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  1. Lol, the overreactions on this forum are the best. We suck nobody can beat the saints! Fire everyone, cut Stew and trade cam! 5 minutes later- we are SB bound nobody can beat us! STEW!! CAMVP!
  2. I always ask myself at what point in every season does Cam just say, "FUG it. I'm doing this my way. Mike is hot garbage".... This may have been that moment this year. It never happened last year. But you could see it regularly in 2015.
  3. I have Cam in Fantasy against a team that has Cutler and Thomas....and I was winning by 4 at the start of the game. I knew I would lose...
  4. Seen a few missed opportunities so far. Need to correct those and execute better.
  5. Go back and watch any series on offense and at least 1 time you will see Kalil or Williams get absolutely destroyed by the pass rush on the edge, as well as a ton of pressure right up the middle on Larsen or Norwell, or a missed protection assignment and Turner is trying to block 2 guys.
  6. That is assuming they have faith in the OL to give Cam enough time for a 5 or 7 step drop back, and survey the field to make sure the WR has actually beaten his man deep, before throwing it and hopefully not getting hit as he throws or the ball batted by a DL. I've seen Cam more often than not be under duress at the ends of his drop backs where he can't even set his feet and instead is forced to step up, to the side, or spin out of a sack. Just not confident the OL can protect long enough when defenses bring any kind of pressure.
  7. The correct answer is 100% the lack of pass protection from the poor OL play. Cam simply doesn't have the time to sit back in the pocket and wait for the speedy guys to get past the defense downfield. And when they try a timing route too far downfield, defense has time to adjust while ball is in air, and the safeties pick it off.
  8. The Titanic still has to go.

    Or maybe he knew EXACLTY what he was saying......
  9. 11-5 or fire Rivera

    @GusLevy Rivera maybe has forgotten more football than we will ever know, but that could also be the CTE kicking in... Also, if the Panthers go 10-6 and lose in the first round of the playoffs, the season was a failure. End of story. This team, it's star players, and supposed solid coaching staff should be able to win games and get to championships. The expectations are rightfully high, and when you do not meet expectations you should be shown the door.
  10. 11-5 or fire Rivera

    First off, i want to start by saying I expected a 6-3 record at this point in the season. I just expected losses to ATL, NE, and TB heading into the season. Most people might agree those 3 teams were supposed to be much better than current. So, we are 6-3 with our defense having faced the following QB's: 1. Brady 2. Wentz 3. Brees 4. Ryan 5. Tyrod 6. Stafford I won't list the 2 non-QBs from SF and CHI. The point is, against the top QBs in the league, the defense has been pretty darned great. With games upcoming against: 1. Jay Cutler or Matt Moore 2. Josh McCown 3. Case Keenum or Sam Bradford 4. Brett Hundley 5. Jameis or Ryan Fitzpatrick 6. Brees 7. Ryan There is zero excuse if this team can't win a minimum of those first 5 games with the defense playing this way. I can understand getting beat by Ryan and Brees at the end, but 11-5 should be the bare minimum from this point out, or Rivera should be fired. Those QB situations are dumpster fires. And if you show up big and beat New Orleans to go 12-4, you likely have a #3 seed and home game in round 1 against the Rams. Rivera must make sure the team is prepared, motivated, and the coaching staff too. Keep leaning on McSamuel in both the running and passing games, as clearly those 2 guys can move the chains. Keep the defense healthy, rested, and playing at a high level against these scrub QBs, and there's no reason not to EXPECT 11 wins at a minimum. Anything less, and Ron is Gone!
  11. SHTUEWLA- The Ultimate Drive Killer

    Lol thought it was pretty obvious. And a great nickname for their combined poo asses.
  12. Come Get Some Victory PIE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Worst 6-3 team in history? Or or or...evolution of offense because addition by subtraction?? Can't wait to be 11-5 and lose at home to the Rams!
  13. Yes? He's the starting RB macaBROni and cheese.
  14. Really tough watching every important drop back and seeing the DL pin their ears back and get immediate pressure on Cam. I mean, damn guys...can you do your job up front just a little bit? Cam can barely flip the ball in his hands and scan his first look before he's swallowed up by pressure. FUG. Every pass has to be quick hitter and he can't even tell if anyone is open. Gotta move to all timing routes and passes. Also, stop running CMC on 15 yard routes straight down field you idiot Shula. Keep him on crossing routes, outs, slants, and posts. Geezus Fuggin poo. Cam wouldn't have had to take that sack under pressure if CMC would've cut hard into the middle of the field after 5 yards instead of running straight downfield.....