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  1. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    For those of you saying he's not that fast, and you can't see him running a 4.3, or ESPN has him at 4.6 out of high school, I would just point out that on 2 separate occasions during his college tenure, he was clocked at 4.38 and 4.33. And yes, he is the best RB prospect since Adrian Peterson and maybe beyond that. Still wouldn't sell the farm for him, but some of you underrating him. He is that fast. Just ask Michigan's defense. Or Ohio State's kickoff coverage unit. I would be surprised if he ran anything over 4.5 to be honest.
  2. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    What makes you think this? Why do you assume he won't run a 4.3?
  3. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    So, here's the thing. I've watched every single snap of Barkleys college career. My dad graduated from PSU and we had season tickets growing up, so I'm a big fan. Saquon Barkley is the BEST player I've ever seen play at PSU. My dad agrees. He has been watching PSU games since the late 60's, and me since the late 80's. Barkley is just so special. His combination of speed, power, agility, quickness, burst, intelligence, catching agility, route running, competitive nature, I could go on and on. And he's a fantastic person off the field, a great teammate, and a student of the game. Barkley can be a true game changer at the next level. He just gets yards and finds the endzone. 4.3 speed with the power to run through NFL defenders. You can send him up the middle and he'll find a hole or move the pile forward. You can run him off the edge and his speed will get him around the corner. You can send him out in passing routes and not only will he get separation, but he will run a crisp route and make incredible catches plus run after the catch. You can throw him a screen and he'll take it to the house with his vision in the open field and incredible speed. All of that said, I don't think he's worth trading the farm to go get. This team has too many holes, and trading up to get Barkley would create even more holes. If we want any chance at competing next season (Kalil and TDs last, and maybe Pepp too), then we need to go hard for All In Compete Now moves. Not trade future assets for a rookie. If you took the assets you are willing to give up for Saquon and used them to fill in the current roster holes with veteran players, this team is competitive at a Super Bowl level for the next 3-5 years. Barkley doesn't immediately elevate us to Super Bowl level because the OL, WR, and defense all have so many other holes to fill.
  4. Ted Ginn 2.0

    My thought is that the future is bright in Carolina with CMC, Samuel, Byrd, Funchess, Armah, Hall, Butler, Thompson, Bradberry, Worley, and Corn. I would also say there is such a thing as a window of competition. The Panthers have the talent all around to make multiple Super Bowl runs over the next 5 years. With the right coaches in place, and the right veteran players being signed, this team can win a ring. Spend money on a true legit #1 target at WR, and fix the offensive line, and this team becomes instant Super Bowl level. Let the young kids develop another year or 2, so that when our current vets step down, there is an influx of talent behind them.
  5. Cam...Manning?

    The point is we absolutely hit on Cam as our pick, and he is really just like the Manning brothers. And we are lucky. So there's that.
  6. Cam...Manning?

    Since 1998, the only 3 QBs taken #1 overall that have started in a Super Bowl have been the Manning brothers and Cam Newton. Discuss.
  7. XFL (Fans Above All)

    It's a mix of my ideas and things I have heard will be real in the new XFL. For those expecting a blood sport, it will not be. It is intended to be family friendly. Mac has already said players with a criminal record will not be allowed in the League.
  8. XFL (Fans Above All)

    Any helmet to helmet contact results in immediate 1 game suspension. 2nd offense 3 game suspension. 3rd strike, released from the League for minimum 1 full season. Fans will be able to vote for the team names, logos and uniforms. Fans will vote for trades to happen. Fans will vote for an offensive play call to be used at the beginning of each quarter. Twitter live voting. No extended halftime break. No clock stoppage on incomplete passes until the 2 minute mark in each half. Connected communication devices in the helmets of every player that turn off at the snap of the ball, but can be used between plays for faster and more efficient calls at the line on both sides. Replay can be reviewed for missed calls by the referee, and overturned if the wrong call was made. I've got more, but this is the basis.
  9. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    How else are they going to know if taking him at #1 or #4 is the best option? Cam for 1 and 4 is happening. Book it. Norv doesn't want Cam, he wants someone he can mold.
  10. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    Atlanta went from 28-3, to the 6th seed 2nd round loss to Philly with a new OC. Of course, that OC went on to be a head coach and took the 49ers with Jimmy G to a 5-0 record to close the season, with 3 of those wins against playoff teams.
  11. I truly think the 1st round pick will be an offensive lineman. Norv is going to want better blocking and protection for his schemes than what we currently have. RB is deep, so I could see a 2nd round RB and a trade for another 2nd round pick to be used on Safety.
  12. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Yeah no. Even so, you would've preferred to have Stewart and CAP as the only options out of the backfield, and even worse checkdown options in the pass game? Whateva. I'll move on from this one. Everyone has an agenda when it comes to draft talk. Not me. I'm out. Didn't mean to poke the bear, been drinking all day.
  13. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Remmers blocked the same guy Reiff attempted to block, while the scheme had the other guy pulling to seal the left side. Remmers either blocked the wrong guy or Reiff was supposed to double down??
  14. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    And? He's had a decent rookie year on a team with a good secondary, great coaching, and Fletcher Cox commanding double teams every play. He would've been on the bench behind Peppers all year in Carolina.
  15. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Remmers strikes again. Eagles get the turnover. Having flashbacks to 2015.