 12-year-olds and it does not matter the gender
  3. How would you feel if...

    To this day I have people who like to pretend he was doing something in this game. I understand Manning you know a popular name in the NFL but this is got to stop people got to stop lying to themselves we saw that film we saw what he look like please stop lying I don't know why people want to lie about this, irks my nerves.
  4. Prepare yourself for a good laugh

    You are seriously going to say this are you because it takes more than one player to get a ring this is a team sport after all
  5. That's a lie his dick was small and pink WOAT.... yuck
  6. Well all we can do is hope that someone beats them before or that we win we play them I would prefer the beginning of that statement but either way we still had to win so no point in getting scared
  7. You are not alone when I heard or read that he was out for practice I got a little excited and I said yes out loud, yes I did I did do it kill me now
  8. Would not be a good thing the defenses are trying to cover him as much although that does help alleviate a lot of the pressure that gives him the opportunity to make plays it's hard to make plays when people are expecting you to make please and prepare accordingly it gives you an advantage in an age when they don't ?
  9. Whenever you see the people who make decisions on players leave
  10. That's not funny you know that joke is not funny at all and I really hope you're trolling because honestly you're coming from a place that I really SinaiThat's not funny you know that joke is not funny at all and I really hope you're trolling because honestly you're coming from a place that I really Side eye
  11. What kills me is no matter whether he's good or not they will still sit him and if he doesn't get something going immediately they sit him. why aren't they doing the same thing with Stuart he has caused Plenty of slowdowns in momentum During the game and it doesn't turn around when the game is on the line he will still let you down I'm so over him. Stop giving the goddamn ball to Stewart goodness gracious knowing how Cam is yeah have to get in a rhythm you have to progress or else we can't come back. In Stu is one of the things that slows us down so much more goddamn I wish we traded him
  12. When your aunt is a failcon fan

    No I just don't have the know how to turn it too bad we didn't have the fireplace on and it was cold in there so I had to hurry up and take the picture my parents don't like turning on the heat like that or fireplace
  13. When your aunt is a failcon fan

    Is it bad that I got bored with the game because I already knew who was going to win .
  14. When your aunt is a failcon fan

    My dad's whole side of the family is from Georgia but go further back there from the Carolinas. My uncle came with the Falcons cup I just noticed not too long Ago smhlolz
  15. Hugs are not easy and she asks for multiple lolz Ps she takes hella pics too happy thanksgiving huddle