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  1. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    That's what makes it all that worse because it's really hard to apologize when you did something wrong to someone who's made fun of you.( trust it's like this person at work said you said something that's insensitive and you get in trouble and you have to apologize only to find out they've been talking poo about you behind your back this whole time, yeah he can apologize for what he did but it is a hard pill to swallow because he knows how the media can be and he knows that she's probably no different). after he saw those tweets I bet he stood back a little bit like "why am I apologizing to her if she's just going to do this and no one's gonna say anything". look, realize that Cam isn't super human I don't know why people don't express empathy when they know their emotions get in the way all the time. you people like to pretend you're on this pedestal or above people and you're so mature every five seconds you're saying how someone needs to mature and this and that and this and that. come on this is bullshit I don't think anyone in this thread believe half the poo they say or they just don't simply apply it to themselves OR OTHERS EQUALLY. It's like those people that shame others for stuff that they would do just because they got caught and that's bullshit. And yes this is a run-on sentence because I'm speaking one run on sentence
  2. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    I think Muhammad Ali said it best when there is a pack of snakes coming at you and they're all venomous but not all of them bite do you close the door or do you wait for the one who isnt going to bite you to defend you. NO! I'm going to close the damn door. That doesn't mean I'm going to be discriminatory back but I will keep my distance and observe before I even interact with anybody
  3. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    No and there is a good chance I'll never marry and adopt a cute brown Weenie dog named tootsie. Men are just simply too much for me for extended periods of time I need isolation it is good for the soul.
  4. Well when you have dirt you really can't speak up because you will be shut down by your own bullshitWell when you have dirt you really can't speak up because you will be shut down by your own bullshit
  5. fug you man you are the same type of person who can/will/would be dismissive of anybody and everybody this kind of attitude is really annoying. Just because you don't find it offensive or it's a little thing TO YOU doesn't mean everybody else is going to feel the same way. Look Jordunk has been irrelevant OK that is why no one saw those tweets no one knew who the fug she was. She would have not been canceled had she not went on a crusade with a sprinkle of sensationalism . Her apologies mean poo because she's only apologizing because it's been brought to other peoples attention she would have not apologized otherwise. Literally every other day we talk about how Cam is picked apart in the media he is a human being it gets to you, it really does. we don't know what he's going through. And I don't know what jordunk is going through but I understood where she was coming from and I wasn't Dismissive I stated she's a hypocrite not that she's a pussy too sensitive to work in the field. I get how she felt about the comment and why she might have interpreted it that way. I honestly feel that people say stuff like you say just so they don't have to deal with other peoples emotions And don't have to be held responsible for the things they say and how people take them realize we're not all invincible and that is OK I don't understand why it's such a great thing to be so callous you just sound like a BITCH
  6. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    I wish I had my dank FUN FACT: my parents say weed causes uti's lolz yes seriously YES seriously
  7. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    That's probably our problem
  8. Ron Rivera sometimes is has dumb Fox moments where things just stumble into good situations and conveniently work out for the best honestly lolz it is a TOSS UP AND I MEAN IT LOLZ I LEGIT DONT EXPECT ANYTHING ON SUNDAYS. I curved my enthusiasm and Will drink
  9. Maybe because he doesn't consider Benjamin his number one receiver
  10. Nahhhh JUST HAVE DESIGNATED WOMEN OR IVF that's stuff just gives me nightmares. So I guess just for me then .... it's a violation bro lolz
  11. He doesn't look like one he just is. People like him making me freaking sick, make every single thing about political parties or what they want to talk about to deflect from actual conversation. Both Democrats and Republicans host a wide variety of different views and different individuals do I claim either no but to act like this is something that should be even crossing your mind when people are being taken advantage of screw him
  12. Ughhhh cum anywhere that is not in a towel should be illegal yuck
  13. Sunday Games Thread

    52980301911__394B509D-F729-4A89-AC62-D82642425E6D.MOV creepy ha ha at their loss